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Notes:Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PlayStation)

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This page contains notes for the game Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PlayStation).

Map File List

These files are located within POTTER.DAT, the filenames, offsets and sizes are stored in POTTER.DIR.

Filename Internal name
T0I0M999.WAD "Default new map"
T1I0M000.WAD "Default new map"
T1I0M001.WAD "Default new map"
T1I0M002.WAD "Default new map"
T1I0M004.WAD "Default new map"
T1L1M000.WAD "Credits"
T1L1M001.WAD "111 Secret Hogwarts"
T1L1M002.WAD "112 Evade to Hagrid's"
T1L1M003.WAD "113 Flying Car Track 1"
T1L1M004.WAD "114 Flying Car Track 2"
T1L1M005.WAD "115 Whomping Willow"
T1L1M006.WAD "142common room"
T1L1M007.WAD "Storyteller Room"
T1L1M008.WAD "118Founderduelrooms"
T1L1M009.WAD "119common room"
T1L2M001.WAD "The Burrow"
T1L2M002.WAD "122 Strut Secret"
T1L2M003.WAD "Ghoul In The Attic"
T1L2M004.WAD "De Gnoming!"
T1L2M005.WAD "125 New Grounds Secret"
T1L2M006.WAD "Floo Powder"
T1L2M007.WAD "The Burrow part 2"
T1L2M008.WAD "The Burrow part 3 - washing mach"
T1L2M009.WAD "the burrow part 4 - river, bridg"
T1L3M000.WAD "Quidditch Cup vs. Slytherin"
T1L3M001.WAD "131 Diagon Alley"
T1L3M002.WAD "132 Magical Menagerie"
T1L3M003.WAD "133 Leeches"
T1L3M004.WAD "E3 Hogwarts"
T1L3M005.WAD "QuidditchCup v Hufflepuff"
T1L3M006.WAD "Quidditch Cup vs. Ravenclaw"
T1L3M007.WAD "Quidditch Cup vs. Slytherin"
T1L3M008.WAD "Quidditch Cup vs. Hufflepuff"
T1L3M009.WAD "Quidditch Cup vs. Ravenclaw"
T1L4M001.WAD "141LowerCastleHub"
T1L4M002.WAD "142common room"
T1L4M003.WAD "The Great Hall"
T1L4M004.WAD "144 Love Dwarfs"
T1L4M005.WAD "141LowerB"
T1L4M007.WAD "147Lockhartcorridor"
T1L4M008.WAD "148Library"
T1L5M001.WAD "151UpperCastleHub"
T1L5M002.WAD "152BonusMap"
T1L5M004.WAD "Basilisk Boss"
T1L5M005.WAD "149myrtlethrow"
T1L5M006.WAD "156girlstoilets"
T1L5M007.WAD "157ToiletSteer"
T1L5M008.WAD "158LockhartDuel"
T1L5M009.WAD "159CorridorOfSecrets"
T1L6M002.WAD "162racetodada"
T1L6M003.WAD "163 - DADA Spell Lesson"
T1L6M004.WAD "164 Football Secret"
T1L6M005.WAD "165Potions"
T1L6M006.WAD "166deathdaydungeon"
T1L6M007.WAD "167peevesfight"
T1L6M008.WAD "168 Slytherin Chase"
T1L6M009.WAD "169Secret"
T1L7M001.WAD "171GroundsHub"
T1L7M002.WAD "Race to Herbology"
T1L7M003.WAD "173 Herbology"
T1L7M004.WAD "174 More Secret Hogwarts"
T1L7M005.WAD "175 - Quidditch Training CS Vers"
T1L7M006.WAD "176 Slug Chase"
T1L7M007.WAD "177Mandrake"
T1L8M001.WAD "181 Hagrid Hut Hub"
T1L8M002.WAD "Slug Game"
T1L8M003.WAD "Hagrid's Pumpkin Patch De-gnomin"
T1L8M005.WAD "The Dark Forest"
T1L8M006.WAD "Aragog (new design)"
T1L8M007.WAD "181 Hagrid Hut Hub"
T1L8M008.WAD "115CastleGroundsExtra (Winter)"
T1L9M001.WAD "191Quidditch Chase"
T1L9M003.WAD "Default new map"
T1L9M004.WAD "Malfoy Duel & Summon Snake"
T1L9M005.WAD "Ravenclaw Forest duel"
T1L9M006.WAD "Ron Duel"
T1L9M007.WAD "Hufflepuff Duel"
T1L9M008.WAD "Burrows duel"