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Notes:After Burner II (Arcade)

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This page contains notes for the game After Burner II (Arcade).

The actual code part of the hidden message subroutine has been fixed since the first game (see that game's notes page for information on how that was screwed up), but there's a new problem.

00F348: 0838 0000 9128             btst    #$0, $9128.w
00F34E: 6700 0090                  beq     $f3e0
00F352: 08F8 0001 9128             bset    #$1, $9128.w

This is part of the code that checks whether or not to display a hidden message, and $9128 is the Hidden Message Display variable. If bit 0 is set, the rest of the code is skipped. Since that bit is set after the button code has been successfully entered, and the rest of the code will only run if the Hidden Message Value is set, it effectively prevents any message from being displayed.