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Manhunt/Unused Level-Related Text and Audio

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This is a sub-page of Manhunt.

Unused Sounds

Unused Soundtrack

In the game files under :\AUDIO\PS2\MUSIC\COM_TOWE exists three .MIB audio files, one with the main soundtrack including the Idle, Suspicious, Spotted and combat variations. For the level named internally COM_TOWE, nothing more is known about this level, either was an entire story chapter or bonus level.
COM_TO_M idle'

COM_TO_M suspicious'

COM_TO_M spotted'

COM_TO_M Combat'

One file includes the Scene failed theme.
COM_TO_L scene failed'

And the last and the most interesting includes a Simpsons ripped audio from the S10:E15, used as a scene passed theme placeholder in an early build of the game.
COM_TO_D scene passed'

Starkweather Dialogue

Born Again

Filename Audio File Transcription
"We're filming something very special here tonight and if we work together on this..."
"We both get the big rewards so get your shit together."
"Remember, as far as the world's concerned, you're dead already."
"Don't hold back. It's them. Or you."
"Hot damn! That's the spirit. Hot stuff Cash! No wonder the state wanted shot of you."
"Try reaching the abandoned shops on the next floor. The stair is right over there."
"Oh and give me some more of that cut-throat psycho action you illustrated so beautifully earlier."
"We're talking the money shot. You with me?"
"One of the little freaks is still running around! I told ya, you get buzzed through the door when the action's in the can."
"It's a wrap! Attaboy, Cash! You're a natural! I swear to god you are."
"No time to hand around! Time is money! Let's see how you handle the next scene."

White Trash

Filename Audio File Transcription
"Beautiful! That's his hunting days over."
"He's got his hands full at the moment. Go grab his nailgun."

Fuelled By Hate

Filename Audio File Transcription
"Alright, Cash. Grab the blade. You're gonna need it to get out of here."
"You'll need to find a way through the next gate."
"Find a way to get that fat bastard out into the open."
"Excellent. Death by heavy domestic appliance."

Strapped for Cash

Filename Audio File Transcription
"I like my leading man to have a soul, Cash. And that means giving a shit."
"So I'm not letting you out of here unless you free at least one of them."
"Now, Cash. You've killed a few people in your time..."
"Don't be responsible for your whole family as well."
"Okay. You can go through the shark's mouth now."

Drunk Driving

Filename Audio File Transcription
"You're gonna have to think of a way of separating these guys and picking them off one by one."
"I thought this graveyard would make a great location for a shootout. What do you think, Cash?"
"See that old house? That's where you're headed."
"You're doing good, Cash. You'll need to go through the pedestrian tunnel. Find it."
"The exit is behind this old tomb. You'll need a shotgun..."
"So make sure to pick one up along the way."

Graveyard Shift

Filename Audio File Transcription
"You need to reset the circuit breaker for the lift to work."
"Okay, I admit it. Some of the doors are locked via a..."
"Panel in the control room. Sorry."
"I told you you're gonna have to use the panel in the control room to open the door!"

Mouth of Madness

Filename Audio File Transcription
"Another switch. Go on, throw it and see what happens. Go on, you can trust me."
"There! That wasn't anything to worry about, was it?"

Doing Time

Filename Audio File Transcription
"Kill em' all, Cash! Kill em' all! [Laughs]."

Kill the Rabbit

Filename Audio File Transcription
"They're messing with you, Cash. Trying to fuck with your head. I wouldn't stand for that."
"You might want to clean the filth out of the showers."
"Watch those cells closely. Kill em' all!"
"Hey, Cash what are you doing? Are you insane?"
"Where are you gonna go? The state wants you dead, Cash. Dead!"
"Cash! Come back here!"


Isn't used because alternate, cutscene audio is in place of it.

Used Unused

Falling audio. Isn't used because it's impossible for Starkweather to die by falling to his death.

Unknown Lines

Unknown where these would've been used. Appears under Starkweather's final line from Wrong Side of the Tracks.

Filename Audio File Transcription
"I like a man that takes his time over a killing..."
"Show's he's got respect for the life he's taking."
"You don't have to rush a kill. Relax. Enjoy it."

Hunter Dialogue

Doorway Into Hell

Seems like you would've fought more than the one Hood at the end of the level.

Filename Audio File Transcription
"He wasn't supposed to win! Get the prick!"
"How'd the hell that happen? Do him!"
"How could that motherfucker beat him, guys?"
"He's killed both of them. Jeez."
"This is bullshit! Kill him!"
"Ohhh now you're gonna get your ass kicked!"
"Now you're gonna be properly dead, pal!"

The one you actually do fight has additional dialogue that isn't used.

Filename Audio File Transcription
"You think you're pretty tough, don't ya?"
"Come on! Just you and me, tough guy."

Miscellaneous lines.

Filename Audio File Transcription
"Dude, you taking a dump in there? What's taking so long?"
"Hey dude, what're you doing? Jerking off?"
"No, haven't seen him over here. Are you sure he got through?"
"What're you doing over there? You seen something?"
"What the fuck are you doing? Crap!"
"Hoods, don't let him get away!"
"Hey, one of you guys kill him!"
"He ain't your mother, man. Kill him!"
"This is crap, man! Real crap!"
"Is that you smashing windows in there, friend?"
"Hey! Is that you breaking the glass, friend?"

White Trash

Filename Audio File Transcription
"I can smell it's putrid corruption."
"Hallelujah! Praise the lord!"
"Hallelujah! There he is!"
"There he is! Sick deviant!"
"The lord hath delivered. Amen!"

Unused Text

Born Again

Some unused Starkweather lines.

We're filming something very special here tonight and if we work together on this
we both get the big rewards, so get your shit together!
Remember: as far as the world's concerned you're dead already
so don't hold back - it's them or you
Try reaching the abandoned shops up on the next floor, the stair is right over there.
Oh, and give me some more of that cut-throat psycho action you illustrated so beautifully earlier.
We're talking the 'money shot', you with me?
It's a WRAP!! Attaboy Cash, you're a natural, I swear to god you are!
No time to hang around – time is money! Let’s see how you handle the next scene…
One of the little freaks is still running around. I told you, you get buzzed through the door when the action's in the can.
Be vigilant Cash, I see a few Hoods around these vans. Try reaching the abandoned shops upstairs, the way out is right there. Oh, and I want more cut-throat action. I need a few close-up shots.
Excellent! that bit with the glass shard was hot stuff, no wonder you were given the chair. Well. here's where your fighting skills get into the picture. Just give me the best you've got and you'll get out in one piece! the gate will open once we are done filming here.
Getting close, my friend, we are getting close. Just pull another little stunt to get rid of the guy over there and we should be done with this location. See that door? It'll take you out of this dump.
Alright Cash, let's work together on this and we will both get through to the happy ending. Remember, I am on your side, I'll try to help you out as much as I can. (short pause) Ok, ready? Camera... Action!
not by a long fucking way. You gotta trust me

An unused objective of getting a video from a camera which was later used in "View of Innocence".

Get the video from that camera.

Unknown. Possibly from one of the orderlies in the intro cutscene since its string is MPG5.

I hope you rot IN HELL!!

Doorway Into Hell

Director : Go through that building up ahead to get to the street.
Director : That hunter is watching the stairs, lure him downstairs by hitting a wall, then wait in a safe zone.
Director : This door is padlocked. You ever want to get outta here alive, you better find a way to bust that padlock!
Director : Okay Cash, nice going. Now Grab the crowbar and head back to smash that padlock.
Director : Okayyy, Put on a good show against this hooded fuck for me and it might help you outta here. Watch tho' this guy fights dirty.

Placeholder text for the Hood that goes to urinate.

Hunter : I'm taking a leak, I'll be out in the alley.

Road To Ruin

Placeholder Starkweather text.

Director : Your doing real good Cash!, It's almost over. This is the entrance to the cellar find it.

White Trash

Unused lines from some Skinz members.

I can smell it's putrid corruption
Hallelujah! Praise The Lord!
There he is! Sick deviant...
The Lord hath delivered! Amen!
Spotter : I see him, I see him, calling in back-up.
Hunter : Bastard, You made me shit my pants.
Hunter : Is that you guys out there?, comon I'm taking a crap in here.
Hallelujah! There he is!
Hallelujah! There he is!

Starkweather's placeholder and unused lines.

Director : Your on the Skinz turf now Cash, these racist pricks hate everything, grab a weapon and find a way into the scrapyard.
Director : Watch out for this guy though, he'll call in back-up if he sees you.
Director : If you could just find a way into the trailer and steal that nailgun....
Director : Through that door is the way out, I've hidden a power switch to open it, find that switch.
Director : Find this gate, and get past it.
Beautiful! That's his hunting days over!
He's got his hands full at the moment - go grab his nailgun...

Fuelled By Hate

Skinz members placeholder lines.

Hunter : That fucking fuse again, do I look like an electrician.
Hunter : Hey you! Get the fuck outta that crane.
Hunter : Block all the exits, the only way outta here is in a body bag.

Starkweather's placeholder and unused lines.

Director : Nice going Cash, scout out the area, the gates open.
Director : A busted up crane, could have some use, if you could get it working.
Director : You need to find a way past this gate, Cash.
Director : If you could lure this fat fucker out somehow...
Director : Nice going Cash!, The door is open.
Director : Clean the area of hunters, then make your way to the gate.
Alright Cash, Grab the blade you're gonna need it to get out of here.
You'll need to find a way through the next gate.
Find a way to get that fat bastard out into the open!
Excellent - Death by heavy domestic appliance!

Test Text:

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789"$,.'-?!!SDBF

Grounds for Assault

Unused lines from an earlier version of the intro cutscene.

Jesus Christ! Come on, give this stinking guy his food.
This ain't time for games.
Just give it to him.

Starkweather's placeholder lines.

Director : These pricks will kill you in a second if you're unarmed. Find an Executor and steal his weapon.
Director : Find these doors and get past them, you'll need to find a crowbar first!!
Director : Where could that crowbar be, maybe the bear took it.
Director : Lets see if you can figure this one out. Be careful Cash, some of these wardogs have tranquilizer rifles.

Strapped for Cash

Director : Say a prayer for your brother Cash.
Director : Get with it Cash, Your running out of family members.
Director : Another body bag, alright Cash the door is open now.
Director : Nice going, alright Cash the door is open now.
Director : Be more careful Cash, try not to get spotted.
Director : You failed to rescue a hostage Cash, now it's over for you.
Director : We captured your family. If your seen by one of the hunters guarding a hostage, he'll execute the hostage.
Director : Rescue your family before the wardogs get too excited.
Director : Ok Cash, there's still one of your sisters hostage in the monkey dome.
Director : Find her, and I'll open this door.

These are almost the same as the final dialogue, just that "Director:" is in the subtitles.

Director : Well, one out of four ain't too bad I suppose. I've opened the gate...
Director : Two dead, two alive. Fifty, fifty. Half a family. Good enough for me, though!
Director : What a bummer, you turn up alive and one o'them kicks it. The gate's open.
Director : I knew I'd bring the hero out in you! The gate's unlocked, go for it!

Unused objective text which indicates at least one of the family members is Cash's sister.

Find your sister to open the door

Unknown. Has the prefix "LETTER1". Maybe a letter that Cash would have picked up and was replaced with random text.

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789"$,.'-?!!SDBF

View of Innocence

A line cut from the outro after Starkweather says "Where were your family when you were facing your final moments in the chamber anyway?"

And what gratitude did they show you when you saved them from those gung-ho assholes, eh?

Drunk Driving

Cash's lines for telling the Tramp to wait and follow have unused subtitles.

Follow me.
Move it!
Come 'ere.
Stay close - make a sound an' I'll kill you myself.
Shift your ass.
You're with me.
Park it here.
Stay here an' don't move a fuckin' muscle.
Stay put and shut up.
Don't move.
Stay here, out of trouble.
Stop following me!

The Tramp's dialogue also has unused subtitles.

Ok, buddy, anything you say!
Hey, you're boss!
Anything for my new bestest buddy!
We going to get some liquor?
Where we going, me ol'pal?
Uh -oh.. Hello.
You got a couple of dollars, huh? Huh?
You better have something to drink, pal.
What the hell, this looks comfortable enough!
Bring back something to drink, would ya!
No need to be so bossy - I was thinking of hanging around here anyway!
Make your mind up, buddy!
Ok, you two be careful now!
Hey, you better come back for me, buddy...

Starkweather's unused and placeholder lines.

The Exit is behind this old tomb. You'll need a shotgun
so make sure to pick one up along the way.
You're going to have to think of a way of separating these guys and picking them off one by one…
I thought this graveyard would make a great location for a shoot-out - what do you think, Cash?
Director : The tramp got killed, do it again.
Director : See this, That's a tramp gate, you gotta have the man if you wanna pass through.
Director : Aren't you missing someone, go back and get the tramp.
Director : The door won't be opened til I see that tramp.
Director : I'm not stupid Cash, Go back and get the tramp, then I'll open the gate.
Director : I'm not blind Cash, wheres the tramp?.
Director : When I see the tramp, I'll open the door.
Director : Nice work Cash!, Alright take him out through the alley, only he can open the doors, so if he dies so do you. You need to get him to the graveyard.
Director : The tramps locked up behind that door, take out the guard.
Director : The tramp is under attack, if he dies you'll have to start again.

Starkweather telling Cash to go to an old house and a pedestrian tunnel which aren't in the level at all.

See that old house? That's where you're headed.
You're doing good Cash, you'll need to go through the pedestrian tunnel - find it.

Placeholder and unused Innocentz dialogue.

Hunter : How did we end up on this shit post, should be getting high with the guys at the derelict house.
Apparently a bum is gonna show up 'round here and we've got to do him. Poor bastard.
It's one thing to wax some psycho... but I aint into killing no bum.
I saw that tramp before. Trust me - if he gets close, we'll smell him.
I killed a bum once in ... It was no big deal.
Oh que pasa, you don't have the stomach for this?
Ohhhhhh I think I can smell him already!

Placeholder Tramp lines.

Tramp : Uhh, That's better.
Tramp : Don't leave me man

The Innocentz member guarding the room where the Tramp is held would've told the Tramp to stop whistling.

Shut up in there!
Stop it! You're making me mad!
(TRAMP SINGING) Guard : Shut up in there

Graveyard Shift

Unused and placeholder Starkweather lines.

Director: Seems your work isn't up to scratch! This reception committee looks pissed off!
Director: Use the control room console to open these doors!
Director: Good! That lift should be working now!
Director: You need the failsafe off for the lift to work!
Director: That's it! Those main entrance doors are unlocked! Meet you outside!
Director: Get to the foyer and pick up your wages when the job's done!
Director: You need to get down to that basement and deactivate the failsafe...
DIrector: It's preventing the gantry lift from working!
Director: Use the loading bay as your entry point... If you can!
Director: Not that way! That would be too easy!
Director: That control room might be important!
Director: You'll need to reopen the loading bay gates! Check out the guard hut!
Director: Excellent! Try and work your way through the factory complex...
Director: Some doors are locked via the main control room of the works!

Seems like the White Rabbit would've been seen much earlier.

 Director: Well done for now! You haven't seen the last of that rabbit though!

Mouth of Madness

Unused and placeholder Starkweather dialogue.

DIRECTOR: Eliminate this hunter and I will open the door for you, make it nice and messy.
DIRECTOR: Cash for bringing his head here I will leave a gift in the next level, but I need you to bring his body.
DIRECTOR: Excellent, I have now unlocked the doors at the far end of the ward.
DIRECTOR: Cash I want you to kill this hunter in the dress and bring evidence of his death to the Guard Room.
DIRECTOR: Cash, you will need to find a way of destroying the bricked up door to get inside the tower.
DIRECTOR: Well done Cash,now on to the next area.
DIRECTOR: Cash for bringing his head here I will leave a gift in the next level.
DIRECTOR: Cash you will need to past these guards to enter the Greenhouses, if you are spotted they will lock the door.
DIRECTOR: When spotted use the shadows to hide. When they can't find you, they will unlock the door.
Another switch! Go on, throw it and see what happens, go on you can trust me...
There, that wasn't anything to worry about, was it?

Seems like one of the Monkeys from Monkey See, Monkey Die originally was present, which gives more sense to Starkweather's line "Monkey see, monkey kill!" in Doing Time and the unlockable outfit.

DIRECTOR: Cash, I want you to drop all your weapons and put on the monkey outfit.
DIRECTOR: Cash, kill the monkey and bring his body to the guard room.
Kill the monkey and bring his body to the Guard Room

Placeholder and unused Smileys lines.

HUNTER: I see him, I see him, Close the door!
HUNTER: Shit I can't see him, open the door.
WARDHUNTER: Shut the fuck up!, don't make me come through there!
WARDHUNTER: Shut the fuck up!
WARDHUNTER: Damn machine! why do I have to turn it off, I should get a remote or something.
WARDHUNTER: Shut up I am not playing this game...
Shut Up!
Argh! Shut up!

From the man in the electric chair.


Doing Time

Unused and placeholder Starkweather lines.

Ah welcome, the idea of this little game is for you to execute all the hunters looking for you, thats if they dont find you first
Well done, you do still have some surprises left in you, make your way to the end of the cellblock I have a few more surprises for you.
If you wanna get out of here your gonna have to lose that guy and then make your way along the top of the cells to the shower block
If you wanna get in here your gonna have to lose the attencion of those hunters
Kill 'em all, Cash, kill 'em all! Ha ha ha!

Kill the Rabbit

Unused and placeholder White Rabbit lines.

Holy frogger! I've got the key - if he gets me he's outta here!
Rabbit: You did well! Very well. Every film has an ending and this is yours.
White Rabbit: Shit! The punk has survived the final cut! He gets me, he gets out! Get me some backup!

Unused and placeholder Starkweather lines.

Hey, Cash, what are you doing? Are you insane?
Where are you gonna go? The state wants you dead, Cash, dead!
Cash? Come back here!
They're messing with you, Cash, trying to fuck with your head! I wouldn't stand for that!
You might want to clean the filth out of the showers...
Watch those cells closely. Kill 'em all!
Director: The rabbit is dead! Storm that tower!
Director: Follow the White Rabbit! You're one ugly fuckin' Alice though!
Director: Get rid of that screw and get up to that room. The rabbit has left you a gift!
Director: A new meaning for death row! Get yourself up to that control room!
Director: Fine shooting! Head for the door below the control room!
Director: Watch those cells closely! Pick them all off!
Director: Almost there, get through this last section anyway you can!
Director: What can I say? You were a good leading man, the audience will love you... don't expect any royalty cheques where you're going though!

Unused Smiley line.

Darling, I'm coming to get you!

Divided They Fall

Placeholder Ramirez lines.

Ramirez: Bitch! Unlock that bottom door! He gets to me, he really is a bad ass!
Ramirez: How'd he get this far? I gotta do tha job myself!
Ramirez: Flush that bitch-ass punk out! I'm da black Lee Harvey Oswald!
Ramirez: He gives you any trouble, slice that punk into food for my bitch!

Press Coverage

Unused CCPD and/or dispatch lines.

Officer down! Target has entered the casino!
Target sighted! Repeat, target sighted!
Man down! Man down! Target is approaching the casino!
Covering fire!
Let's not get left out of all the fun.

More subtitles for Cash's follow/wait lines for the Journalist.

Stick close and keep it quiet.
I'll lead the way…
Move when I move.
You coming or what?
Move your butt!
C'mon, lady.
Hold tight, I'll be right back.
Hold up.
I'll check ahead.
I'll be back soon
Lay low here for a while.
Stay here, out of trouble.

The Journalist also had subtitles for these lines.

Whatever you say...
Ok, if you think it's safe…
Ok, but you gotta watch out for me!
You got it - I'll stay close!
You're the boss!
I'm with you - lead the way.
Ok, just dont leave me behind!
You come back for me, ok!
Alright, but don't be long!
If you hear me scream, you better come back for me, ok?
Ok, but you better not bug out on me!
Ok, I'm counting on you!

Cash was supposed to have taken the dossier from the Journalist for some reason.

Hey where are you going! Don't you want the dossier?!?
Take the dossier, for christ's sake!
You gonna leave the dossier? Take it!
Take the Journalist to her apartment and recover the dossier
Come on, let's get that dossier.
Hey wait! We still have to get the dossier!
That is the stuff you wanted. Now leave.

The Journalist seemed to have been able to defend herself.

Great, a gun… looks straight forward enough.
Ok, I've used a pistol before. Now where's the safety?
Alright, a gun! None of those freaks are gonna fuck with me now!

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Unused SWAT/CCPD lines.

Seems a pretty big operation - this guy must be real dangerous!
I don't like this, they only pull out all the stops for real nut jobs!
He must be a terrorist or something - they ain't leaving nothing to chance!
Do you reckon he is gonna show up?
If he's got any sense he'll be long gone by now.
He could be watching us right now, for all we know...
Do you reckon he is gonna show up here?
Dont know, but they are sending cops at all terminals...hope we dont meet the guy.
We are under fire! Secure the station - repeat - secure the station !!
This is Adam11 - we've located the suspect! Send in reinforcements, now!
We are under fire! Secure the station - repeat - secure the station!
Officer down! Bravo 1 please respond - seal the perimeter right now!
Roger TEAM1, Bravo team is moving in to your position
This is Charlie Leader. Power to the rails has been disconnected. Repeat - POWER IS OFF
This is Adam 11 - We have the fugitive! Send in reinforcements!!
This is dispatch - we have a code 11 - Fugitive is presumed to be heading your way
We have a situation - Fugitive has reconnected power to the rails - repeat POWER IS ON.
Move that fucking train out of there!!
Officers down! We need to seal this place right now!
Roger Dispatch - we are in.

Placeholder Starkweather line.

Director: <static>...sure you'll never get out of that subway alive, Cash...<static>

Trained To Kill

Unused and placeholder CCPD/SWAT and dispatch lines.

COP: Freeze Fucker! Just give me an excuse to waste you.
COP ON RADIO: Control we have captured the suspect.
POLICE RADIO: The suspect is believed to be in the area, approach with extreme caution .
POLICE RADIO: He is armed and considered dangerous.

Alternate line from the outro cutscene.

Shoot that copkiller sonofabitch!

Border Patrol

Unused and placeholder Cerberus lines.

CERBERUS: What the hell was THAT?
RADIO: A kill team is en route to your position.
CERBERUS: Shoot targets on sight!, Starkweather want's them both dead.
CERBERUS: No sign of either target, they won't get through this way!
CERBERUS: Who shut this door?
CERBERUS : Ah these guys have been slaughtered, What the fuck did this?
A team is en route to your position, over.
We're sending a backup team, over.
Hang in there, backup is on its way.
CERBERUS: He's gone in there.
CERBERUS2: Who's got the fucking remote control?!?
He's gone in there!
He's locked himself in the garage!
He's holed up in there!
VOICES SCREAMING: Man down, I need backup here! ARGH!!!!!
What the-? Back up! I need immediate backupaarrgghh!
Holy fuck! Gimme some help here-aarrgghh!
Eerr, control, I'm gonna need some backup here! Control? Aarrgghh!
Who's got the fucking remote for the door?!?
Somebody get this damned door open!
Ok, who's got the remote - we gotta open this door!
Who shut this door?
Hold on - this door was open a moment ago!
Hey wait a minute, wasn't this open?
What the hell was that?!?

Unused lines from the intro cutscene.

AAHHHH! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Keep an eye on him for a minute.
You know what?

Key Personnel

Unused and placeholder Cerberus lines.

GUARD: Shut the lift down, Strarkweather said no unexpected visitors.
GUARD: Roger. (Pulls lever).
GUARD: Sir, One of the men is not responding. We have to take you somewhere more secure.
GUARD: Consider it done, sir. Escort him upstairs.
GUARD: He has killed two of our snipers, sir. We should assume he is armed.
GUARD: All men are ready, I have instructed them to equip themselves from the armoury.
GUARD: No sir, but if he gets anywhere near that elevator we will be right on him
GUARD: This has been already taken care of, sir.
CHIEF: Order the men to shoot at anything that moves.
CHIEF: How did that bastard get past the perimeter guards?
CHIEF: I want his head on a silver plate, seargent!
CHIEF: Very well. Any sign of him in the security cameras?
CHIEF: Leave two of your best men in the basement, I don't want more surprise.
How did that psycho bastard get past the perimeter guards?
Cash has already neutralised two of our snipers, sir. We should assume he is armed.
Leave two of your best men in the basement, I don't want any more surprises.
Already taken care of, sir. All the men are ready.
I have instructed them to equip themselves from the armoury.
Very well. Any sign of him on the security cameras?
No sir, but if he gets anywhere near that elevator we will be right on him.
RADIO VOICE: We have reported casualties! Hang tough guys, reinforcements on their way!
Target is armed! Keep him confined!
What the? -oh shit!!!
Holy fuck! He's packing heavy!
Take cover, he means business!
Shut the lift down, Starkweather said no unexpected visitors.
Target is not armed! Flush him so we can take him out!
Fuck this, I'm going in!!!!
I'm coming in there to fuck you up!!!
Who dares, wins - rraagghh!!!


Unused Cerberus line.

Starkweather said no unexpected visitors.

Alternate lines when Piggsy breaks into the attic door.

Going home, hoooooome!

Most likely from the intro cutscene.

Ahhh! Yeah! Pigsy Angry!
Pigsy ANGRY! Unh! Pigsy Angry!

Repeat lines again from Key Personnel.

Fuck this, I'm going in!!!!
I'm coming in there to fuck you up!!!
Who dares, wins - rraagghh!!!

Unknown. Possibly from the robot chef cutscene since its string name is MPG8.

Hello Kiddies...