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Madeline Thinking Games

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Title Screen

Madeline Thinking Games

Developer: Gryphon Software Corporation
Publisher: Creative Wonders
Platforms: Mac OS Classic, Windows
Released in US: March 22, 1996

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

To do:
There appear to be a number of other files with leftover development text.

Development Text

TEMPDEMO.WRI is a small file in the main folder which includes the following text:

This is a placeholder for a Creative Wonders  Demo program!

A file titled README in the folder for the Sesame Street: Let's Make a Word! demo. This is also present in some editions of Madeline European Adventures.

Instructions for Let's Make A Word Macintosh Demo
Small World Software
October 22, 1995


You need to do the following steps in order to run the Let's Make A Word Macintosh demo program included in this package.

1)  Create a single volume with all the necessary files on it.  The volume can either be
     a CDROM or hard disk partition volume.  Please note the path to the containers, as
     you will need this information in step #2.

     The following files need to be copied from the LMAW folder in the CDROM labeled 
     SSAW, which contains the PC/Windows version of the Let's Make A Word Demo.


     The Macintosh demo also requires the following file from the Let's Make A Word 
?     Macintosh game CDROM.


     All these files need to be in the same folder for the demo to run properly.

2)  As we discussed on the phone, you will need to use the 'ResEdit' program to set the 
     path to the containers.  This allows you the flexibility of changing the executable
     with respect to the path to the containers, without recompiling the executable.  The
     following steps describe this procedure.

3)  Start ResEdit.

4)  Open the 'Wow' executable located in this archive.  You will see a list of resources 
     come up.

5)  Double click the 'STR#' resource (you may have to scroll the list down to see it).  A
     list of resources will pop up.

6)  Double click on ID #600 resource, labeled 'Path to Containers'.

7)  Replace the first entry 'Let's Make A Word:LMAW:' with the full path name to the 
     containers.  Make sure the path name ends with a colon (:), as in the default setting.

8)  Save your changes, and close this executable.

9)  Repeat steps 4 through 8 for the wow.fat executable.  Quit ResEdit when you are 
     finished editing both executables.

10) Both executables are now ready to run.

If there are any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Seth Aron
Ari Shamash
Small World Software

Unused Graphics

BOOKCASE.BMP, FLOORS.BMP, PETS.BMP and TOOLS.BMP are placeholder images for the decoration game.
Madeline Thinking Games bookcases.png Madeline Thinking Games floors.png Madeline Thinking Games pets.png Madeline Thinking Games tools.png Madeline Thinking Games walls.png

PUZZLE1.INF and PUZZLE2.INF are photos of unknown people, probably family members of one of the developers, located in the folder for the jigsaw puzzle images. They may have been used as placeholders.
Madeline Thinking Games photo1.png Madeline Thinking Games photo2.png

PUZZLE16.BMP is an unused image for the jigsaw game.
Madeline Thinking Games puzzle.png

Revisional Differences

To do:
Check for more differences.

The game was rereleased as Madeline Thinking Games Deluxe. This edition of the game included an animated Madeline sprite in all of the main screens, who would provide additional commentaries.

Original Rerelease
Madeline Thinking Games revision 1.png Madeline Thinking Games revision 2.png