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Family Feud (NES)

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Title Screen

Family Feud

Developer: Beam Software
Publisher: GameTek
Platform: NES
Released in US: May 1991

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Survey Said: It's the NES Family Feud, where Root Beer is Birch Beer and a Refrigerator is an Icebox.

Unfortunately, you must l e a v e this wiki.

Easter Egg

There are normally 19 possible screens that the game can load, but attempting to load the 20th (0x13) will result in this odd drawing and message.

Knock Me Down! Mr Swanky Says: Beer!

Game Genie code LPLKYY will replace the title screen with this one.

Placeholder Text

Whenever the game loads the survey board, it always loads this preset dummy text before drawing the actual content for the board.

Family Feud NES Answer Board.png