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Marble Blast Gold

From The Cutting Room Floor
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Title Screen

Marble Blast Gold

Developer: GarageGames
Publishers: GarageGames, eGames (Windows)
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Released internationally: June 17, 2003 (Windows), July 2003 (Linux), July 5, 2003 (Mac OS X)

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Marble Blast Gold is a game where you roll around a marble in large levels, collect power-ups to progress, and maybe collect some gems along the way. It was once quite popular in the mid-2000's. Unfortunately, the game was pulled off all storefronts in 2011, thus making it harder to acquire each passing day.

Test Cheats

Open up the in-game command prompt with the tilde (~) key, then input this statement:


Now, F10 makes a GUI editor appear, while F11 shows the level editor.

Unused Textures

MBG-trampoline128 t0.jpg

Alternative texture for the Super Bounce power-up. It can be seen on a few level preview images in the final game.

MBG-friction low2.jpg MBG-friction none2.jpg

Alternative Low Friction (Ice) and No Friction (Space) textures. In the final game, low friction is represented with mud at all times.

MBG-custom water.jpg MBG-custom water bttm.jpg MBG-custom water lft.jpg MBG-custom water rte.jpg MBG-custom water top.jpg

There would have been beach textures in the game, but they remain unused.


An alternate variant of the oil slicks.

(Source: Edward Nigma)

Deleted Platform Textures

In a file, presumably for setting the settings for platform textures/surfaces and such, there is are five lines of text:

// old textures (to be removed?)
addMaterialMapping( "grid1" , RubberFloorMaterial);
addMaterialMapping( "grid2" , RubberFloorMaterial);
addMaterialMapping( "grid3" , RubberFloorMaterial);
addMaterialMapping( "grid4" , RubberFloorMaterial);

This hints at textures that used to be in the game, and then got deleted (it is nowhere in the game's files)

Unused Sounds


An unused falling sound when the marble falls off a level. In the final game, it's a simple whoosh sound.


This would have played when the player moved any object with the ball.


Platforms make no sounds when moving up or down in the final game.

Deleted Sounds

soundsprofiles.cs lists a couple sounds that were removed from the game.

datablock AudioProfile(PenaltyVoiceSfx)
   filename    = "~/data/sound/penalty.wav";
   description = AudioDefault3d;
   preload = true;

datablock AudioProfile(DestroyedVoiceSfx)
   filename    = "~/data/sound/destroyedVoice.wav";
   description = AudioDefault3d;
   preload = true;