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Notes:Breath of Fire

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This page contains notes for the game Breath of Fire.

DrWarp offsets

Note that for all cutscenes, you're able to move around. However, going beyond the boundaries of the images themselves leads to scrambled screens, and going too far can black out the game.

0000 - Overworld (By small tree near Nanai)
0001 - Overworld (outside Drogen)
0002 - Overworld (outside Winlan)
0003 - Overworld (outside Dragon Shrine 1 [South of Tantar/Tuntar])
0004 - Overworld (outside Dragon Shrine 2 [West of Gant])
0005 - Drogen (from the prologue; not destroyed, but inactive and a bit graphically glitchy)
0006 - Drogen (inside elder's house (from prologue; hangs game))
0007 - Auria (inside item shop, upstairs, outside secret room)
0008 - Gant (inside elder's house, outside secret room)
0009 - Winlan (inside inn, stuck in wall behind bed (move north to escape))
000A - Bleak (outside house with blocked staircase)
000B - Gust (outside house with Flute)
000C - Swirling ocean (when ship sinks); can't move, but can open menu
000D - Camlon (outside castle) There are many instances of this; it seems to be a placefiller.
000E - Camlon (outside castle) Presumably, duplicates correspond to other inner areas, but as
000F - Camlon (outside castle) they all start you outside, there's no easy way of knowing.
0010 - Overworld (outside Winlan, east bridge)
0011 - Overworld (outside Romero)
0012 - Camlon (outside castle)
0013 - Overworld (clearing near logging area; young man trapped by fairies)
0014 - Camlon (outside castle) Many of these instances may well also point to the ruined
0015 - Camlon (outside castle) version of Camlon Castle, from near the beginning of the game.
0016 - Camlon (outside castle) The game seems to erase the ruined Camlon after it's rebuilt,
0017 - Camlon (outside castle) however.
0018 - Overworld (outside Nanai)
0019 - Drogen (outside Dragon Shrine)
001A - Winlan (outside Dragon Shrine)
001B - Romero (outside Dragon Shrine)
001C - Nanai (outside Dragon Shrine)
001D - Winlan (outside inn)
001E - Romero (outside inn)
001F - Nanai (outside inn)
0020 - Winlan (outside weapon shop)
0021 - Romero (outside weapon shop)
0022 - Nanai (outside weapon shop)
0023 - Nanai (outside pub)
0024 - Winlan (outside item shop)
0025 - Romero (outside item shop)
0026 - Nanai (outside item shop)
0027 - Winlan (outside NW windmill)
0028 - Winlan (inside NW windmill)
0029 - Winlan (outside NE windmill)
002A - Winlan (inside NE windmill)
002B - Winlan (outside house next to NE windmill)
002C - Winlan (outside house above inn)
002D - (Blackout)
002E - Romero (outside lower small yellow building)
002F - Winlan (outside windmill near entrance)
0030 - Winlan (inside windmill near entrance)
0031 - Romero (outside tall yellow building)
0032 - Romero (outside upper small grey building)
0033 - Romero (outside upper small yellow building)
0034 - Romero (outside lower small yellow building)
0035 - Romero (outside lower small grey building)
0036 - Overworld (near east exit of forest near Karma Tower)
0037 - Overworld (outside Camlon)
0038 - Overworld (outside Camlon)
0039 - Nanai (outside small house in NW corner)
003A - Nanai (outside large red-roofed house in NW corner)
003B - Nanai (outside large blue-roofed house in NW corner)
003C - Nanai (outside large blue-roofed house above item shop)
003D - Nanai (outside small house above item shop)
003E - Nanai (outside small house next to pub)
003F - Nanai (outside large blue-roofed house in NE corner)
0040 - Nanai (outside small house in NE corner)
0041 - Nanai (outside large red-roofed house in NE corner)
0042 - Nanai (outside small house above weapon shop)
0043 - Nanai (inside pub; looks like Drogen elder's house, and plays unused song)
0044 - Nanai (inside glitchy house; looks like the "wedding" setup in Tantar elder's house;
              exits to the large red-roofed house in NW corner; staircase is non-functional)
0045 - Camlon (outside upper large house on west side of town)
0046 - Camlon (outside lower large house on west side of town)
0047 - Camlon (outside large house on east side of town)
0048 - Camlon (outside tall house on east side of town)
0049 - Camlon (outside house next to inn)
004A - Camlon (outside house next to the one above)
004B - Camlon (inside tall house on east side of town)
004C - Camlon (outside inn)
004D - Romero (inside tall yellow building)
004E - Camlon (outside item shop)
004F - Camlon (outside Dragon Shrine)
0050 - Overworld (outside Drogen)
0051 - Overworld (outside east exit to Winlan Cave)
0052 - Overworld (outside west exit to Winlan Cave)
0053 - Overworld (outside east exit to Winlan Cave)
0054 - Overworld (outside west exit to Winlan Cave)
0055 - Overworld (outside Karma Tower)
0056 - Overworld (outside misty forest)
0057 - Tuntar (outside upper left house)
0058 - Tuntar (outside upper right house)
0059 - Tuntar (outside lower left house)
005A - Tuntar (outside elder's house)
005B - Tuntar (inside elder's house)
005C - Tuntar (outside inn)
005D - Tuntar (outside item shop)
005E - Tantar (outside upper left house)
005F - Tantar (outside upper right house)
0060 - Tantar (outside lower left house)
0061 - Tantar (outside elder's house)
0062 - Tantar (inside elder's house)
0063 - Tantar (outside inn)
0064 - Tantar (outside weapon shop)
0065 - Tantar (outside Dragon Shrine)
0066 - Cutscene: Closeup of Cort's face
0067 - Cutscene: Unknown; glitches
0068 - Title logo screen 
0069 - Scande (mole tunnels; invisible hole in lower right corner)
006A - Scande (tunnel to Obelisk)
006B - Horribly scrambled screen; plays Scande theme (can't move, but can open menu)
006C - Same as above, but with different scrambled graphics.
006D - Winlan (outside east tunnel from castle)
006E - Winlan (outside castle)
006F - Winlan (inside castle [1F])
0070 - Strange ruins; seemingly an unused/unfinished area. Looks like the large Dragon Shrine
       near Gust, but entering takes you to a unique purple-floored room with four staircases.
       Going up the ones to the far left or right leads to two small rooms with a single non-
       functional treasure chest. Going up either of the central staircases leads to another
       room with stairs leading up to what looks like a Dragon Shrine (save point type), but
       with no statue. Examining the empty area where the statue would go hangs the game. Going
       downstairs leads to a scrambled screen which, if explored thoroughly, exits to the
       Obelisk dig site at Scande.
0071 - Same as above
0072 - Same as above
0073 - Same as above
0074 - Same as above
0075 - Tunlan (outside palace)
0076 - Romero (outside barn)
0077 - Overworld (outside Tantar)
0078 - Overworld (outside Tantar)
0079 - Overworld (outside Tuntar)
007A - Overworld (outside Tuntar)
007B - Overworld (outside Karma Tower)
007C - Overworld (outside Karma Tower)
007D - Overworld (outside Karma Tower)
007E - Overworld (outside Karma Tower)
007F - Karma Tower (Wizard's cauldron)
0080 - Karma Tower (Wizard's cauldron)
0081 - Karma Tower (Wizard's cauldron)
0082 - Karma Tower (Wizard's cauldron)
0083 - Karma Tower (Wizard's cauldron)
0084 - Karma Tower (Wizard's cauldron)
0085 - Winlan (outside house near broken bridge)
0086 - Tantar (outside lower right house)
0087 - Tuntar (outside lower right house)
0088 - Overworld (outside Auria)
0089 - Overworld (outside Camlon)
008A - Overworld (outside Agua)
008B - Nanai (outside castle)
008C - Nanai (outside castle)
008D - Nanai (outside castle)
008E - Strange dungeon (empty square room with invisible walls; confined to a small space)
008F - Secret room under dragon seal north of Nanai
0090 - Camlon (outside castle)
0091 - Nanai (outside castle)
0092 - Nanai (outside castle)
0093 - Nanai (inside castle [1F])
0094 - Nanai (inside castle [1F]; same as above, but in a different spot)
0095 - Overworld (outside twin village north tunnel; north exit)
0096 - Overworld (outside north Auria tunnel; south exit)
0097 - Overworld (outside Spring Cave)
0098 - Camlon (outside castle)
0099 - Camlon (outside castle)
009A - Camlon (outside castle)
009B - Overworld (outside Grimfowl Forest)
009C - Misty forest dungeon (rooms in the very back)
009D - Misty forest dungeon (same as above, but in a different spot)
009E - Camlon (outside castle)
009F - Camlon (outside castle)
00A0 - Misty forest (outside dungeon)
00A1 - Overworld (outside Ring cave)
00A2 - Camlon (outside castle)
00A3 - Camlon (outside castle)
00A4 - Camlon (outside castle)
00A5 - Camlon (outside castle)
00A6 - Camlon (outside castle)
00A7 - Unknown cave with slightly glitchy graphics and a non-functional staircase; no exit
00A8 - Overworld (outside Ring cave)
00A9 - Camlon (outside castle)
00AA - Camlon (outside castle)
00AB - Stone Robot (control room; controls and portal do not function)
00AC - Stone Robot (left side of teleporter maze; portals do not function)
00AD - Camlon (outside castle)
00AE - Camlon (outside castle)
00AF - Camlon (outside castle)
00B0 - Camlon (outside castle)
00B1 - Overworld (outside Ring cave)
00B2 - Overworld (outside Agua)
00B3 - Agua (outside passage)
00B4 - Overworld (outside Agua)
00B5 - Overworld (outside Agua)
00B6 - Overworld (outside Agua)
00B7 - Overworld (outside Agua)
00B8 - Overworld (outside Agua)
00B9 - Overworld (outside Arad)
00BA - Camlon (outside castle)
00BB - Dark Dragon Ship (below deck)
00BC - Glitchy ocean; can't move, but can open menu
00BD - Dark Dragon Ship (cannonball room)
00BE - Camlon (outside castle)
00BF - Overworld (outside Romero)
00C0 - Overworld (outside Romero)
00C1 - Overworld (outside east Auria tunnel; west exit)
00C2 - Overworld (outside east Auria tunnel; west exit)
00C3 - East Auria Tunnel (1F, far right side)
00C4 - Overworld (outside Krypt)
00C5 - Overworld (outside Krypt)
00C6 - Overworld (outside Krypt)
00C7 - Overworld (outside Krypt)
00C8 - Krypt (floor just past chest trap where Karn join)
00C9 - Overworld (outside Krypt)
00CA - Overworld (outside Krypt)
00CB - Overworld (outside Krypt)
00CC - Overworld (outside Krypt)
00CD - Gramor (outside Dragon Shrine)
00CE - Nabal (outside castle)
00CF - Nabal (outside castle)
00D0 - Overworld (outside fort south of Nabal)
00D1 - Overworld (outside fort south of Nabal)
00D2 - Overworld (outside fort south of Nabal)
00D3 - Overworld (outside fort south of Nabal)
00D4 - Overworld (outside Bleak)
00D5 - Overworld (outside Nabal)
00D6 - Overworld (outside Wisdon)
00D7 - Overworld (outside Gust)
00D8 - Overworld (outside Dark Tower)
00D9 - Overworld (outside Dark Tower)
00DA - Overworld (outside Dark Tower)
00DB - Overworld (outside Dark Tower)
00DC - Overworld (outside Dark Tower)
00DD - Overworld (outside Dark Tower)
00DE - Overworld (outside Dark Tower)
00DF - Overworld (outside Dark Tower)
00E0 - Wisdon (entrance to underground passage)
00E1 - Wisdon (exit to underground passage)
00E2 - Wisdon (entrance to underground passage)
00E3 - Wisdon (entrance to underground passage)
00E4 - Underwater (outside volcano)
00E5 - Volcano (Floor ?, next to chest)
00E6 - Volcano (Floor ?, next to chest)
00E7 - Volcano (trapped deep in a wall somewhere)
00E8 - Nightmare World 1 (outside tower)
00E9 - Nightmare World 1 (outside tower)
00EA - Nightmare World 1 (outside tower)
00EB - Nightmare World 1 (outside tower)
00EC - Gas Field (north exit)
00ED - Nightmare World 2 (southern area, *in* the water. Heading west takes you to the first
       Nightmare World, showing that both are on the same map, albeit using different palettes.
       Continuing west or south leads to graphically glitchy interior areas, seemingly from
       Mote's Tower; there also exists a non-functional staircase in the far northwest corner.
       Attempting to exit the map via any black space will cause you reappear back in the water
       where you first appeared. There is no way out of the water. Despite being treated as a
       world map in-game, overworld-specific out-battle abilities such as Nina's bird
       transformation do not work.) 
00EE - Nightmare World 1 (outside south exit to gas field)
00EF - Mote's Tower (labyrinth beyond rotating hallways)
00F0 - Bleak (outside upper left large house)
00F1 - Bleak (inside upper left large house)
00F2 - Bleak (outside upper right large house)
00F3 - Bleak (inside upper right large house)
00F4 - Bleak (outside lower right large house)
00F5 - Bleak (outside elder's house)
00F6 - Bleak (inside elder's house)
00F7 - Bleak (outside inn)
00F8 - Bleak (outside weapon shop)
00F9 - Bleak (outside item shop)
00FA - Overworld (outside hill north of Gust)
00FB - Overworld (outside fairy forest)
00FC - Overworld (outside Gant)
00FD - Underwater (outside Prima)
00FE - Overworld (outside Carmen)
00FF - Nightmare World 2 (outside sorrowful village)
0100 - Gust Hill (outside Cort's lab)
0101 - Cort's Lab (near north exit)
0102 - Cort's Lab (mouse tunnels; stuck in a wall)
0103 - Cort's Lab (moving platform maze)
0104 - Black void; taking a step in any direction will drop you right back where you started
0105 - Overworld (outside Tock)
0106 - Tock (second floor)
0107 - Tock (top floor, stuck in a wall; some graphic glitches are present as well)
0108 - Tock (third floor; arrow maze)
0109 - Auria (outside mayor's house)
010A - Auria (outside mayor's house)
010B - Auria (outside mayor's house)
010C - Auria (outside mayor's house)
010D - Dragon Shrine 1 [South of twin villages] (outside)
010E - Dragon Shrine 2 [West of Gant] (outside)
010F - Dragon Shrine 3 [North of Gust] (outside)
0110 - Cave to Mote's Tower (glitchy; exiting south puts you back where you started; taking the
       staircase returns everything to normal, however)
0111 - Mote's Tower (end of rotating hallways)
0112 - Mote's Tower (end of rotating hallways)
0113 - Mote's Tower (end of rotating hallways)
0114 - Mote's Tower (throne room)
0115 - Nightmare World 2 (outside cave to Mote's Tower)
0116 - Cave to Mote's Tower (lower area; glitchy; there's some odd dialogue, a glitchy Mote
       sprite appears (and walks into a wall), then you end up in the Auria prison)
0117 - Cave to Mote's Tower (near large empty room)
0118 - Cave to Mote's Tower (inside large empty room)
0119 - Cave to Mote's Tower (room with springs and save point)
011A - Spring Cave (underwater, outside Agni shrine)
011B - Spring Cave (underwater, outside Agni shrine)
011C - Gust (outside G.Fly's cave)
011D - Overworld (outside frog cave)
011E - Scande Tower (hall just outside throne room)
011F - Underwater (stuck in a wall somewhere; can't even escape using the big fish)
0120 - Auria (outside prison)
0121 - Auria (outside prison)
0122 - Auria (outside lower left mansion)
0123 - Auria (inside lower left mansion)
0124 - Auria (outside lower right mansion)
0125 - Auria (inside lower right mansion)
0126 - Auria (outside upper right mansion)
0127 - Auria (inside upper right mansion)
0128 - Auria (outside upper left mansion)
0129 - Auria (inside upper left mansion)
012A - Auria (outside mayor's house)
012B - Auria (outside mayor's house)
012C - Auria (outside item shop)
012D - Auria (inside item shop)
012E - Auria (outside inn)
012F - Auria (outside Dragon Shrine)
0130 - Arad (outside upper left tent)
0131 - Arad (outside upper right tent)
0132 - Arad (outside lower left tent)
0133 - Arad (outside large red tent)
0134 - Arad (outside inn tent)
0135 - Dark Dragon port (outside building)
0136 - Wisdon (outside small building left of staircase)
0137 - Wisdon (outside small building right of staircase)
0138 - Bleak (outside Dragon Shrine)
0139 - Gust (outside central windmill)
013A - Gust (inside central windmill)
013B - Gust (outside central house)
013C - Gust (outside lower house)
013D - Gust (outside lower windmill)
013E - Gust (inside lower windmill)
013F - Spring (outside large house)
0140 - Spring (outside central straw-roofed house)
0141 - Spring (outside lower red-roofed house)
0142 - Gust (outside Dragon Shrine)
0143 - Gust (outside inn)
0144 - Gust (outside item shop)
0145 - Gust (outside weapon shop)
0146 - Nightmare World 1 (outside Courage's cave)
0147 - Gant (outside small house on third level)
0148 - Gant (outside smithery on second level)
0149 - Gant (outside blue-roofed house on second level)
014A - Gant (outside blue-roofed house on first level)
014B - Gant (outside smithery on first level)
014C - Gant (outside flat-roofed house on second level)
014D - Gant (outside flat-roofed house on first level)
014E - Gant (outside smithery at top level)
014F - Gant (inside smithery at top level)
0150 - Gant (outside inn)
0151 - Gant (outside weapon shop)
0152 - Gant (outside item shop)
0153 - Gant (outside Dragon Shrine)
0154 - Prima (outside Guild Hall)
0155 - Prima (inside Guild Hall)
0156 - Prima (outside Dragon Shrine)
0157 - Prima (outside lower left item shop)
0158 - Prima (outside upper right item shop)
0159 - Prima (outside uppermost right item shop)
015A - Prima (outside uppermost left item shop)
015B - Prima (outside storage vault)
015C - Prima (outside lower inn)
015D - Prima (inside lower inn)
015E - Prima (outside lower left weapon shop)
016F - Prima (outside middle right weapon shop)
0160 - Prima (outside upper left weapon shop)
0161 - Prima (outside upper inn)
0162 - Prima (outside naming center)
0163 - Prima (outside upper right weapon shop)
0164 - Prima (outside cafe)
0165 - Prima (outside mall)
0166 - Sorrowful Village (outside small red house)
0167 - Sorrowful Village (outside inn)
0168 - Cerl's Castle (outside)
0169 - Cerl's Castle (inside)
016A - Wisdon (outside Bleu's castle)
016B - Wisdon (outside Bleu's castle)
016C - Carmen (outside lower windmill)
016D - Carmen (inside lower windmill)
016E - Carmen (outside upper windmill)
016F - Carmen (inside upper windmill)
0170 - Carmen (outside inn)
0171 - Carmen (outside weapon shop)
0172 - Carmen (outside barn)
0173 - Carmen (outside straw-roofed house)
0174 - Carmen (outside Dragon Shrine)
0175 - Sorrowful Village (outside Dragon Shrine)
0176 - Spring (outside lower straw-roofed house)
0177 - Spring (outside upper straw-roofed mill)
0178 - Spring (outside upper red-roofed mill)
0179 - Spring (outside lower straw-roofed mill)
017A - Spring (outside lower red-roofed mill)
017B - Spring (outside inn)
017C - Spring (outside weapon shop)
017D - Spring (outside item shop)
017E - Spring (outside Dragon Shrine)
017F - Mogu's Village (outside Dragon Shrine)
0180 - Overworld (outside Spring)
0181 - Nightmare World 1 (outside Mogu's Village)
0182 - Overworld (outside Cerl's castle)
0183 - Overworld (outside male weapon collector's tent)
0184 - Overworld (outside deserted island)
0185 - Overworld (outside Tunlan)
0186 - Overworld (outside Dragon Shrine 3 [North of Gust])
0187 - Obelisk (outside platform)
0188 - Overworld (outside Scande/Obelisk)
0189 - World Map (as seen from "Map" item; can move around, but causes glitches)
018A - Overworld (outside female weapon collector's island house)
018B - Cutscene: Stone Robot descends into volcano
018C - Cutscene: Closeup of Sara's anxious face
018D - Cutscene: Agni unleashed (glitchy; walk left to see actual image)
018E - Cutscene: Sunset, with Sara looking over (from the ending)
018F - Cutscene: The Stone Robot fires its laser
0190 - Treasure Cave under Dragon Seal on island northeast of Romero
0191 - Treasure Cave under Dragon Seal southeast of Scande
0192 - Treasure Cave under Dragon Seal east of Stone Robot's initial location
0193 - Treasure Cave under Dragon Seal northeast of Carmen
0194 - Scande (atop elevator platform, outside grand tower)
0195 - Scande (atop elevator platform, outside grand tower)
0196 - Scande (atop elevator platform, outside grand tower)
0197 - Scande (atop elevator platform, outside grand tower)
0198 - Scande Tower (outside throne room)
0199 - Scande Tower (small room where Sara takes the keys)
019A - Overworld (outside Pagoda)
019B - Pagoda (2F)
019C - Pagoda (passageway where you meet Sara)
019D - Pagoda (3F; stuck in empty space)
019E - Pagoda (unknown area; stuck in a wall)
019F - Pagoda (3F; on bridge)
01A0 - Obelisk (moving platform area; stuck out in space)
01A1 - Spyre (lower tunnel)
01A2 - Overworld (outside Spyre)
01A3 - Overworld (outside Spyre)
01A4 - Overworld (outside Spyre)
01A5 - Overworld (outside Spyre)
01A6 - Overworld (outside Spyre)
01A7 - Overworld (outside Spyre)
01A8 - Spyre (space floor)
01A9 - Ending cutscene (message from Tyr, small explosion, and then nothing happens. You can
       move around, but can't see your characters. Wandering too far restarts the scene.)
01AA - Obelisk (moving platform maze)
01AB - Obelisk (moving platform maze; same as above, but in a different spot)
01AC - Obelisk (cave just beyond Goda fight)
01AD - Obelisk (tunnel where Goda is encountered)
01AE - Obelisk (ledge with four moving platforms; stuck on one of them and the game hangs)
01AF - Obelisk (mechanical "heart" room)
01B0 - Obelisk (same as 1AE, except you can move around in space, but can't reach the ledges)
01B1 - Obelisk (throne room)
01B2 - Obelisk (Tyr's area; moving platforms work, but are a bit glitchy)
01B3 - Obelisk (outside main entrance) 
01B4 - Overworld (near cliffside Dragon Seal southwest of Gust)
01B5 - Tock (top floor, near chest)
01B6 - Strange featureless double-scrolling space area
01B7 - Winlan Cave (lower floor, near west exit)
01B8 - Mogu's Village (outside inn)
01B9 - Mogu's Village (outside left house)
01BA - Mogu's Village (outside center house)
01BB - Mogu's Village (outside right house)
01BC - Tunlan (outside palace)
01BD - Weapon Collectors' Tent (outside tent, trapped behind old man)
01BE - Drogen (outside elder's house)
01BF - Scande (outside far left house on second level)
01C0 - Tunlan (outside mall)
01C1 - Tunlan (outside item shop)
01C2 - Tunlan (outside lower central house)
01C3 - Tunlan (outside weapon shop)
01C4 - Tunlan (outside inn)
01C5 - Tunlan (outside palace)
01C6 - Tunlan (outside extreme upper left house)
01C7 - Tunlan (outside house left of upper staircase)
01C8 - Tunlan (outside house right of upper staircase)
01C9 - Tunlan (outside extreme upper right house)
01CA - Tunlan (outside palace)
01CB - Gramor (outside upper left house)
01CC - Gramor (outside upper right house)
01CD - Gramor (outside lower left house)
01CE - Gramor (outside lower central house)
01CF - Gramor (outside Dragon Shrine)
01D0 - Overworld (outside tunnel southwest of Bleak)
01D1 - (Blackout)
01D2 - Overworld (outside north desert tunnel)
01D3 - Overworld (outside tunnel south of Gramor)
01D4 - Overworld (outside tunnel east of Spring)
01D5 - Overworld (edge of the road north of Cerl's castle)
01D6 - (Blackout)
01D7 - Overworld (same as 1D5, but a little further south)
01D8 - Overworld (outside tunnel north of Carmen)
01D9 - Spring (outside waterfall cave)
01DA - Agua (outside shrine at the top)
01DB - Agua (outside shrine at the top)
01DC - Agua (outside shrine at the top)
01DD - Agua (outside shrine at the top)
01DE - Spyre (deepest tunnels, left side)
01DF - Nightmare World 2 (outside cave to Mote's Tower)
01E0 - Scande (outside house left of staircase on second level)
01E1 - Scande (outside house left of staircase on first level)
01E2 - Scande (outside Obelisk mining tunnel)
01E3 - Scande (outside inn)
01E4 - Scande (outside Dragon Shrine)
01E5 - Romero (outside upper right tall house)
01E6 - Scande (outside Obelisk mining tunnel)
01E7 - Weapon Collectors' House (outside house, trapped behind old woman)
01E8 - Tunlan (outside Dragon Shrine)
01E9 - Wisdon (outside Dragon Shrine)
01EA - Obelisk (mechanical "heart" room)
01EB - Obelisk (mechanical "heart" room)
01EC - Obelisk (mechanical "heart" room)
01ED - Obelisk (invisible space maze)
01EE - Overworld (near cliffside Dragon Seal north of Auria)
01EF - Overworld (near cliffside Dragon Seal east of Carmen)
01F0 - (Blackout)
01F1 - (Blackout)
01F2 - ''Very'' glitchy unknown house; can walk through some objects, stairs don't function, and
       exits to the Romero weapon shop.
01F3 - (Blackout)
01F4 - Black screen; move in any direction to exit to the Camlon inn
01F5 - (Blackout)
01F6 - (Blackout)
01F7 - (Blackout)
01F8 - Overworld (stuck in the ocean near a glitchy, non-existant landmass)
01F9 - Overworld (stuck in the ocean near a glitchy, non-existant landmass)
01FA - Gant (item shop? Hangs game)
01FB - Overworld (stuck in the ocean near a glitchy, non-existant landmass)
01FC - (Blackout)
01FD - Strange ruins (appears to be the same as 0070)
01FE - Overworld (stuck in the ocean near a glitchy, non-existant landmass)
01FF - (Blackout)

Item Values

First name is US version, second is Japanese version.

00: 70G / 70 Zenny
01: 150GP / 150 Zenny
02: 300GP / 300 Zenny
03: 650GP / 650 Zenny
04: 900GP / 900 Zenny
05: 1200GP / 1200 Zenny
06: 2000GP / 2000 Zenny
07: 3000GP / 3000 Zenny
08: Herb (やくそう)
09: Cure / リフルエキス - Rifuru Extract 
0A: Antdt (どくけし)
0B: Acorn / ちりょくのみ - Intelligence Fruit
0C: M-Drop / Moon Drop
0D: T-Drop / ベムのなみだ - Tears of Bemu (?)
0E: Charm / おふだ - Ofuda (Japanese Spell Tag)
0F: Life2 / ばんのうやく - Panacea
10: Mrbl1 / かいしんたん
11: Mrbl2 / かいしんせき
12: Mrbl3 / まもりけむり - Protection Smoke
13: Whskrs / はずれ - Missing
14: Worm (みみず)
15: Worm2 / ごかい
16: Shrimp (えび)
17: Urchin (うに)
18: Shell (さざえ)
19: Apple (りんご)
1A: ProtnA / パロテイン - Parotein
1B: Antler / しかのつの - Deer Horn
1C: WMeat / やきとり - Yakitori
1D: Life / きつけやく
1E: Nails / はずれ - Missing
1F: Meat / げんしにく - Raw Meat
20: B-Stn / サンダーストーン - Thunder Stone
21: F-Stn / ファイアストーン - Fire Stone
22: C-Stn / つめたいいし - Cold Stone
23: Smoke / えんまく - Smokescreen
24: DkKiss / だてんしのキス - Fallen Angel Kiss
25: Cure2 / リフラルエキス - Rifural Extract
26: ProtnB / アブナイくすり - Dangerous Drug
27: Sash / ゆうきのベルト - Courage Belt
28: W-Ptn / みそのもと - Raw Miso ["MisoSoup" in BoF2]
29: S-Ptn / ぶしんのたましい - Soul of Buddha
2A: HrGlas (すなとけい)
2B: ExpBug / はずれ - Missing
2C: Slab / こけむすせきばん - Mossy Tablet
2D: Lifter / とうぞくのうで - Thief's Arm
2E: E-Key / だいちのかぎ - Earth Key
2F: ClnWtr / やすらぎのみず - Water of Peace
30: Coach / まほうのばしゃ - Magical Coach
31: Clog / そっこうのくつ - Haste Shoes
32: A-Ptn / すばやくそう - Speed Herbs [portmonteau of "すばやさ" and "やくそう"]
33: L-Ptn / ラッきのえだ - Lucky Branch [probably some sort of pun]
34: V-Ptn / スタミナのもと - Stamina Source
35: DrSoul / りゅうのたましい - Dragon Soul