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Notes:Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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This page contains notes for the game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

OGF Database UT-009
(Planet Urtraghus) 
Additional data filed into database

Until a while ago the Urtraghus was noted as Planet SN-883, an inconspicuous world far away from the federal space border. We now know that a large armed force of space pirates is stationed there. The pirates call that planet Urtraghus, which means "large booty". First scans were blocked by highly developed jamming technology. We are currently awaiting a report by GF agents who have been sent to that sector.

NGF Database BY-134
(Base on Bryyo)
Additional data filed into database

The decision of the federation to establish a military presence on the Bryyo is not very old. The valuable burning gel resources required protection against pirates of this section. Additionally, it was important to research the ancient ruin complexes and relics of the planet. In total, the federal troops on the Bryyo are backed off to avoid confrontation with the technology despising Reptilicus.

 OGF Database AE-068
(Aurora units)
Additional data filed into database

20 years ago, a research group of the federation announced the development of an organic supercomputer. Its name: Aurora. Since this historic day, thousands of Auroras have been constructed and deployed. Originally intended for research purposes, they also perform administration, economy and military tasks. Depending on the area and requirement profile, an Aurora unit is assigned a male, female or neuter persona. An extensive network connects all Auroras, which provides them a huge unique database.

IGF Database SA-003
(Samus Aran)
Additional data filed into database

Object is a "bounty hunter", who has a notable grade of recognition in the entire cosmos. She was involved in many incidents with space pirates and the parasitic life forms known as Metroids. Suit system and weapon arsenal are based on modified Chozo technology, the exact connection to the Chozo requires further investigation. It's known that Samus Aran is very hostile to the pirates, which is definitely mutual.

Space Pirate data decoded.
Additional data filed into database

The grimness of our leader is high. Many novices had to experience her anger since the Urtraghus fell. But despite our loss, her confidence is unbroken. Soon, the next phase of her campaign against the federation will be in effect.

The Aurora performed the last calculations. Our leader is prepared to strike. Soon, Phaaze will seed a large number of Phazon germs. They will feel hundreds of federated worlds. This strike may be the out for Phaaze, but the leader has no worries. Because hundreds of living Phazon worlds will replace him.

YGF Database JG-015
Stiletto-class fighter
Additional data filed into database

As the newest GF fighter, the Stiletto is used in the entire flotilla and replaces the outdated Cestus-class predecessor. Compared to the Cestus, the Stiletto has double the freight capacity and armor strength, made possible due to a revolutionary new engine system. Only the Hauer class, a superior fighter recently developed by the space pirates, can match up with the Stiletto.

Space Pirate data decoded.
(Return of the fighter)
Additional data filed into database

The news of our spies confirms our worst assumptions - Samus is alive. Even though she is worn out from the Dark Samus, she resists her reputation, where her allies surrendered. Somehow, she remains the master of her will! Like always she stands up to affront us, to challenge us and to try our power.

This time, Samus will not see us fail. Her former brethren are awaiting her. The spirit of the greatest Dark Samus has captured these great fighters, obliterated the lies of the federation and shown them the glory of her reign. Blessed Phazon is now flowing through their arteries, and raising their power by a multitude. Now it's certain, this is the end of Samus Aran!

GF Database SS-202
(Marauder-class battleship)
Additional data filed into database

Only a few pirate clans possess the ability to introduce a ship the size of the Marauders; in reality most of them were overwhelmed with the construction and went bankrupt. Those clans that possess a Marauder can establish their dominance in the pirate hierarchy. Besides heavy armament and armor this ship also has fighters which can support it during operations. A recent expansion makes the Marauders even more powerful, it now burns Phazon instead of burning gel, on top of that the entire weapon technology is based on Phazon. These improvements help the Marauder have a large advantage in combat, even against Olympus-class battleships.

QGF Database AE-313
(Aurora unit 313)
Additional data filed into database

Until its abduction from the G.F.S Valhalla, Aurora unit 313 was in service for twelve years. Existing data allows an assumption that the unit was out of order and may have been involved in the contamination of the Aurora network.

313 has always shown an acceptable performance during her career, but there were some concerns due to its abnormally high aggression potential. As one of few AEs, 313 has been awarded a bravery medal. After the bridge crew fell during the battle of Horus IV, she assumed control of the Valhalla. Without this quick action, the battleship would have been lost.

Galactic Federation, GK-005.
(Large Leviathan-class armed ship)
Additional data filed into database

The pirates converted a "Phazon germ cell" into an enormous armed ship, whose dimensions even surpasses a battleship. This large armed ship is greatly armed and has an outer shell that withstands most weapon systems. It is a living organism; the weapon systems are anchored cybernetically. Like all Phazon germ cells, it has the ability to open wormholes. This opens the ship to the entire cosmos, it can strike anywhere anytime. No other vehicle in space can do that.

The secret service assumes that this colossal organism is the flagship of the pirate armada and stands under the command of the Dark Samus. Only one of these ships have been seen in combat as of yet.

Space Pirate data decoded.
(Urtraghus lost)
Additional data filed into database

The situation is dangerous. The federation and their crazy beast Aran have turned Urtraghus into a flaming rubble field. Our troops have been dispelled and there's no sign of Master Gandrayda. We are fearing that she shares the fate of her fellow commandants... killed by the hands of the hunter.

Secure Bliptrans messages show even worse. The federation has taken control of the flagship of our leader. They have the Leviathan. With its power, they can open a wormhole to any point in space... even to the root of all Phazons. Our spies are reporting that they're preparing an invasion. But we have no fear, because the great leader is among us!

LGF Database ES-212
(Planet Elysia)
Additional data filed into database

Elysia was found eighteen years ago by federal spies. The planet itself is an ordinary gas planet. The network of hovering bases is what makes Elysia so extraordinary. The GF made legal arrangements with the intelligent Mechanoids of the Elysia base; this allows the GF in exchange for fuel and supplies to use the base - which is now called "Sky Town". An aurora unit is controlling the operation because the local conditions are too unfriendly for most life forms.

EGF Database PZ-001
Additional data filed into database

The Phaaze is an organism of gigantic dimensions composed completely of Phazon. The Phaaze circles a small star 361 light years from the federal area. Intelligence suggests that Phaaze itself is intelligent to a degree, the so-called "Phazon germ cells" are created and fired during its reproductive cycles. Many life forms inhabit the Phaaze, including many mutated species of Metroids. The Dark Samus maintains an operation base on the Phaaze and is apparently able to make the Phaaze fire off Phazon germ ceels whenever it wants.

OGF Database AE-242
(Aurora unit 242)
Additional data filed into database

Aurora unit 242 is now in usage for eighteen years. It was constructed at the same time as the G.F.S Olympus. As the AE of the flagship of the 7th flotilla 242 can present a considerable career. With his male persona 242 has a collegial relationship to much of the crew of the Olympus. In the jargon of former crew members, 242 is often called "Other Brain" - something that Admiral Dane frowns upon.

GF Database KR-119
(Looter-class cruiser)
Additional data filed into database

The backbone of the pirate armada, the Looter-class cruiser, are disliked by the federation. Until a short while ago they were regarded as under-armed and weakly armored, complemented by an unwieldy weapon system which made the ships very slow and ineffective in combat. But this has changed now. The pirates replaced the outdated weapon system with new Phazon-based weapon systems. On top of that, a highly effective Phazon engine can now be found in all ships. These upgrades make the ships more than equal foes to the federation's pendants.