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No More Heroes

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Title Screen

No More Heroes

Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
Publishers: Marvelous Entertainment (JP), Ubisoft (US), Rising Star Games (EU/AU), CyberFront (KR)
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: December 6, 2007
Released in US: January 2, 2008
Released in EU: March 14, 2008
Released in AU: March 20, 2008
Released in KR: July 9, 2009

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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I'm in it to win, baby! Number one, here I come!

Unused Music


A short techno remix of the game's main theme.


An unfiltered version of the song that plays during the magic show cutscene prior to the fight against Harvey. The version used in-game has a very heavy echo applied. Additionally, the music, sounds, and voices in cutscenes are mixed together into a single file, so this would go unused regardless.


An edited version of Dr. Peace's song "The Virgin Child Makes Her Wish Without Feeling Anything" with intense reverb applied. A used version with a few seconds trimmed from the start, "DR_PEACE_STUDIUM2", can be heard by standing outside the door to his boss room; the unused version is not trimmed.


The full version of the aforementioned song. In the game, only the last fifteen seconds or so are heard - and, as noted prior, cutscene audio is stored all in one file, so it would be unused anyway.

Unused Audio


Very creepy ambience. Judging by the "drk" suffix, it may have been used somewhere in the confrontation with Dark Star.


A trimmed version of the phone call you receive from Sylvia prior to fighting Destroyman. This was used in the TGS 2007 demo, likely to avoid wasting time. It's about fifty seconds shorter than the used version.


An early version of the first cutscene's audio. The used version, "PD01US" has a different motorcycle sound and improved mixing.


A completely empty sound file - presumably "dam" stands for "dammy" as a later dummy file shares that name.

Japanese/European Cutscene Audio

The North American release of the game contains censored copies of the cutscene audio, denoted by the "J" suffix. These versions lack the sounds of blood splattering, as it was replaced with black mist in those regions. Additionally, there is a censored equivalent to the previously mentioned early version of the first cutscene's audio. The final version is labelled with "JP" instead.

Batch Files

The game contains a couple of leftover Windows batch files, likely used by the developers during production of the game.


The first is in "Global" and contains the following:

xcopy %HEROES_FOLDER%\Design\2D\noise\sceff??.BIN   %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Effect\Noise          /Y /D
rem xcopy %HEROES_FOLDER%\Design\2D\effect\hx_gc002.BIN %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Effect\hx_gc001_1.BIN /Y /D

xcopy %HEROES_FOLDER%\Design\2D\noise\sceff??.BIN   %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Effect\Noise          /Y /D
xcopy %HEROES_FOLDER%\Design\2D\effect\hx_gc001.BIN %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Effect /Y /D
xcopy %HEROES_FOLDER%\Design\2D\star\hn_star01_1.BIN  %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Effect /Y /D

set DSTFOL=%HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Effect\Money
xcopy %SRCFOL%\046\OBJ046.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\047\OBJ047.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\048\OBJ048.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\049\OBJ049.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\050\OBJ050.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\051\OBJ051.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\052\OBJ052.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\053\OBJ053.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\054\OBJ054.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\055\OBJ055.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\056\OBJ056.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\057\OBJ057.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\058\OBJ058.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D

xcopy %HEROES_FOLDER%\Design\Model\CHR\COL\STDCOL000.GCL  %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global /Y /D

IF NOT EXIST %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Item MKDIR %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Item
del %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Item\*.GM2

set DSTFOL=%HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Item
xcopy %SRCFOL%\153\OBJ153.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\195\OBJ195.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\196\OBJ196.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\197\OBJ197.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\198\OBJ198.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\199\OBJ199.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\079\OBJ079.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\087\OBJ087.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D
xcopy %SRCFOL%\088\OBJ088.GM2  %DSTFOL% /Y /D

xcopy %HEROES_FOLDER%\Design\Model\CHR\LTRV\FCE\tex\TRVDFCE01.BIN  %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Effect /Y /D
xcopy %HEROES_FOLDER%\Design\Model\CHR\LTRV\FCE\tex\TRVDHND01.BIN  %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Effect /Y /D

rem mkdir %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Font
rem xcopy %HEROES_FOLDER%\Design\2D\font\*.BIN  %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Font  /Y /D
rem xcopy %HEROES_FOLDER%\Design\2D\font\imagelist.txt  %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Font  /Y /D
del %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global\Font\*.* /Q

%HEROES_FOLDER%\Tool\DxaEncodeG.exe -S:CVS     %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global
%HEROES_FOLDER%\Tool\Lz.exe                    %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global.dxa
del                                            %HEROES_FOLDER%\Program\Data\Global\Global.dxa


The second is in "Viewer" and contains only one line:


Model Viewer

The directory "Viewer" houses a handful of files relating to a model viewer, possibly a prototype of the Forbidden View mode from the PS3 remake. These include a Japanese text file entitled "DefParam" that contains various settings for the viewer, and another called "BackColor" that contains an RGB color value, presumably for the background of the viewer. An archive called "ATM001.GM2" is also present in the directory, but it is unknown how to extract it at this time. Opening it in a hex editor reveals strings relating to various body parts. Finally, in the subdirectory "Image" there are two files named "mimi" and "oto" that serve an unknown purpose.

Dummy Text File

In "Hoshi" lies a blank text file titled "dammy".

TGS 2007 Level

In "STG", "STG0030T.bin" and "STG0031T.bin" contain the TGS 2007 version of Destroyman's stage. The aforementioned trimmed phone call plays in this version. Destroyman is missing some SFX during the fight, and dying softlocks the game. A promotional cinematic plays upon defeating Destroyman.

Additionally, "STG9007T.bin" is an unused toilet for the level.

Music Filenames

A couple of the song names don't match their in-game usage. For example, "Boss_Destroiman" contains Jeane's theme (implying it was originally his theme), whereas Destroyman's actual theme is named "Boss_NEWDestroyMan". Additionally, Holly Summers' theme is named "Boss_Shinobu2" while Shinobu's actual theme is "Boss_trueShinobu", as Shinobu was planned to have two boss fights early in development.

Alternate Names

In many files, Henry is referred to as The Kill. Additionally, Lovikov is referred to as both Lovykof and Lovykov internally.

Empty Directories

There are three empty directories in the game's filesystem - "Global\Global\Font", "Card\TXT\", and "Card\MES".

Shop Theme Loops

All of the shop themes containing the song "Heavenly Star" are looped to an absurdly unnecessary length, with almost all of them being longer than fifteen minutes. This could have potentially been done for padding reasons.

Regional Differences

In the Japanese and European versions, all blood is censored into black mist as mentioned earlier. Additionally, the camera angles used in certain cutscenes have been altered to show less graphic violence.