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Notes:Grand Prix Manager 2

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This page contains notes for the game Grand Prix Manager 2.

List of news headlines

When the news cheat is used, the default strings are:

  • [driver name] is Michael Schumacher
  • [team name] is Ligier
  • [engine maker] is Renault
  • [season] is 1996
  • [#] is 1
  • [team 2 name] is Williams
  • [part name] is Cooling System
  • [team principal] is taken from Ligier's, which is by default Bruno Michels.
New Rules For ' [season]
[driver name] Unhappy At Lack of Success
[driver name] Scores First Points
First Career Win for [driver name]
[driver name] Wins At Last!
[driver name] Has Won The Last [#] Races
[team name] Head The Championship
[team name] Are Running Short of Money
[driver name] Wins The Championship
[driver name] Wins First Championship
[team name] Wins The Title!
[team name] Wins First Title!
[team name] Struggling This Season
[team name] Doing Better This Season
FIA Find [team name] Guilty!
[driver name] Fails to Turn Pole Position Into Points
Dominant Win For [driver name]
One Two for [team name]
First Pole For [driver name]
[driver name] Injured Will Miss [#] Races
[team principal] Succeds at [team name]
[team name] Sacks [team principal]
[team name] Bankrupt!
[team principal] Retires!
Teams Are Getting Ready For The First Race
[team name] Ecstatic!
[team name] Satisified
[team name] Despondent
Developments In Tyre Technology
[driver name] Retires!
Thief Caught!
Attempted Break In At [team name]!
[team name] Arrives!
[team name] Bankrupt!
[team name] Do Technology Deal With [team 2 name]
Technology Goes Missing At [team name]
[team name] Fined $[#],000 For Trespassing
[team name] Members Caught Inside [team 2 name]
Story 0 not implemented!
FIA Survey Finds Security Firms Improving
FIA Survey Finds Security Firms Offering Poor Service
[team name] Lose [part name] Technology - Security Breach Blamed
FIA Change Rules Mid Season
FIA Change Rules for [season+1]
FIA Alter Venues of Races
Nearly first win for [driver name]
[driver name] Despondent At Lack Of Success
[driver name] Scores First Career Points
First Win This Season For [driver name]
[driver name] Plans to Leave [team name]
[driver name] Joins [team name]

"Story 0 not implemented!" is, obiviously, unused.