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Notes:Pokémon Gold and Silver

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Other languages:
English • ‎polski

This page contains notes for the game Pokémon Gold and Silver.

This page lists different specialized notes pages. Also summarizes various pages about other identified unused stuff.


Clock Reset


The Western and Korean releases include a password-based function in the title screen that sets the RTC status to $80, allowing the player to reset the clock. This password can be calculated using BlackShark's GSC Clock Password Generator. It appears to be impossible to enter a correct password when the battery is dead due to the resulting crash.

In the Western releases, the function can be accessed by pressing + SELECT + B. The Korean versions and Crystal changed the steps to the following:

  1. Press and hold + SELECT + B.
  2. While continuing to hold SELECT:
    • Release + B.
    • Press and hold + .
  3. Let go of SELECT.
(Source: Phil Erwin)