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Notes:Pokémon Gold and Silver/Item List

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This is a sub-page of Notes:Pokémon Gold and Silver.
# Name Description
01 MasterBall The best BALL. It never misses.
02 UltraBall A BALL with a high rate of success.
03 Brightpowder Lowers the foe's accuracy. (HOLD)
04 GreatBall A BALL with a de- cent success rate.
05 PokeBall An item for catch- ing POKéMON.
06 Teru-sama  ?
07 Bicycle A collapsible bike for fast movement.
08 MoonStone Evolves certain kinds of POKéMON.
09 Antidote Cures poisoned POKéMON.
0A BurnHeal Heals burned POKéMON.
0B IceHeal Defrosts frozen POKéMON.
0C Awakening Awakens sleeping POKéMON.
0D ParlyzHeal Heals paralyzed POKéMON.
0E FullRestore Fully restores HP & status.
0F MaxPotion Fully restores POKéMON HP.
10 HyperPotion Restores POKéMON HP by 200.
11 SuperPotion Restores POKéMON HP by 50.
12 Potion Restores POKéMON HP by 20.
13 EscapeRope Use for escaping from caves, etc.
14 Repel Repels weak POKéMON for 100 steps.
15 MaxElixer Fully restores the PP of one POKéMON.
16 FireStone Evolves certain kinds of POKéMON.
17 ThunderStone Evolves certain kinds of POKéMON.
18 WaterStone Evolves certain kinds of POKéMON.
19 Teru-sama  ?
1A HPUp Raises the HP of one POKéMON.
1B Protein Raises ATTACK of one POKéMON.
1C Iron Raises DEFENSE of one POKéMON.
1D Carbos Raises SPEED of one POKéMON.
1E LuckyPunch Ups critical hit ratio of CHANSEY.
1F Calcium Ups SPECIAL stats of one POKéMON.
20 RareCandy Raises level of a POKéMON by one.
21 XAccuracy Raises accuracy. (1 BTL)
22 LeafStone Evolves certain kinds of POKéMON.
23 MetalPowder Raises DEFENSE of DITTO. (HOLD)
24 Nugget Made of pure gold. Sell high.
25 PokeDoll Use to escape from a wild POKéMON.
26 FullHeal Eliminates all status problems.
27 Revive Restores a fainted POKéMON to 1/2 HP.
28 MaxRevive Fully restores a fainted POKéMON.
29 GuardSpec Prevents stats reduction. (1 BTL)
2A SuperRepel Repels weak POKéMON for 200 steps.
2B MaxRepel Repels weak POKéMON for 250 steps.
2C DireHit Ups critical hit ratio. (1 BTL)
2D Teru-sama  ?
2E FreshWater Restores POKéMON HP by 50.
2F SodaPop Restores POKéMON HP by 60.
30 Lemonade Restores POKéMON HP by 80.
31 XAttack Raises ATTACK. (1 BTL)
32 Teru-sama  ?
33 XDefend Raises DEFENSE. (1 BTL)
34 XSpeed Raises SPEED. (1 BTL)
35 XSpecial Raises SPECIAL ATTACK. (1 BTL)
36 CoinCase Holds up to 9,999 game coins.
37 Itemfinder Checks for unseen items in the area.
38 Teru-sama  ?
39 ExpShare Shares battle EXP. Points. (HOLD)
3A OldRod Use by water to fish for POKéMON.
3B GoodRod A good ROD for catching POKéMON.
3C SilverLeaf A strange, silver- colored leaf.
3D SuperRod The best ROD for catching POKéMON.
3E PPUp Raises max PP of a selected move.
3F Ether Restores PP of one move by 10.
40 MaxEther Fully restores PP of one move.
41 Elixer Restores PP of all moves by 10.
42 RedScale A scale from the red GYARADOS.
43 SecretPotion Fully heals any POKéMON.
44 SSTicket A ticket for the S.S.AQUA.
45 MysteryEgg An EGG obtained from MR.POKéMON.
46 ClearBell Makes a gentle ringing.
47 SilverWing A strange, silver- colored feather.
48 MoomooMilk Restores POKéMON HP by 100.
49 QuickClaw Raises 1st strike ratio. (HOLD)
4A PsnCureBerry A self-cure for poison. (HOLD)
4B GoldLeaf A strange, gold- colored leaf.
4C SoftSand Powers up ground- type moves. (HOLD)
4D SharpBeak Powers up flying- type moves. (HOLD)
4E PrzCureBerry A self-cure for paralysis. (HOLD)
4F BurntBerry A self-cure for freezing. (HOLD)
50 IceBerry A self-heal for a burn. (HOLD)
51 PoisonBarb Powers up poison- type moves. (HOLD)
52 KingsRock May make the foe flinch. (HOLD)
53 BitterBerry A self-cure for confusion. (HOLD)
54 MintBerry A self-awakening for sleep. (HOLD)
55 RedApricorn A red APRICORN.
56 TinyMushroom An ordinary mush- room. Sell low.
57 BigMushroom A rare mushroom. Sell high.
58 SilverPowder Powers up bug-type moves. (HOLD)
59 BluApricorn A blue APRICORN.
5A Teru-sama  ?
5B AmuletCoin Doubles monetary earnings. (HOLD)
5C YlwApricorn A yellow APRICORN.
5D GrnApricorn A green APRICORN.
5E CleanseTag Helps repel wild POKéMON. (HOLD)
5F MysticWater Powers up water- type moves. (HOLD)
60 TwistedSpoon Powers up psychic- type moves. (HOLD)
61 WhtApricorn A white APRICORN.
62 Blackbelt Boosts fighting- type moves. (HOLD)
63 BlkApricorn A black APRICORN.
64 Teru-sama  ?
65 PnkApricorn A pink APRICORN.
66 BlackGlasses Powers up dark- type moves. (HOLD)
67 SlowpokeTail Very tasty. Sell high.
68 PinkBow Powers up normal- type moves. (HOLD)
69 Stick An ordinary stick. Sell low.
6A SmokeBall Escape from wild POKéMON. (HOLD)
6B NeverMeltIce Powers up ice-type moves. (HOLD)
6C Magnet Boosts electric- type moves. (HOLD)
6D MiracleBerry Cures all status problems. (HOLD)
6E Pearl A beautiful pearl. Sell low.
6F BigPearl A big, beautiful pearl. Sell high.
70 EverStone Stops evolution. (HOLD)
71 SpellTag Powers up ghost- type moves. (HOLD)
72 RageCandyBar Restores POKéMON HP by 20.
73 GSBall The mysterious BALL.
74 BlueCard Card to save points.
75 MiracleSeed Powers up grass- type moves. (HOLD)
76 ThickClub A bone of some sort. Sell low.
77 FocusBand May prevent faint- ing. (HOLD)
78 Teru-sama  ?
79 EnergyPowder Restores POKéMON HP by 50. Bitter.
7A EnergyRoot Restores POKéMON HP by 200. Bitter.
7B HealPowder Cures all status problems. Bitter.
7C RevivalHerb Revives fainted POKéMON. Bitter.
7D HardStone Powers up rock- type moves. (HOLD)
7E LuckyEgg Earns extra EXP. points. (HOLD)
7F CardKey Opens shutters in the RADIO TOWER.
80 MachinePart A machine part for the POWER PLANT.
81 EggTicket May use at Golden- rod trade corner.
82 LostItem The # DOLL lost by the COPYCAT.
83 Stardust Pretty, red sand. Sell high.
84 StarPiece A hunk of red gem. Sell very high.
85 BasementKey Opens doors.
86 Pass A ticket for the MAGNET TRAIN.
87 Teru-sama  ?
88 Teru-sama  ?
89 Teru-sama  ?
8A Charcoal Powers up fire- type moves. (HOLD)
8B BerryJuice Restores POKéMON HP by 20.
8C ScopeLens Raises critical hit ratio. (HOLD)
8D Teru-sama  ?
8E Teru-sama  ?
8F MetalCoat Powers up steel- type moves. (HOLD)
90 DragonFang Powers up dragon- type moves. (HOLD)
91 Teru-sama  ?
92 Leftovers Restores HP during battle. (HOLD)
93 Teru-sama  ?
94 Teru-sama  ?
95 Teru-sama  ?
96 MysteryBerry A self-restore for PP. (HOLD)
97 DragonScale A rare dragon-type item.
98 BerserkGene Boosts ATTACK but causes confusion.
99 Teru-sama  ?
9A Teru-sama  ?
9B Teru-sama  ?
9C SacredAsh Fully revives all fainted POKéMON.
9D HeavyBall A BALL for catch- ing heavy POKéMON.
9E FlowerMail Flower-print MAIL. (HOLD)
9F LevelBall A BALL for lower- level POKéMON.
A0 LureBall A BALL for POKéMON hooked by a ROD.
A1 FastBall A BALL for catch- ing fast POKéMON.
A2 Teru-sama  ?
A3 LightBall An odd, electrical orb. (HOLD)
A4 FriendBall A BALL that makes POKéMON friendly.
A5 MoonBall A BALL for MOON STONE evolvers.
A6 LoveBall For catching the opposite gender.
A7 NormalBox Open it and see what's inside.
A8 GorgeousBox Open it and see what's inside.
A9 SunStone Evolves certain kinds of POKéMON.
AA PolkadotBow Powers up normal- type moves. (HOLD)
AB Teru-sama  ?
AC UpGrade A mysterious box made by SILPH CO.
AD Berry A self-restore item. (10HP, HOLD)
AE GoldBerry A self-restore item. (30HP, HOLD)
AF SquirtBottle A bottle used for watering plants.
B0 Teru-sama  ?
B1 ParkBall The Bug-Catching Contest BALL.
B2 RainbowWing A mystical feather of rainbow colors.
B3 Teru-sama  ?
B4 BrickPiece A rare chunk of tile.
B5 SurfMail LAPRAS-print MAIL. (HOLD)
B6 LiteBlueMail DRATINI-print MAIL. (HOLD)
B7 PortraitMail MAIL featuring the holder's likeness.
B8 LovelyMail Heart-print MAIL. (HOLD)
B9 EonMail EEVEE-print MAIL. (HOLD)
BA MorphMail DITTO-print MAIL. (HOLD)
BB BlueSkyMail Sky-print MAIL. (HOLD)
BC MusicMail NATU-print MAIL. (HOLD)
BD MewMail MEW-print MAIL. (HOLD)
BE Teru-sama  ?
BF Teru-sama  ?
C0 Teru-sama  ?
C1 Teru-sama  ?
C2 Teru-sama  ?
C3 Teru-sama  ?
C4 Teru-sama  ?
C5 Teru-sama  ?
C6 Teru-sama  ?

(Source: pret's PokéCrystal)