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Notes:The Simpsons Game (PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii)

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This page contains notes for the game The Simpsons Game (PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii).

Debug console

To do:
Controls? Enable and test all of these if possible, there's videos on YouTube on the features.

The game executable mentions a debug console with a bunch of groups. On Wii, +/- on a Wii Remote can modify number values by a set value, a display for these buttons to toggle is also displayed when a numeric value is selected. It is also scrollable on small screens.


AI of the secondary player (and/or enemies?).

  • Render Actor Guilds
  • Render AI Behaviour States
  • Render AI Path Lines
  • Ladder Zone Radius
  • Jump Node Radius
  • Switch Target Check Frequencey: Note this is typo'ed.
  • Set Knockdown dazed timer:
  • Range(squared!) to inform all Allies on a alerted
To do:
  • RenderAIBehaviourStates
  • Check Nearby Threats
  • Max Attackers
  • Waypoint Weight Route Addition
  • Waypoint Weight Enable


Main game engine.

  • CurrentLanguage


  • BackToCheckpoint: A toggle for whether the game will go back to the player's last checkpoint when a game over is reached.

Internal description: will reset the player to the last checkpoint hit in the level. this function is called by the nelson munce(haha) checkpoint menu


  • ShowEntityStats


  • EnemyDefeatedRange
  • ReactToHomerBall: Likely relates to hit detection from Homer in ball form when launched or ground slamming.
  • AmbientRangeCutoff
  • AmbientRepeatDelay
  • LowHealthWarning
  • FoodPickupRange
  • TauntRange
  • TauntResetRange


  • TimeScale: Adjusts the game's speed, this also affects new sounds and animations.


  • ActiveWidget
  • RenderDebugInfo
  • OpenPage
  • ChangePage
  • Lang


  • ScreenScrollRate
  • RenderTargetingSquare
  • FlickDamageRadius
  • FlickDamage
  • LightningDamageRadius
  • LightningDamage
  • MovementAnimBlendSpeed
  • RotationAcceleration
  • ActivationDelay
  • FlickActorInpulseStrength
  • PhysicalObjectImpactSoundRepeatDelay
  • ObjectSnapSpeed


This also relates to Gummi and Helium Homer, basically all of Homer's abilities.

  • CaloriesLostPerHPDamageTaken: Energy lost when damage is taken.
  • ChargeDamageRadius
  • HeliumLostPerHPDamageTaken: Helium lost when damage is taken.
  • MaxSpeed
  • RenderSkin
  • RenderSprings
  • RenderRadius
  • SlamDamageRadius
  • SlamVelocity
  • UseEnvCache
  • UnlimitedCalories: Sounds like it would make no energy consumption happen when slamming the ground or charging in a direction.
  • UnlimitedHelium: Sounds like it would make no helium consumption happen as Helium Homer after using a helium tank.


  • Acceleration
  • BlastCost
  • BlastDamage
  • BlastRadius
  • Braking
  • GummiCaloriesLostPerHPDamageTaken: Energy lost when damage is taken.
  • MaxShotAngle
  • MaxShotElevation
  • Speed
  • RoT
  • ShotDamage
  • ShotCost
  • ShotSpeed
  • ShotVerticalBoost
  • ShotVerticalScale
  • ShotGravityScale
  • ShotHoming
  • ShowRadius
  • UnlimitedGummiCalories: Sounds like it would make no energy consumption happen as Gummi Homer overtime or firing gummi blasts.


  • IsWiiMoment: Unknown. Present on PS2 oddly.
  • ThoughtBubble:


  • DevMode: Adds a button called : Debug Replay : on the main menu, allowing you to select any level file present for the specific platform.


  • ActivateTransitionalMobMembers: Maxes your mob count.


Note: This is dependent on the platform the game was built on. Wii, PS2 or PSP.

  • AllowHomeButtonMenu: Makes the home button allowed, only on Wii.
  • DimmingCount: Unknown. Only on Wii, not on PS2.
  • EnableHomeButtonMenu: Makes the home button enabled, only on Wii.
To do:
Is PS2DebugInfo that on PS2?
  • ShowDebugInfo: Unknown.
  • ShowFPS: Shows an FPS display, unknown where it's placed, not on PS2.
  • ShowQAInfo: Unknown, not on PS2.
  • SyncEOF: Unknown, appears to sync the end of a frame, not on PS2.


  • FlyCamera: Makes the camera freely controllable by the user, also ignoring collisions, input no longer moves the player when this is on, turning it off resets the camera's position to target the player, FlyPlayer is turned off with this command.
  • FlyPlayer: Makes the player's character(s?) freely controllable by the user even in the air, FlyPlayerWithoutCollision is turned off with this command.
  • FlyPlayerWithoutCollisions: Makes the player's character(s?) freely controllable by the user even in the air, also ignoring collision, FlyPlayer is turned off with this command.
  • ImmuneToDamage: Makes the player(s?) completely immune to damage, enemies will stil attempt to attack the player.


Note: These would only work on Wii, most functions are stripped from other releases.


  • UseGummiBlast: Toggles use of Gummi Homer's blast.
  • UseTilt: Toggles use of tilting the controller to use Homer's actions, present on PS2.
  • UseToggle: Unknown.


Note: only on Wii.

  • Flicks: Unknown.