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Notes:Family Feud (NES)

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This page contains notes for the game Family Feud (NES).

Screen List

The function that loads the screens is found at address A307. To load an arbitrary screen, put a breakpoint there and change the value of Register A.

Screen 00: Copyright screen
Screen 01: Title screen
Screen 02: Answer board
Screen 03: Fast Money board
Screen 04: Name Entry screen
Screen 05: Number of Players menu
Screen 06: Zoomed-out board
Screen 07: Two podiums
Screen 08: Host podium
Screen 09: Host podium
Screen 0A: Host podium
Screen 0B: Victory Screen
Screen 0C: LEAVE the Show
Screen 0D: Podium with name in squashed font
Screen 0E: Podium with name in squashed font
Screen 0F: Family Obligations
Screen 10: Tax Considerations
Screen 11: Birth in Family
Screen 12: Try Again screen
Screen 13: Easter Egg