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Masters of the Universe - He-Man: Power of Grayskull

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Title Screen

Masters of the Universe - He-Man: Power of Grayskull

Developer: Taniko
Publisher: TDK Mediactive
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in US: October 29, 2002

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Masters of the Universe - He-Man: Power of Grayskull is an isometric role-playing game that launched in America towards the end of 2002. I have the power! Most of the script of this game can be accessed directly by simply opening the game with any text editor.

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Developer Credits

Copyright Information

  HE-MAN GBA ROM (C) 2002 TANIKO 1-310-393-5390

This string can be found in the ROM for the game. The phone number, apparently(this should be confirmed) is now owned by Arkham Graphics, according to this.

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Build Date

 v0.86   Aug 14 2002 21:51:02

The following string can also be found in the game. This may be referencing a previous build of the game, as it is dated two months and sixteen days before the full game came out in North America.

Developer Texts


no tile holes
free zero
no holes
too many tiles in rom
bad vmalloc

All these appear to be hidden text that isn't accessible through normal gameplay, that only triggers when too much data is loaded; the chance of this happening is very low.

z trap
bug in vfprintf: bad base
Heap and stack collision
Error - Message index

These seem to be other, miscellaneous errors. Interestingly, the string "Error - Message index" can be found in ROM somewhere between excerpts from the game's script.

Track List

 Song 13
 Song 12 - GOver 
 Song 11 
 Song 10 - Cine  
 Song 9 - Stats  
 Song 8  
 Song 7 - Bonus  
 Song 6 - Menu   
 Song 5 - Race   
 Song 4 - Boss   
 Song 3  
 Song 2  
 Song 1

A track list (that appears incomplete) can also be found in the ROM. As there is no sound test in the game, these must've been used by the developers during the game's development to help them with identifying certain music tracks within the game.