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Luigi's Mansion (GameCube)/Regional Differences

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Japan International
Lm bannerlogo jp.png Lm-bannerlogo all.png

The banner for the Japanese release of Luigi's Mansion fails to use a possessive noun for "Luigi", displaying only "Luigi Mansion". All other releases corrected this to "Luigi's Mansion".

Title Screen

Japan US Europe
Lm title jp.png Lm-title.png Lm title eur.png

The game is called Luigi Mansion in Japan. To accommodate the removal of katakana text, the words were spaced closer together in localization. The European version has an updated copyright, since the GameCube was released there in 2002. The copyright date at the end of the Pikmin movie was updated in the same way.

Audio Differences


Luigi makes a different sound when he takes damage in the Japanese version, compared to the international versions. His grunt is the same as it was from the E3 2001 demo. It is still present in the international versions' soundbanks.

Portrait Ghost Music

Japan International

In the Japanese version, Portrait Ghosts share the same type of music as when normal ghosts are vacuumed by Luigi. If the area has unique background music, the same soundtrack continues to play.

Sound Clip of Boss Defeat

Japan International

After completing an area boss, the victory theme is identical except for the drums.


Japan International

At the start of the battle with King Boo, Luigi slightly whimpers in the Japanese version, but does not in the later localizations of the game.

Final-Boss Theme

Japan International

Some of the instruments in the japanese version are missing or amplified compared to international versions.

Japanese-Exclusive Differences

The Japanese version has a lot of very interesting and odd differences, some of the things listed here were implemented into the North American release, some were bizarrely removed. The game was potentially rushed so that it would release on time with the Japanese release of the GameCube.

  • Some audio sequences are delayed or won't play at all. Sequence delay is more noticeable in area boss fights (e.g., Bogmire and Bowser battles).
  • The music's tempo randomly speeds up at certain points. It's possible the audio sequences aren't hard-locked to the game's framerate.
  • The Conservatory's music will continue to loop over and over until the player leaves that room. In the international releases, it would segue into the outside mansion theme.
  • Some text boxes appear a fair bit later. This is more noticeable if the player collects Mario's lost items. This does not affect gameplay, however.
  • The music sequences don't reset properly when you go into a newer area (like outside or back into the mansion), making the music sound really weird at times.
  • Portrait ghosts lack their own music for when they're being captured. In the international releases, a sequence was made specifically for when they're being sucked up.
  • Luigi only has one sound for when taking damage (as stated above). This was changed when the game was released to other regions.
  • In the options menu, the option to view the Pikmin trailer is entirely absent from the menu.
  • The sound used for the rocking horses flying toward Luigi during the battle with Chauncey is different from the one used in the international versions.
  • The music that plays when Luigi fights the Shy Guy Ghosts is not present; the room doesn't even have background music at this time.
  • If one were to exit a mouse hole (which are used to access secret rooms or Spooky's doghouse), the sound of a door losing its barbwire is played, but ends prematurely. This seems to only exist in the Japanese version and it's understandable why they would remove it.
  • The "panic" music that plays when Mr. Luggs gets angry with Luigi is not present.
  • The music in the Observatory is different.
  • Luigi whistles in the Secret Altar, which he does not do in the international versions.
  • In the ending when Mario shoots out of the Ghost Portrificationizer and hits Luigi, there is a sound effect absent shortly after the impact before Luigi says "Mamma-mia" which is present in later versions.
  • Some story elements are completely different from the English localization. For example, in the Japanese version, it is stated that the mansion is being used by Professor E. Gadd for research. However, in the English localization; E. Gadd tells Luigi that the mansion appeared only a few days before he arrived at the haunted manor.
  • The falling ice picks in the cooler room take away 20 HP in the Japanese version, while in the international versions they take away 40 HP.
  • Every instance of "PRODUCERS" in the credits is "PRODUCER" in the Japanese version.

European-Exclusive Differences

  • The room name appears when you enter the Butler's Room and the Roof.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Hidden Mansion

Japan/North America Europe
Lm hiddenmansion eur.png Lm hiddenmansion international.png

The European version of Luigi's Mansion has an entirely different Hidden Mansion mode: Everything is mirrored left to right, some ghosts that appear later in the game will now appear earlier, and Boos are more agile and difficult to suck up with the Poltergust. Most of these changes (minus the mansion being mirrored, Speedy Spirits and Gold Mice spawning Silver Diamonds upon being defeated, Luigi riding the Poltergust 3000 during the Boolossus battle, and the inability to earn an A rank in normal mode) eventually made their way to all regions in the Nintendo 3DS remake.

Other differences in the European version of Hidden Mansion include:

  • Chauncey's rocking horses are harder to avoid, since they are larger, zigzag towards Luigi, and travel faster than in the normal Mansion and Chauncey stomps around the crib a lot faster.
  • In the Bogmire battle, when he appears you get a shorter time to capture him before he disappears.
  • During the Boolossus battle, when trying to "pop" him, there is a small cutscene where Luigi hops on the Poltergust and you must ride around on it, making controlling Luigi harder.
  • In the King Boo and Bowser battle, Bowser's bombs sometimes have a shorter fuse.
  • Boos have different HP, and forty-five Boos are required to reach the Secret Altar, the final room of the game.
  • Most Boos have more HP, although some have less.
  • There are fewer health pickups. Locations that always had hearts in the Normal Mansion no longer have them. Hearts that heal 50 HP are much rarer.
  • Rooms are now darker; this, however, is only as dark as in the Japanese/US version of both mansions, the normal European mansion being lighter.
  • There are more normal ghosts around the mansion. For example five ghosts rather than three fight Luigi in The Artist's Studio.
  • Speedy Spirits and Gold Mice always give up a Silver Diamond when caught, adding an extra 50,000,000G to the maximum possible amount of money. Each Silver Diamond is worth 2,000,000G. In the European Hidden Mansion there are 30 Silver Diamonds as opposed to 5 Silver Diamonds in the European Normal Mansion and other versions. This means that it's only possible to get an A rank in the Hidden Mansion since in the European version 150,000,000G rather than 100,000,000G is required by the end of the game to get an A rank.

European Revision 1 Differences

The European revision 1 version changed the Pikmin movie to remove ESRB rating at the start. ESRB is an American rating board, so this makes sense.

(Source: Original TCRF research)