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Family Feud (3DO)

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Title Screen

Family Feud

Developer: Eurocom[1]
Publisher: GameTek[1]
Platform: 3DO
Released in US: May 6, 1994[1]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

The 3DO Family Feud is the first version to have a voiced host, albeit not Ray Combs (the then-current host) or Richard Dawson (who would return to Feud that Fall) - instead, the credits list Ron Beuhrer as doing the voiceovers with Wal Foster as the visual host via digitized footage.

It's also one of the few versions to adapt the Bullseye round.

Unused Graphics

Early Final
Not 100% TV-accurate, but pretty close! This is the *real* early image, right? ...Right?

FEUD\FEUDSET\SET\studio.old.cel is an early version of the main set background (studio.cel), with a number of differences:

  • The survey board's score displays are blank, matching the TV show.
  • The survey board has white dots (light bulbs) present around the inside perimeter and around the score displays, with a solid blue elsewhere. The board's border is also a bit thicker.
  • The "FAMILY FEUD" logo on the Fast Money display is, barring the M, much more accurate to the show. A very similar-looking iteration is used in the Windows version that was released around the same time.
  • The families' backdrops are brighter.
  • The families' podiums match those used on the TV show, minus the arrows on the bank displays (green instead of the show's actual yellow). The final's podiums more closely resemble those of the SNES and Genesis versions.
  • The Face-Off Podium has a cleaner outline, and its microphones resemble those on the families' podiums.
  • The steps at the back of the set are gray.
  • The yellow portion of the carpeting is a bit brighter.
  • The camera angle is slightly different, enough that the studio floor does not reflect the top of the Face-Off Podium.
  • The studio floor's reflection of the set is more accurate and cleaner-looking. The bottom third or so of the final's reflection looks rather sloppily edited.

Unused Music

FEUD\AAOP_MUSIC\SONG.aif44100 is an unused variation of the theme song.