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Title Screen


Also known as: Shunkan Puzz Loop (JP), Actionloop (EU)
Developer: Mitchell
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: March 2, 2006
Released in US: June 5, 2006
Released in EU: January 6, 2007

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Magnetica is a game from the series that was ripped off by Zuma Deluxe game where you shoot balls to make a chain. This game features Challenges, Quest, Puzzle, and more. It later got a remake on Wiiware.

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Regional Differences

The Japanese and European logos are fairly similar, but the US logo is given a bit more flair.

Title Screen

Japan US Europe
SLPtitlescreen.png Magneticatitlescreen.png The font looks pretty generic.

Main Menu

Checkmate is renamed to Puzzle. The European version is left the same.

Shunkan Puzz Loop Magnetica Actionloop
SLPmenu.png Magneticamenu.png Actionloopmeun.png


The Kanji was replaced with a book with a question mark. There are slashes in the US and Japanese versions, while there's decimals point in the European version.

Shunkan Puzz Loop Magnetica Actionloop
SLPchallenge.png Magneticchallenge.png Actionloopchallenge.png


Same reason as before. The Kanji is replaced.

Shunkan Puzz Loop Magnetica Actionloop
SLPquest.png Magneticaquest.png Actionloopquest.png

Slot Instructions

The European version removed all the text to a picture.

Shunkan Puzz Loop Magnetica Actionloop
SLPquest2.png Magneticaquest2.png Actionloopquest2.png


The Japanese and European version is named Checkmate, while it is Puzzle in the US version. And also the US version has all caps if you finish a path and the Japanese & European version of the game has the present tense while the US version has the past tense of clear.

Shunkan Puzz Loop Magnetica Actionloop
SLPcheckmate.png Magneticapuzzle.png Actionloopcheckmate.png
SLPcheckmate2.png Magneticapuzzle2.png Actionloopcheckmate2.png


The Japanese and European version has a feature where it has a Game Boy/Polarium Advance bonus by inserting a Game Boy Advance pak. This was removed in the US version.

Shunkan Puzz Loop Magnetica Actionloop
SLPsetting.png Magneticasetting1.png Actionloopsetting1.png