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MFP: My Friend Pedro

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Title Screen

MFP: My Friend Pedro

Developer: DeadToast Entertainment
Publishers: Adult Swim Games, Addicting Games
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: June 2014

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Prerelease Info


As a placeholder for the achievement text, the developers put in "You should not see this".

Disabled Cheat

Code in the game suggests that holding down the U key would have unlocked all levels, yet all releases of the game have this disabled.

This code can be found inside Sprite 584, the main sprite used for the title screen:

      _root.killsAfterWallJump = 0;
      _root.midAirKills = 0;
      _root.knifeKills = 0;
      _root.nrOfHeadShots = 0;
      _root.nrOfGibs = 0;
      _parent.continueButton.onEnterFrame = undefined;
      _parent.continueButton.onRelease = undefined;
      _parent.continueButton._alpha = 10;
      _root.cheatUnlockAllLevels = false;
      _root.cheatUnlockAllLevels = true;