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Notes:Kingdom Hearts II

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This page contains notes for the game Kingdom Hearts II.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
Make the page more pretty.
  • This code is really quirky, figure out which rooms is best to enter for these.
  • Figure out all the Rooms for each World.
  • Add codes for other versions/regions.

Kingdom Hearts II (NTSC-U)

Note: The following codes are best used in the Hall of the Cornerstone in Disney Castle while going to the Audience Chamber or else you might get stuck.

Room Modifier (Hold R2 while loading a map)

E001FDFF 0035B55C
1033E830 0000RRWW
WW = World
RR = Room
01 = World of Darkness
02 = Twilight Town
03 = Destiny Islands
04 = Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden
05 = Beast's Castle
06 = Olympus Coliseum
07 = Agrabah
08 = Land of Dragons
09 = 100 Acre Wood
0A = Pride Lands
0B = Atlantica
0C = Disney Castle
0D = Timeless River
0F = World Map
10 = Port Royal
11 = Space Paranoids
12 = The World That Never Was
00 = First Room/Map of World

World of Darkness
00 The Dark Margin
01 loop demo

Twilight Town
00 The Empty Realm
01 Roxas' Room (Cutscene)
02 The Usual Spot
03 Back Alley
04 Sandlot
05 Sandlot (Struggle Tournament)
06 Market Street Station Heights
07 Market Street Tram Common
08 Station Plaza
09 Central Station
0A Sunset Terrace
0B Sunset Station
0C Sunset Hill
0D The Woods
0E The Old Mansion (Gate Unlocked)
0F Mansion Foyer
10 Mansion Dining Room
11 Mansion Library
12 Mansion The White Room
13 Mansion Basement Hall
14 Mansion Basement Hall (Axel's Ring of Fire)
15 Mansion Computer Room
16 Mansion Basement Corridor
17 Mansion Pod Room
18 On The Train (Cutscene)
19 The Tower
1A Tower ~Entryway~
1B Tower ~Sorcerer's Loft~
1C Tower ~Wardrobe~
1D Tower ~Star Chamber~
1E Tower ~Moon Chamber~
1F Tower ~Wayward Stairs~ (1st)
20 Station of Serenity
21 Station of Calling
22 Station of Awakening (Boss)
23 The Mysterial Train (Cutscene)
24 Tunnelway
25 Underground Concourse
26 Tower ~Wayward Stairs~ (2nd)
27 Tower ~Wayward Stairs~ (3rd)
28 Betwixt & Between
29 The Old Mansion (Boss, Menu Font)

Destiny Islands
00 Beach (Secret Place)
01 Main Island: Ocean's Road
02 Main Island: Shore

Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden
00 Villain's Vale (Cutscene)
01 The Dark Depths (Heartless Army)
02 The Great Maw
03 Crystal Fissure
04 Castle Gate
05 Ansem's Study
06 Postern
07 Restoration Site (Before Destruction)
08 Bailey (Before Destruction)
09 Borough
0A Marketplace
0B Corridors
0C Heartless Manufactory
0D Merlin's House
0E Castle Oblivion
0F Ansem's Study (Cutscene)
10 Ravine Trail
11 The Great Maw (1000 Heartless)
12 Restoration Site (After Destruction)
13 Bailey (After Destruction)
14 Corridors (Nobodies and Heartless Fighting)

Beast's Castle
00 Entrance Hall
01 Parlor
02 Belle's Room
03 The Beast's Room
04 Ballroom
05 Ballroom Hollow Bastion (Boss)
06 Courtyard
07 The East Wing
08 The West Hall
09 The West Wing
0A Dungeon
0B Undercroft
0C Secret Passage
0D Bridge
0E Ballroom (Cutscene, Japanese Logo)
0F Bridge (Boss, Menu Font)

Olympus Coliseum
00 The Coliseum (Minigame)
01 Coliseum Gates (Minigame)
02 Coliseum Gates
03 Underworld Entrance
04 Coliseum Foyer
05 Valley of the Dead
06 Hades' Chamber
07 Cave of the Dead Entrance
08 Well of Captivity (Boss)
09 The Underdrome
0A Cave of the Dead Inner Chamber
0B Underworld Caverns: Entrance
0C The Lock
0D The Underdrome
0E Coliseum Gates (Cutscene, Night)
0F Cave of the Dead Passage
10 Underworld Caverns: The Lost Road
11 Underworld Caverns: Atrium
12 Coliseum Gates (Boss, Menu Font)
13 The Underdrome (Menu Font)

00 Agrabah
01 Bazaar
02 The Peddler's Shop (Poor)
03 The Palace
04 Vault (Cutscene)
05 Above Agrabah (Boss)
06 Palace Walls
07 The Cave of Wonders Entrance
09 The Cave of Wonders Stone Guardians
0A The Cave of Wonders Treasure Room
0B Ruined Chamber
0C The Cave of Wonders Valley of Stone
0D The Cave of Wonders Chasm of Challenges
0E Sandswept Ruins
0F The Peddler's Shop (Rich)

The Land of Dragons
00 Bamboo Grove
01 Encampment
02 Checkpoint
03 Mountain Trail
04 Village
05 Village Cave
06 Ridge
07 Summit
08 Imperial Square
09 Palace Gate
0A Antechamber
0B Throne Room
0C Village (Ruins)

100 Acre Wood
00 The Hundred Acre Wood
01 Starry Hill
02 Pooh Bears House
03 Rabbits House
04 Piglets House
05 Kangas House
06 The Day of a Wind (Minigame)
07 Eye The Collection of Honey (Minigame)
08 Flower Fence Valley (Minigame)
09 The Spookey Cave

Pride Lands
00 Pride Rock
01 Stone Hollow
02 The King's Den
03 Wildebeest Valley
04 The Savannah
05 Elephant Graveyard
06 Gorge
07 Wastelands
08 Jungle
09 Oasis
0A Pride Rock (Cutscene)
0B Oasis (Cutscene)
0C Overlook (Cutscene)
0D Peak
0E Scar's Darkness
0F The Savannah (Cutscene, Menu Font)
10 Wildebeest Valley (Cutscene, Menu Font)

00 Triton's Throne
01 Hiding Place (Minigame)
02 Undersea Courtyard
03 Submarine Open Space (Minigame)
04 The Performance Hall (Minigame)
05 Sunken Ship
06 Wrath of the Sea (Minigame)
07 Seashore (Cutscene, Night)
08 Seashore (Cutscene, Dusk)
09 Wrath of the Sea (Ursula, Minigame)
0A D (Cutscene, Wedding Ship)

Disney Castle
00 Audience Chamber
01 Library
02 Colonnade
03 Courtyard
04 The Hall of the Cornerstone (Thorns)
05 The Hall of the Cornerstone
06 Gummi Hangar

Timeless River
00 Cornerstone Hill
01 Pier
02 Waterway
03 Wharf
04 Lilliput
05 Building Site
06 Scene of the Fire
07 Mickey's House
08 Villain's Vale (Cutscene)

Halloween Town
00 Halloween Town Square
01 Dr. Finkelstein's Lab
02 Graveyard
03 Curly Hill
04 Hinterlands
05 Yuletide Hill
06 Candy Cane Lane
07 Christmas Tree Plaza
08 Santa's House
09 Toy Factory: Shipping and Receiving
0A Toy Factory: The Wrapping Room

World Map
00 World Map

Port Royal
00 Rampart
01 Harbor
02 Town
03 The Interceptor (Ship's Hold is blocked off)
04 The Interceptor Ship's Hold
05 The Black Pearl (Interceptor next to it)
06 The Black Pearl Captain's Stateroom
07 The Interceptor (No Exits)
08 Isla De Muerta Rock Face (w/ Interceptor)
09 Isla De Muerta Cave Mouth (Can't go to ship)
0A Isla De Muerta Treasure Heap
0B Ship Graveyard The Interceptor's Hold
0C Isla De Muerta Powder Store
0D Isla De Muerta Moonlight Nook
0E Ship Graveyard Seadrift Keep
0F Ship Graveyard Seadrift Row
10 Isla De Muerta Rock Face (w/ Black Pearl)
11 Isla De Muerta Treasure Heap (Cutscene, Menu Font)
12 The Black Pearl (Menu Font, Lower Part of Deck)
13 The Black Pearl (Menu Font, At Helm)
14 The Black Pearl (Menu Font)
15 The Interceptor (Menu Font, Ship's Hold is blocked off)
16 The Interceptor (Menu Font, At Helm and Ship's Hold is blocked off)
17 The Black Pearl: Captain's Stateroom (Cutscene, Menu Font)
18 Harbor (Cutscene, Menu Font)
19 Isla De Muerta: Rock Face (Cutscene, Menu Font)

Space Paranoids
00 Pit Cell
01 Canyon
02 Game Grid
03 Dataspace
04 I/O Tower Hallway
05 I/O Tower Communications Room
06 Simulation Hangar
07 Solar Sailer Simulation
08 Central Computer Mesa
09 Central Computer Core
0A Solar Sailer Simulation (Simulation Hangar)
0B Solar Sailer Simulation (Central Computer Mesa)

The World That Never Was
00 Where Nothing Gathers (Cutscene)
01 Alley to Between
02 Fragment Crossing
03 Memory's Skyscraper
04 The Brink of Despair
05 The Soundless Prison (Cutscene)
06 Nothing's Call
07 Crooked Ascension
08 Crooked Ascension
09 Twilight's View
0A Hall of Empty Melodies
0B Hall of Empty Melodies
0C Naught's Skyway
0D Proof of Existence
0E Havoc's Divide
0F Addled Impasse
10 Naught's Approach
11 Ruin and Creation's Passage
12 The Altar of Naught
13 Memory's Contortion
14 The World of Nothing (Final Boss Room)
15 Station of Awakening (Cutscene)
16 The World of Nothing (Xemnas' Dragon Boss)
17 The World of Nothing (Chair Xemnas 2 Boss)
18 The World of Nothing (Menu Font, Chair Xemnas 1's Throne)
19 The World of Nothing (Dragon's Core, Menu Font)
1A The World of Nothing (Dragon's Laser Barrels Exploding, Menu Font)
1B The World of Nothing (Cutscene, Menu Font, Path to Xemnas' Dragon)
1C The World of Nothing (Cutscene, Menu Font, Path to Xemnas' Dragon 2)
1D The World of Nothing (Altar of Naught, Cutscene, Menu Font, No Kingdom Hearts)