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The Simpsons: Tapped Out

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Title Screen

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Also known as: Tapped Out (US)
Developers: IronMonkey Studios, EA Mobile, Fox Digital Entertainment
Publishers: EA Mobile, EA Swiss Sarl
Platforms: Android, iOS
Released internationally: February 29, 2012

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Homer does something and blows up Springfield (although he survives somehow), so with your help he rebuilds it.

To do:
Fill all sub-pages, and add the rest of the unused content.


Tapped Out Ice Cream Cart.png
Unused Objects
Including decorations and other crap.
Tapped Out Job Manager Animated Jobs.png
Unused Quests
"Shh... the bronze is boiling..."


Memorabilia would've acted like unlocking characters in the game, without assigning it to jobs (duh). If you were to unlock all memorabilia, it would act similar to unlocking all characters in a single set: a measly $100. If you sacrifice a couple of donuts, or if you're lucky enough to get one from completing a job, you can slowly complete a set. The probability of unlocking memorabilia the long way is 0 to 1 (although they all cost a whopping one donut).

Simpson House

Item Donuts Chance
Krusty Doll 1 0.05
Boat Picture 1 0.1
Slingshot 1 0.14
Lisa's Sax 1 0.17
Ned's Lawn Mower 1 0.2

Flanders House

Item Donuts Chance
Bible Card 1 0.05
Religious Board Game 1 0.1
Last Supper 1 0.14
Flander's Bible 1 0.17
Maude Picture 1 0.2

Power Plant

Item Donuts Chance
Carbon Rod 1 0.05
Suit Helmet 1 0.1
Security Badge 1 0.14
Demotivational Plaque 1 0.17
Burns Painting 1 0.2


Item Donut Chance
Buzz Cola 1 0.05
Squishee 1 0.1
Playdude 1 0.14
Old Hot Dog 1 0.17
Laramie Cigarettes 1 0.2

Springfield Elementary

Item Donuts Chance
Apple 1 0.05
Globe 1 0.1
Malk 1 0.14
Dodge ball 1 0.17
Beethoven Bust 1 0.2

Willie's Shack

Item Donuts Chance
Rake 1 0.05
Mop bucket 1 0.1
Kilt 1 0.14
Flask 1 0.17
Bagpipes 1 0.2

Frink's Lab

Item Donuts Chance
Beaker 1 0.05
Test Tubes 1 0.1
Hamburger Earmuffs 1 0.14
Brain Helmet 1 0.17
Push Popper 1 0.2

Krusty Burger

Item Donuts Chance
Milk Shake 1 0.05
Mother Nature Burger 1 0.1
The Clogger 1 0.14
Employee Helmet 1 0.17
Employee of the Month 1 0.2

First Church of Springfield

Item Donuts Chance
Collection Plate 1 0.05
Podium Banner 1 0.1
Book of Hymns 1 0.14
Holy Bible 1 0.17
Stain Glass Saint 1 0.2

Van Houten House

Item Donuts Chance
Alfpogs 1 0.05
Pajamas 1 0.1
Bonestorm 1 0.14
Baron Von Kit 1 0.17
Krusty Walkie Talkie 1 0.2

Cletus' Farm

Item Donuts Chance
Old Boots 1 0.05
Roadkill 1 0.1
Shotgun 1 0.14
Musical Jug 1 0.17
Geech Smell Hound 1 0.2

Android's Dungeon

Item Donuts Chance
Bootleg Videos 1 0.05
Mary Worth Phone 1 0.1
Ultimate Pong 1 0.14
Angry Dad Comic 1 0.17
Radioactive Man Comic 1 0.2

Lard Lad's Donuts

Item Donuts Chance
White Donut 1 0.05
Pink Donut 1 0.1
Chocolate Donut 1 0.14
Plain Donut 1 0.17
Purple Donut 1 0.2

Moe's Tavern

Item Donuts Chance
Pickled Eggs 1 0.05
Bar Stool 1 0.1
Cockroach 1 0.14
Beer Mug 1 0.17
Flaming Moe 1 0.2

Town Hall

Item Donuts Chance
Mayor Sash 1 0.05
Vote Quimby Sign 1 0.1
Town Charter 1 0.14
Money Brief Case 1 0.17
City Key 1 0.2

Springfield Retirement Castle

Item Donuts Chance
Pilltray 1 0.05
Bingo 1 0.1
Ointment 1 0.14
Dentures 1 0.17
SːS Tonic 1 0.2

Police Station

Item Donuts Chance
Empty Donut Box 1 0.05
Wanted Poster 1 0.1
Wiggum's Police Hat 1 0.14
Wiggum's Gun 1 0.17
Wiggum's Badge 1 0.2

Springfield Downs

Item Donuts Chance
Discarded Wager Tickets 1 0.05
Ticket Stub 1 0.1
Track Rabbit 1 0.14
Dogjacket 1 0.17
Winner's Wreath 1 0.2


Item Donuts Chance
Pizza Box 1 0.05
Chef's Hat 1 0.1
Bottle of Wine 1 0.14
Accordion 1 0.17
Picture of Italy 1 0.2

Springfield Prison

Item Donuts Chance
Lunchtray 1 0.05
Taser 1 0.1
Prison Jumpsuit 1 0.14
Straitjacket 1 0.17
Die Bart Die 1 0.2

Gilded Truffle

Item Donuts Chance
Match Book 1 0.05
Valet Parking Stub 1 0.1
Fancy Menu 1 0.14
Tin Foil Swan 1 0.17
Fancy Wine 1 0.2

Duff Brewery

Item Donuts Chance
Duff 1 0.05
Duff Lite 1 0.1
Raspberry Duff 1 0.14
Lady Duff 1 0.17
Tartar Control Duff 1 0.2

Springfield Library

Item Donuts Chance
Silverfish 1 0.05
Turtle 1 0.1
Old Computer 1 0.14
Mables Table 1 0.17
Audiovisual Table 1 0.2

Springfield Observatory

Item Donuts Chance
Meteorite 1 0.05
Buttzila 1 0.1
Microscope 1 0.14
Doomsday Whistle 1 0.17
Telescope 1 0.2


Some icons that never made it into the game. What a shame.

Springfield Downs

This is just a bunch of... dog names...

Name Filename
Go Dog, Go! springfielddowns_dog_6
Ace of Spayeds springfielddowns_dog_7
Three-legged Max springfielddowns_dog_8
Scoot That Rug springfielddowns_dog_9
Majestic Humper springfielddowns_dog_10
Dog O' War springfielddowns_dog_11
Housebroken springfielddowns_dog_12
He's The Winner springfielddowns_dog_13
Chew My Shoe springfielddowns_dog_14
The Man Whisperer springfielddowns_dog_15

Arresting Snake

Apparently Snake was supposed to originally act like Sideshow Bob in the game. He has a sprite for running around with a money bag and a pistol, and a sprite for being handcuffed.

Criminal Snake Handcuffed Snake
TappedOutSnakeRobber.png TappedOutSnakeCuffed.png

This version of Snake even has his own quest, dubbed "Crime Spree".


  • msg_snakealert_1: Snake has been spotted in the area.
  • msg_snakeappears_1: Snake is in the area!
  • msg_capturesnake_1: You've arrested Snake!
  • msg_capturesnake_remote: A friend has arrested Snake in your Springfield!

Developer Cheats

To do:
Figure out what they are and enable them.

Some gamescripts downloaded mention developer cheats, preferably the Casino's, the game executable also mentions CHEAT once and not in flagging terms, it's under the DebugButtonBase call to prove this, likely, this is a button in the debug menu or the name of the button that calls it.

Debugging Features

To do:
eMenu_Debug is mentioned in the executable, enable this if possible.


In the application manifest for the given platform, a few flags can be set.

ServerErrorReason: Shows much more details on the connection error screen. It doesn't support scrolling the text which can likely make it impossible to press Retry, so be sure to have to constantly restart the game when using this.

SaveLogToDisk: Saves a log (of what?) to the device's disk.

SaveLandToDevice: Saves the player's local progress to the device's disk while offline, this doesn't allow offline play, signing into an Origin account that has progress will delete the local progress and its IDs from the device.

ShowVersionsInAbout: Shows all version info in About, this includes Client Version, BGCore Version, Land Data Version, DLC Source, DLC Location, Server Environment, Region, DLC Index and DLC Packages.

Missing Text Handler

If the game detects missing text in a textpool, *ERROR or ERROR: SOMEINFO will be displayed.

Developer Notes

Many gamescripts have developer notes in them, regarding setup and mechanisms starting with comment lines, the game's executable also mentions YOU SHOULD NOT SEE THIS if HasInventoryRewardIndicatorRequirement would appear in-game, PLACEHOLDER TEXT UNTIL DLC UPDATED is another note, as well as UNUSED.

Internal Project Name

To do:
Other mentions?

The game's signature mentions "Simpsons4", likely referring to this being the fourth Simpsons game developed by EA Mobile.