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Notes:Pokémon Gold and Silver/Map and Tileset Naming Scheme

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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

This is a sub-page of Notes:Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Tileset Naming Scheme

Pokémon Gold and Silver contain 0x1D tilesets, ranging from numbers 0x00 to 0x1C. The early tilesets used in the community before the discovery of the new block data used the numbers 0x1D and 0x1E and tileset 0x02's block data. The two tilesets differed in that one was able to display pagodas, while the other showed route house roofs correctly. Hence, the two new mockups were assigned numbers 0x1F and 0x20 using the new early block data. It turned out that none of the early city maps are actually displayable with the mockups using the production tileset blockdata, hence they went unused.

Since palette data as well as corresponding maps for Pokémon RBGY's tileser 0x09 have been found in the rom, it got assigned 0x21 in this tileset naming scheme. No blockdata was found, so it had to be recreated for the maps.

In general, tilesets in Gold and Silver have different colors depending on time of day, map bank of the map they're used on, and in-game permissions on the map they're used on. Permissions are things like can get on Bicycle, can use Escape Rope, etc.

Map Naming Scheme

All dumped map file names start off with PKMN GS Map, followed by their rom bank and address inside their rom bank RB ADDRESS. All numbers are in hexadecimal notation.

After the map address, the tileset is specified in the game's internal order – as opposed to e.g. Goldmap's order – as TS##.

For tilesets 0x01 through 0x03 the roof colors are map-bank-dependent, hence MB## is used to clarify which map bank is used.

For tilesets with different color schemes based on permission, byte PB## is added. The most-likely permission byte was used, determined by the game's uses of the tileset on other maps alike the early map.

For cave tilesets, in general the lighter cave tileset, tileset 0x15 was chosen instead of the darker tileset 0x1B were chosen in their night-time palette, hence NIGHT is appended to the map name. Tilesets with no daytime suffix were dumped using midday palettes as opposed to morning pallets.

Hence, map File:PKMN GS Map2B 63c7 TS15 PB4 NIGHT.PNG is the map at 2B:63C7 dumped with tileset 0x15 with permission byte 0x04 (common for caves) using night-time palettes.