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The Simpsons Game (PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii)

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Title Screen

The Simpsons Game

Also known as: Die Simpson - Das Spiel (DE), Los Simpson: El Videoguego (ES), The Simpsons Videopeli (FI), Les Simpson, le jeu (FR), I Simpson: Il Videogioco (IT)
Developer: Rebellion Developments
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii
Released in US: October 30, 2007
Released in EU: November 9, 2007
Released in AU: November 6, 2007

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DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
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The Simpsons Game is what you get when you make a Simpsons game with every game genre.

A low-end game engine was used compared to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, cutting the hub world and obviously reducing the graphical effects. The PlayStation Portable port is notoriously choppy, while the Wii release has exclusive "Bite Night Wii Moments" as extra minigames.


Developer Options
Having a rather large debug menu during development has led to a ton of them still remaining in the final game!
Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Development Leftovers

ELF Executable

An executable with debug symbols named Simpsons_Wii_Sub.elf is present in the root of the Wii version. It is just the retail executable, as the MD5 hash matches with main.dol after stripping the symbols from it, the PAL version has it named Simpsons_Wii_Sub_Pal.elf.

Disc Definition File

To do:
Check all regions for this file?

A ddf file named Simpsons_Wii_am.ddf is present on the root of the Wii version.

Compilation Metadata

To do:
Name in credits? Is Andy Haith an alternative name?

The compiled font file for the game, SimpFont.asrBE in the Wii version leftover a TEMP chunk, having a small bit of information of where a developer compiled it. The developer being Andrew Haith. A lead designer of Rebellion Developments.

USERPROFILE=C:\Documents  dna

3 & 4 Player Splitscreen

SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN 3playerSplit-with1.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN 4playerSplit-with2.png

An incomplete three and four player splitscreen mode that barely functions. It is only somewhat playable in the PSP version with only one player playable. None of the other screens display anything useful, since it doesn't have any controller checks in place, unlike the PS2 and Wii versions.

There are only two areas in the New Gen release that has all 4 Simpsons available at once (but still doesn't allow 4 simultaneous player screens), and every single level in Old Gen only has two players available maximum. This could either be an early leftover from New Gen, or maybe even from when it was prototyped and demoed on the Xbox, which also has 4 available controller ports.

(Source: Edness)

Unused Graphics

Level Screenshots

FRONTEND.*\graphics\ui\menus\levels\ has a few early screenshots meant to be used as the level select preview image. These images were taken from a development build on Xbox 360. The final game only has 5 of them that remain, but the earlier prototype has all 16.


The Wii version has two font textures that aren't used in the final game. The 2nd one found in tools_fonts.asrBE is seen being used during earlier prototypes for the debug menu.

SimpsonsGameWII-FIN DigiFont.asrBE-graphics-fonts-digiface 20 0.tpl.png
SimpsonsGameWII-FIN tools fonts.asrBE-graphics-tools-font.tga.png

Early HUD Tiles

wm_hb1.wii is leftover from earlier development stages, which also means there's plenty of leftovers and early tile designs to be found. wm_hb1.wii\graphics\ui\ has a bunch of UI elements resembling graphics that were used in the New Gen release along with a bunch of unused tiles as well. Surpsisingly, the final UI graphics that are located in the GUIMenu folder files also has a few unused tiles.

Another tidbit to note is that during earlier Wii development stages, the textures didn't have any alpha channels of their own. Instead they were located separately in GC_Alpha_Textures, in their respective environment container, as three color images which need to be split into individual R, G, B channels in order to get the correct alpha channel for each texture.

Early Texture Final Texture
SimpsonsGameWII-FIN wm hb1.wii-graphics-ui-hud-BartHud.tga+GC Alpha Textures-wm hb1 512x512d0 0.bmp.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN BARTHUD.GUI-graphics-ui-hud-BartHud.tga.png
..\..\GC_Alpha_Textures\wm_hb1_512x512d0_0.bmp (G)
Also in GloblHUD.*, tbubbles.*.
SimpsonsGameWII-FIN wm hb1.wii-graphics-ui-hud-HomerHud.tga+GC Alpha Textures-wm hb1 512x512d0 0.bmp.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN HOMERHUD.GUI-graphics-ui-hud-HomerHud.tga.png
..\..\GC_Alpha_Textures\wm_hb1_512x512d0_0.bmp (R)
Also in GloblHUD.*, tbubbles.*.
SimpsonsGameWII-FIN wm hb1.wii-graphics-ui-hud-LisaHud.tga+GC Alpha Textures-wm hb1 512x256d0 0.bmp.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN LISAHUD.GUI-graphics-ui-hud-LisaHud.tga.png
..\..\GC_Alpha_Textures\wm_hb1_512x256d0_0.bmp (G)
Also in GloblHUD.*, HomerHUD.*, tbubbles.*.
SimpsonsGameWII-FIN wm hb1.wii-graphics-ui-hud-MargeHud.tga+GC Alpha Textures-wm hb1 512x256d0 0.bmp.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN MARGEHUD.GUI-graphics-ui-hud-MargeHud.tga.png
..\..\GC_Alpha_Textures\wm_hb1_512x256d0_0.bmp (R)
Also in GloblHUD.*, tbubbles.*.

All of the Character HUD containers, GloblHUD.* and tbubbles.* has a commonhud.tga graphic which also contains many New Gen HUD elements that aren't used in this version. And ColTotal.* happens to have an earlier version of this graphic, lacking a few tiles, such as the notepad icon.

SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN COLTOTAL.GUI-graphics-ui-hud-commonhud.tga.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN GLOBLHUD.GUI-graphics-ui-hud-commonhud.tga.png
ColTotal.*\graphics\ui\hud\commonhud.tga GloblHUD.*\graphics\ui\hud\commonhud.tga
Also in (Character)HUD.*, tbubbles.*.

Unused Wii Moments Minigames


The Wii version has two unused Wii Moment maps.

The Lord of the Flings: Hobbapult

A cut catapulting minigame. This has its own file, named wm_cat1.wii, but loading said map will put you in a blank world with nothing in it.

Inside wm_cat1.wii\Sounds\samples\char\voc\homr\ you can also find placeholder sounds that were meant to be played by Homer's character. It doesn't sound like it is using Homer's actual voice actor, and whoever did voice these, sounds a lot like the same actor in the early version of Around The World in 80 Bites cutscene found in the prototype.

Filename Audio


Also known as Homer Bowling. The actual map wm_hb1.wii was supposed to use has been long removed in this build, but is fully present in the earlier Wii prototype. What did remain in the final release, however, was the Metrics.* test map that took its place. It's also mentioned in the PlayStation 2 release inside CD_ENVS.TXT, but isn't actually present.

  • Homer's running animation is different and resembles the running animation from the DS version

The characters for whatever reason have somewhat corrupted textures when loading this map, but the aforementioned prototype renders them properly.
SimpsonsGameWII-FIN-wm hb1-1.png SimpsonsGameWII-FIN-wm hb1-2.png SimpsonsGameWII-FIN-wm hb1-3.png

Unused Sounds

UI_placeholder_sound.wav in GMSND.ASR is an unused menu sound.

Unused Music

In the files of the wii version of the game, there exists unused early versions of music used in the game.


An early rendition of the second area of Medal Of Homer which the music and the part of the level are not found in the final game. This track can also be found in the E3 build


an early rendition of the third area for Medal of Homer. What is odd though, is that it's only the first layer. This track (with all the layers) can also be found in the E3 build


Different Building Designs

Mob Rules

Turn Your Head And Coif

Turn Your Head And Coif was originally supposed to be the Noiseland Arcade. You can see it in the background of the PS3/Xbox 360 version of Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers and in the E3 Build of the Xbox 360 version

Wii,PS2,PSP Xbox 360,PS3
Simpsons2007PS2-Noiseland.png Simpsons2007Arcade.png

Sleep-Eazy Motel

The Sleep-Eazy Motel's placement is behind the Town Hall instead of being next to Moe's.

Wii,PS2,PSP Xbox 360,PS3
Simpsons2007PS2-Motel.png Simpsons2007Motel.png

King Toots

Next to Moe's is King Toot's which never appears in the PS3/Xbox 360 version, but does exist in the E3 Build of the Xbox 360 version

Wii,PS2,PSP Xbox 360,PS3
Simpsons2007PS2-KingToots.png Simpsons2007OOB.png


Wii,PS2,PSP Xbox 360,PS3
Simpsons2007PS2-Building2.png Simpsons2007XB360-Building2.png
Simpsons2007PS2-Building4.png Simpsons2007XB360-Building4.png
Simpsons2007PS2-Building5.png Simpsons2007XB360-Building5.png
Simpsons2007PS2-Building7.png Simpsons2007XB360-Building7.png
Simpsons2007PS2-Building8.png Simpsons2007XB360-Building8.png

Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers

Springfield Mall

The 3rd building to the Springfield Mall originally had the name "Cockamamie's". The name is still intact in the E3 Build of Mob Rules.

Wii,PS2,PSP Xbox 360,PS3
Simpsons2007PS2-DSSS-Cockamamie's.png Simpsons2007Mall.png

Unused Text

As is the case with most Asura engine games, the 1st string in all of the SYS_##.ASR files, where ## is replaced with the language name, has a placeholder string with text that shouldn't ever be seen.


Build Dates

The Wii version has a build date mentioned in the game's executable.

Region Build date
Wii (NTSC) 14:23:36, Oct  9 2007
Wii (PAL) 23:07:01, Sep 30 2007

Platform Differences

Texture Quality

Since the PlayStation Portable's UMD format has much less storage than the PlayStation 2's DVD and the Wii's Optical Disc, several textures ended up being scaled down to accommodate for the smaller file size.

The example below uses the font texture located in SimpFont.asr*\graphics\fonts\itc highlander std medium_24_bold_0.tga:

PlayStation 2 & Wii PlayStation Portable
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN SIMPFONT.ASR-graphics-fonts-itc highlander std medium 24 bold 0.tga.png
SimpsonsGamePSP-FIN SIMPFONT.ASR-graphics-fonts-itc highlander std medium 24 bold 0.tga.png