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Proto:The Simpsons Game (PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of The Simpsons Game (PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii).

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
Graphics; Early levels, Debugging, EVERYTHING!

July 6, 2007 (Wii)

Title screen

A build of The Simpsons Game for the Nintendo Wii was found and recovered from an EA RVT-H hard drive. It is dated July 6, 2007, which is around 3 months before final. Some aspects of this build are closer to the colloquially called New Generation (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) version, and some are closer to the final Old Generation version, which means comparisons in this page will be drawn towards both releases. There are plenty of things to unpack here.


Early Music

Data Management Textures

The textures for the game in Data Management of the Wii console are simple placeholders.

SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-SaveBanner.png SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-SaveIcon.png

Development Scripts

The root of the disc contains 8 batch scripts from internal development. The two starting with build have an option to fetch the latest assets from a Perforce depot.

build_moments_rpf.bat appears to be a script for copying assets for Wii Moments, and making a build of the game with them!

@echo off
set build_rpf_choice=
set /p build_rpf_choice=Get latest from Perforce [y/n]?

if not '%build_rpf_choice%'=='y' goto PACK

p4 -p PerforceArt:1666 sync "//depot/Project_Art/SimpsonsBranches/Alpha/Wii_Release/..."


REM Ensure the directories exist

mkdir l:\SimpsonsBranches\Alpha\Wii_Moments
cd l:\SimpsonsBranches\Alpha\Wii_Moments
mkdir envs
mkdir Graphics
mkdir GUIMenu
mkdir HomeButton
mkdir misc\menu
mkdir sounds

REM Copy the latest assets over.

copy l:\SimpsonsBranches\Alpha\Wii_Release\envs\wm* envs\
copy l:\SimpsonsBranches\Alpha\Wii_Release\Graphics\* Graphics\
copy l:\SimpsonsBranches\Alpha\Wii_Release\GUIMenu\* GUIMenu\
copy l:\SimpsonsBranches\Alpha\Wii_Release\HomeButton\* HomeButton\
copy l:\SimpsonsBranches\Alpha\Wii_Release\misc\* misc\
copy l:\SimpsonsBranches\Alpha\Wii_Release\misc\menu\* misc\menu\
copy l:\SimpsonsBranches\Alpha\Wii_Release\sounds\GmSnd.asrbe sounds\
copy l:\SimpsonsBranches\Alpha\Wii_Release\Simpsons_Wii.elf .\

REM Clear the old image
del Simpsons_Wii_Moments.rpf

REM Do the image setup

call setndenv DvdRoot L:/SimpsonsBranches/Alpha/Wii_Moments
call %REVOLUTION_SDK_ROOT%\X86\bin\setcountrycode us
call %REVOLUTION_SDK_ROOT%\X86\bin\setsmem2size 64
call ndrun Simpsons_Wii.elf
call ndstop

REM Now create it.

rdpack -d Simpsons_Wii.dlf -v Simpsons_Wii_Moments.rpf

REM Reset file serving directory

call setndenv DvdRoot L:\SimpsonsBranches\Alpha\Wii_Release\


build_rpf.bat is a script to build the game with all assets.

@echo off
set build_rpf_choice=
set /p build_rpf_choice=Get latest from Perforce [y/n]?

if not '%build_rpf_choice%'=='y' goto PACK

p4 -p PerforceArt:1666 sync "//depot/Project_Art/SimpsonsBranches/Alpha/Wii_Release/..."

del Simpsons_Wii.rpf

call setndenv DvdRoot L:/SimpsonsBranches/Alpha/Wii_Release
call %REVOLUTION_SDK_ROOT%\X86\bin\setcountrycode us
call %REVOLUTION_SDK_ROOT%\X86\bin\setsmem2size 64
call ndrun Simpsons_Wii.elf
call ndstop
rdpack -d Simpsons_Wii.dlf -v Simpsons_Wii.rpf

set build_rpf_choice=



make_simpsons_image.bat is simply a script to make the game image. Nothing too fancy.

makemaster Simpsons_Wii_Image.dlf Simpsons_Wii_Image.rvm

Run_Before_Makemaster.bat appears to be a script to run first before using the above script.

call setsmem2size 64
call setcountrycode us

NdevRun Simpsons_Wii.elf

call sleep 1

call ndstop

REM C:\cygwin\bin\bash --login -i -c "makemaster l:/SimpsonsBranches/Alpha/Wii_Release/Simpsons_Wii.dlf l:/SimpsonsBranches/Alpha/Wii_Release/Simpsons_Wii.rvm"


run_simpsons.bat appears to be a simple script to run the game on a development Wii console, nothing too special.

ndrun Simpsons_Wii.elf

RVM generator - part 2.bat appears to be a script to make the game image. Only this file is present so whatever is in a possible part 1 batch script will be a mystery unsolved.

setsmem2size 64
setcountrycode us
ndevrun -d=Simpsons_Wii.ddf Simpsons_Wii.elf
bash makemaster Simpsons_Wii.dlf simpsons.rvm

stop_simpsons.bat appears to be a simple script to stop the development Wii console, nothing too special.


update_elf.bat appears to be a script to update the game executable.

del Simpsons_Wii.elf
copy ..\Wii_Executables\Simpsons_Wii_MWC_rel.elf Simpsons_Wii.elf

General Differences

Debug Screen

This build by default loads into a debug screen, letting you choose whether you want to "Enable proper menu flow" or not. Choosing No Way will proceed you into a 2nd debug screen, which allows selecting a level to load on the spot.
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-DebugScreen1.png SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-DebugScreen2.png

Episode Names

Some episodes use a different name that only survived into the final build through filenames and nothing else. Some episode names only differ in capitalisation or spelling changes.

Early name Final name
Land of Chocolate The Land of Chocolate
BartMan Begins Bartman Begins
Around the world in 80 bytes Around The World in 80 Bites
The TreeHugger Lisa the Tree Hugger
Cheater Cheater Enter the Cheatrix
Day of the Dolphins The Day of the Dolphin
The day Springfield stood still Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers
Big Super Happy Fun Fun Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game
Rhymes with Complaining Five Characters in Search of an Author
Meet Thy Player Game Over

Special Challenges

When selecting levels in the Episode Replay there's an extra option to do a special challenge, (which was present in the PS3/Xbox 360 versions but not in the final OldGen versions) but it just loads the level like normal.


In the Extras Menu there are 2 cut options, "Stats" and "Interiors". Only "Interiors" can be selected and shows locations that are also seen in the PS3/Xbox 360 version.
Simpsons2007WiiProto-Frontend-Extras.png Simpsons2007WiiProto-Frontend-Interiors.png

Level Differences

The Land of Chocolate

  • Scattered around the level are piles of candy,marshmallow trees, and lollipops that move.

  • Also attacking the marshmallow trees will cause them to drop marshmallows.


  • There are also three ice cream cookie platforms instead of 2.
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProtoCookieForms.png Simpsons2007PS2-LOC-Platforms.png

Simpsons House

  • Outside the Simpsons' House, there's 743 Evergreen Terrace which is replaced by two houses
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProto-House-Houses.png Simpsons2007PS2-House-Outside.png
  • Outside the window is Homer's failed Barbecue Pit from Season 10 Episode 19


Bartman Begins

  • The placement of the buttons were changed.
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProtoBMBPlatforms.png Simpsons2007PS2-BMB-Buttons.png

Mob Rules

  • Planet Hype's name was originally Planet Springfield in this build
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProtoMOBPlanetSprinfield.png Simpsons2007PS2-MOB-PlanetHype.png

Cheater Cheater/Enter The Cheatrix

  • There are animations for Bart and Lisa picking up the pieces to the Strategy Guide that aren't used in the final.
Bart Lisa
  • The Blood Room Vats have a different design
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProtoCCPEBloodVats.png Simpsons2007PS2-CCPE-BloodVats.png

The Day Springfield Stood Still/Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers

  • in this build, Cockamamie's was yellow and didn't have a name yet.
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProto-DSSS-Cockamamies.png Simpsons2007PS2-DSSS-Cockamamie's.png
  • there's the Space Invaders section from the PS3/Xbox 360 version in this build that isn't used in the final.

Shadow of the Colossal Donut

  • In this build, the sign on top of Lard Lad is a Powersauce ad.
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProto-SCD-Powersauce.png Simpsons2007PS2-SCD-LardLad.png

  • Whenever Lard Lad shoots the Powersauce sign, Powersauce Bars come out.


  • In this build the skybox shows the level being daytime.
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProto-SCD-Skybox.png Simpsons2007PS2-SCD-Skybox.png

  • Lard Lad has an actual death animation instead of just cutting to a cutscene from the NewGen version.

Bargain Bin

  • When you fall in the level you get a cut cliche called "Hot Rocks".



  • This button that needs helium homer was a lot more obvious in the final
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProtoNVQButton.png Simpsons2007PS2-NVQ-Helium.png

  • There's a cut cliche called "Behold" that you get when opening a specific chest with Homer in the level.

Medal Of Homer

  • In this build it's daytime in the first area of the level.
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProto-MOH-French.png Simpsons2007PS2-MOH-Nightime.png

  • There are "Smarch Fest" posters scattered around the area.

Lousy Smarch weather. SimpsonsGameWiiProto-MOH-SMARCHFEST2.png SimpsonsGameWiiProto-MOH-SMARCHFEST3.png

  • Also, inside the church are some nazis you fight inside.


  • The helium tanks have a different color.
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProto-MOH-Helium.png Simpsons2007PS2-MOH-Helium.png

Grand Theft Scratchy

  • Instead of using the batteries to start the elevator, in this build you just press a button.
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProto-GTS-Button.png Simpsons2007PS2-GTS-Elevator.png
  • There's an additional sign next to the gas station.
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProto-GTS-Gas.png Simpsons2007PS2-GTS-Gas.png
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProto-GTS-Gas2.png Simpsons2007PS2-GTS-Gas2.png
  • The Tom Jackson sign was changed.
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProto-GTS-TomJackson.png Simpsons2007PS2-GTS-TomJackson.png
Early Final
Simpsons2007WiiProto-GTS-TomJackson2.png Simpsons2007PS2-GTS-TomJackson2.png

Unused Map & Interiors

This build has a bunch of interiors and an early design of Springfield in the form of a cut and unused bowling minigame. The interiors can at least still be found in the New Generation release.

Test Map

There are two similar test maps named Metrics.wii and M_and_L.wii. They differ in some objects and characters that get spawned and the characters you get to control. Metrics is played with Homer and Bart, and M_and_L lets you play as Marge and Lisa.

Metrics.wii M_and_L.wii
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-Metrics-1.png SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-M and L-1.png
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-Metrics-2.png SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-M and L-2.png

Church Interior

The church looks mostly the same, the main difference being a missing desk by the main door, different floor color and there being only one staircase in the main room. Chur_Int.wii

Early interior Final interior
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-Chur Int-1.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN-Chur Int-1.png
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-Chur Int-2.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN-Chur Int-2.png

Krusty Burger Interior

Similar to final, but lacking the 2nd fryer behind the counter. It also has Jimbo Jones in the building, whereas in the final New gen version only the Squeaky-Voiced Teen. KRUS_INT.wii

Early interior Final interior
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-KRUS INT.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN-KRUS INT.png

Kwik-E-Mart Interior

The main difference in the Kwik-E-Mart is a missing shelf and some other objects. KWIK_INT.wii

Early interior Final interior
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-KWIK INT-1.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN-KWIK INT-1.png
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-KWIK INT-2.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN-KWIK INT-2.png

Moe's Interior

Objects on the tables such as glasses have actual transparency in this build. In the final version they're opaque. Moes_Int.wii

Early interior Final interior
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-Moes Int.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN-Moes Int.png

Police Station Interior

There are no buttons to open the jail cells. Using the Player > FlyPlayerWithoutCollisions option through the debug menu shows that there is no collision inside those cells yet. POL_INT.wii

Early interior Final interior
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-POL INT.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN-POL INT.png


Heartburn, also known as Homer Bowling, is a cut minigame where you play with the Homerball, go through a track and end by crashing into a pile of Springfield citizens. It also happens to use an early layout of open-world Springfield. There are many changes found here, but this will just show some of the main recognisable buildings.

Note: Since this map also has a bunch of stuff like barriers meant for the bowling minigame, the Wii screenshots are taken using the Player > FlyCamera debug option inside the game, to get a better view.


This door which you can't enter in the final game is accessible and takes you to the HeartBurn minigame.


Hospital Location

Near the Simpsons house there's an extra road that leads to the Springfield General Hospital which doesn't exist in the final game. It is fully removed and replaced by the Springfield Retirement Castle.

Early location Final location
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-SPR Hospital.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN-SPR Hospital.png

Moe's Location

Early location Final location
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-SPR Moes-1.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN-SPR Moes-1.png
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-SPR Moes-2.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN-SPR Moes-2.png

Springfield Bank Location

Early location Final location
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-SPR Kwik-1.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN-SPR Kwik-1.png
SimpsonsGameWII-20070706-SPR Kwik-2.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN-SPR Kwik-2.png

Early Videos

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Find out who are the placeholder voice actors, if possible.

This build only has one cutscene, which is an early draft of the Around The World in 80 Bites (80b_01.bik) cutscene. This cutscene, unlike the final game, was animated in 3D similar to the DS version instead of in 2D like the show, as well as having different lines and different camera angles. This early cutscene also contains the song "Oh Yeah" by Yello.

Early cutscene Final cutscene

Every other cutscene uses the Rebellion logo as a placeholder. It can also be found in the final build as rebel.bik.

Early/Unused Graphics

Episode Replay

The in-game level select uses early Xbox 360 screenshots as preview images, and some of them remained somewhat similar to what the retail New Generation release had. Five of these survived hidden in the final game, but the rest didn't. They're stored in Frontend.wii\graphics\ui\menus\levels\ as single 512x256 textures, but in the final game they are stored in Frontend.wii\graphics\frontend\ as 256x256 textures, with two of the preview textures combined together. They have been split apart for this.

Early texture Final texture (New gen) Final texture (Old gen)
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-ui-menus-levels-loc.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode loc.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl locnbmb-UPPER.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-ui-menus-levels-bartmanbegins.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode bartman begins.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl locnbmb-LOWER.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-ui-menus-levels-80bites.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode 80 bites.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl mtp-LOWER.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-ui-menus-levels-treehugger.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode tree hugger.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl thnmob-UPPER.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-ui-menus-levels-mobrules.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode mob rules.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl thnmob-LOWER.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode cheater.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl ccndod-UPPER.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode dolphin.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl ccndod-LOWER.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode colossal donut.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl shdndss-UPPER.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode spr stood still.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl shdndss-LOWER.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode bargain bin.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl bargnnvq-UPPER.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode neverquest.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl bargnnvq-LOWER.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode grand theft.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl gtsnmoh-UPPER.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode moh.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl gtsnmoh-LOWER.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode bshff.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl bshnrwc-UPPER.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode rhymes.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl bshnrwc-LOWER.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN Frontend-assets rws-episode thy player.png
SimpsonsGamePS2-FIN FRONTEND-graphics-frontend-lvl mtp-UPPER.png