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Michael Andretti's World GP

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Title Screen

Michael Andretti's World GP

Also known as: Satoru Nakajima F-1 Hero (JP)
Developer: Human Entertainment
Publisher: American Sammy
Platform: NES
Released in JP: 1988
Released in US: 1990

LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Michael Andretti's World GP is a racing game featuring Michael Andretti (Satoru Nakajima in Japan) and the strangest controls for a racing game ever.

Stage Select

Enter SAMMY*XY as the password. "*" is an empty space. "X" corresponds to the Level (Levels 1-9 = letters A-I). "Y" corresponds to the Round (Rounds 1-16 = letters A-P). In the Japanese version, the passwords is さとる*XY. Levels 1-9 = characters あ, い, う, え, お, ら, り, る, れ. Rounds 1-16 = characters あ, い, う, え, お, ら, り, る, れ, ろ, か, き, く, け, こ.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

The logo was changed, the graphic in the middle was removed, "WARMING UP" was changed to "PRACTICE MODE", "BATTLE MODE" was changed to "TWO PLAYER MODE", copyright text was updated, and all of the text is now black.

Japan US
Nakajima Satoru - F-1 Hero title.png Michael Andretti's World GP title.png

Titular Driver

Satoru Nakajima was replaced with Michael Andretti throughout the game.

Japan US
Nakajima Satoru - F-1 Hero face.png Michael Andretti's World GP face.png


All mentions of Varie were changed to Sammy.

Japan US
Nakajima Satoru - F-1 Hero (Japan) end.png Michael Andretti's World GP (USA) end.png