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Notes:Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

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This page contains notes for the game Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
Make the page more pretty.
  • Figure out all the Rooms and Doors for each World.
    • That includes the Japanese names.
  • Joker (on/off) codes.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (NTSC-J)

Room Modifier

_C0 Room Modifier
_L 0x20355A30 0x00ZZYYXX

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (NTSC-U)

Room Modifier

_C0 Room Modifier
_L 0x20361CA0 0x00ZZYYXX

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PAL)

Room Modifier

_C0 Room Modifier
_L 0x20361CE0 0x00ZZYYXX

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep FINAL MIX (NTSC-J)

Room Modifier

_C0 Room Modifier
_L 0x10347AC0 0x00ZZYYXX

XX = World
YY = Room
ZZ = Door
* = initial Japanese exclusive map
** = FINAL MIX exclusive map
01 The Land of Departure
02 Dwarf Woodlands
03 Castle of Dreams
04 Enchanted Dominion
05 The Mysterious Tower
06 Radiant Garden
08 Olympus Coliseum
09 Deep Space
0A Destiny Islands
0B Neverland
0C Disney Town
0D Keyblade Graveyard
0E ? ? ? (Deleted)
0F Mirage Arena
10 Command Board
11 World Map
12 The Hundred Acre Wood (Deleted)
13 The Badlands (Deleted)
14 x (Deleted)
15 x (Deleted)
16 x (Deleted)
17 Jump Festa (sw10) (Deleted)

The Land of Departure
01 Forecourt (Day)
02 Great Hall (Battle, Cutscene)
03 Ventus's Room (Day)
04 Ventus's Room (Night)
05 Mountain Path
06 Summit (Night)
07 Forecourt (Night)
08 Forecourt (Ruins)
09 Great Hall (Ruins)
?? Summit Ruins
0B Chamber of Waking (Cutscene)
0C Castle Oblivion
0D Character Selection
0E Forecourt Ruins
0F Mountain Path (Ruins)
10 Summit (Ruins)

Dwarf Woodlands
01 Mine Entrance
02 The Mine
03 Vault
04 Magic Mirror Chamber
05 Underground Waterway
06 Courtyard
07 Flower Glade
08 Deep Woods
09 Inside the Mirror (Boss)
0A Cottage Clearing
0B The Cottage
0C Mountain Trail

Castle of Dreams
01 Cinderella's Room
02 Mousehole
03 Wardrobe Room
04 Entrance (Cutscene)
05 The Chateau
06 Forest
07 Palace Courtyard
08 Corridor
09 Ballroom
0A Foyer
0B Passage
0C Antechamber
0D Wardrobe Room
0E Mousehole
0F Wardrobe Room

Enchanted Dominion
01 Dungeon Cell
02 Gates
03 Maleficent's Throne
04 Dungeon
05 Hall
06 Forbidden Mountain
07 Waterside
08 Forest Clearing
09 Bridge
0A Bridge (Thorns)
0B Audience Chamber
0C Audience Chamber
0D RESERVED (Deleted)*
0E Hallway
0F Aurora's Chamber
10 Tower Room
11 Hall
12 Aurora's Chamber
13 Hall
14 Hall
15 Hall
16 Hall
17 Hall
18 Hall
19 Hall
1A Hall
1B Hall
1C Hall
1D Hall
1E Hall
1F Hall
20 Hall
21 Hall
22 Hall
23 Hall
24 Hall
25 Hall
26 Hall
27 Gates

The Mysterious Tower
01 Sorcerer's Chamber
02 Mysterious Tower
03 Tower Entrance
04 Sorcerer's Chamber

Radiant Garden
01 Outer Gardens
02 Entryway
03 Central Square
04 Aqueduct
05 Castle Town
06 Reactor
07 Fountain Court
08 Merlin's House
09 Gardens
0A Front Doors
0B Purification Facility
0C Outer Gardens
0D Central Square (Dark Clouds)
0E Central Square (Terra Xehanort Battle)

01 Louie's Ruins Court (Deleted)*
02 Louie's Ruins Path (Deleted)*
03 Crossroad (Deleted)*
04 UG Ruins Entrance (Deleted)*
05 UG Ruins Passage 1 (Deleted)*
06 UG Ruins Passage 2 (Deleted)*
07 UG Courtyard (Deleted)*
08 Jungle Near Ruins (Deleted)*
09 Eminence (Deleted)*
0A Jungle (Deleted)*
0B Man-Village River (Deleted)*
0C Bog (Deleted)*
14 **
15 **
16 **
17 **
18 **
32 Lanes Between
33 BLANK (Deleted)*
34 Realm of Darkness

Olympus Coliseum
01 Coliseum Gates
02 Vestibule
03 West Bracket
04 East Bracket
05 Town Near Thebes
06 East Bracket (Night)

Deep Space
01 Turo Prison Block
02 Turo Transporter
03 Durgon Transporter
04 Ship Corridor
05 Control Room
06 Containment Pod
07 Ship Hub
08 Machinery Bay
09 Launch Deck
0A Ship Exterior
0B Outer Space
0C Ship Corridor
0D Lanes Between
0E Machinery Bay Access

Destiny Islands
01 Island Beach (Day)
02 Island Beach (Sunset)
03 Island Beach (Night)
04 Main Island Beach

01 Cove
02 Cliff Path
03 Mermaid Lagoon
04 Seacoast
05 Jungle Clearing
06 Peter's Hideout
07 Gully
08 Indian Camp
09 Rainbow Falls: Base
0A Rainbow Falls: Ascent
0B Rainbow Falls: Crest
0C Skull Rock: Entrance
0D Skull Rock: Cavern
0E Night Sky

Disney Town
01 Library
02 Main Plaza
03 Fruitball Court
04 Racecourse A
05 Raceway
06 Gizmo Gallery
07 Pete's Rec Room
08 Racecourse B
09 Racecourse C
0A Racecourse D
0B Lanes Between
0C Raceway Registration
0D Ice Cream
0E Fruitball
?? Race: Castle Course

Keyblade Graveyard
01 Badlands
02 Seat of War
03 Twister Trench
04 Eye of the Storm
05 Eye of the Storm
06 Eye of the Storm
07 Fissure
08 Keyblade Graveyard
09 Keyblade Graveyard
0A Keyblade Graveyard
0B Will's Cage
0C Keyblade Graveyard
32 Ventus's Mind
33 Ventus's Mind
34 Ventus's Mind
35 Sora's Mind
36 Terra-Xehanort's Mind
37 Keyblade Graveyard
38 Badlands

? ? ? (Deleted)

Mirage Arena
01 Hub
02 Coliseum
03 Arena
04 Badlands
05 Pinball
06 Ship Hub
07 Mousehole
08 Forest
09 Skull Rock
0A Audience Chamber
0B Forecourt
0C Summit
0D Launch Deck
0E Ship Exterior
0F Arena 

Command Board
01 Land of Departure BG
03 Cinderella BG
09 Lilo & Stitch BG
0B Peter Pan BG
0C Disney Castle BG
12 Winnie the Pooh BG
13 Peter Pan BG

World Map
01 wm01

The Hundred-Acre Wood (Deleted)

The Badlands (Deleted)

x (Deleted)

x (Deleted)

x (Deleted)

Jump Festa (sw10) (Deleted)
01 Jump Festa (cd07) (Deleted)
02 Jump Festa (cd09) (Deleted)
03 Jump Festa (sb10) (Deleted)
0A The Town (Deleted)
0B Poly. Partition Test (Deleted)