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The Simpsons: Road Rage (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox)

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Title Screen

The Simpsons: Road Rage

Developer: Radical Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Released in US: November 24, 2001
Released in EU: November 30, 2001

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There's an E3 build for the original Xbox floating around with several differences. Also, there's debugging stuff in the GC version.

The Simpsons: Road Rage is a clone of Crazy Taxi, but with Simpsons characters. It's so blatant, Sega even stepped in and sued all parties involved in creating the game for infringing on their patent. Way to go, Radical.

Unused Graphics

A large number of unused images are only present in the GameCube edition.

Chief Wiggum sprite

SRR Wiggum sprite.png

A leftover sprite of Chief Wiggum that would have been used in the character selection screen. This sprite is identical to the one used in the E3 2001 prototype. The image is titled LWiggum.png while the sprite that is actually used is located in the same folder and titled LChief.png.

Beer Bottles

Proto Simpsons RR HUD.png Proto Simpsons RR HUD1.png

Leftover beer bottles that were used in the HUD in the E3 prototype. They would have been used for the "destroy stuff" and "avoid the traffic" tasks.


SRR Coin.png

A coin sprite that would have been displayed in the HUD next to the total money earned. This sprite was used in the non-E3 prototype.


SRR HourGlass.png

An hourglass sprite that would have been displayed in the HUD next to the remaining time. Like the coin, this sprite was used in the non-E3 prototype.

GameCube Buttons

SRR A Button.png SRR B Button.png SRR X Button.png SRR Y Button.png SRR Z Button.png SRR L Button.png SRR R Button.png

Graphics for the GameCube controller buttons. The font is different and the X, Y and Z buttons are the wrong shape.

Language Selection

SRR BritFlag.png SRR FranFlag.png SRR GermFlag.png SRR ItalFlag.png SRR SpaiFlag.png

Graphics for an apparent language selection menu, namely for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


SRR Blackboard.png

A blackboard image inside a directory titled "loading", which implies it was going to be used in the loading screen. In the non-E3 prototype, the loading screen does have a blackboard with Bart writing on it, but the image is less detailed.

Krusty Burger

To do:
Are there other leftover textures from the prototype in the game files?
Simpsons RR Krusty Burger Texture.png

Leftover textures for Krusty Burger which would have been used when the game had a more 'cartoony' look during development, as seen in the E3 prototype.

Burns' Mansion

SRR Burns Manor textures.png

Leftover textures for Mr. Burns' mansion in the "Springfield Mountains" level. Again probably used when the game was more 'cartoony'.

Placeholder Dialogue

Located in the "Female" directory in the GameCube release of the game, these robotised female voice clips are obvious placeholders for when a female pedestrian gets hit by or dodges your car. These clips bear a remarkable similarity to some of the placeholder voices heard in the non-E3 prototype. Interestingly, none of the female pedestrians included in the game have any voice clips, so these provisional files never needed to be replaced.

Unused Models

Dr. Hibbert

SRR Dr Hibbert Model.png

Dr. Hibbert who is untextured but has material. He was probably intended to be a passenger at some point.

Kent Brockman

Simpsons RR Brockman.png

Kent Brockman who normally only appears in the FMV cutscenes. He also has material but no textures.

Misplaced Objects

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Is there more? Images, also.

If the player uses the cheat for additional camera views, they can glitch out of the level boundaries using the "Look Camera" option. The boundaries were put in place when the game was forced to shift from an open world design, instead having individual levels late in the development cycle.

Evergreen Terrace

At a distance behind the wreckage at the beginning of the level, there is an identical wreckage. This was most likely used to indicate where the level connects to the Springfield Mountains level.

Simpsons Road Rage outside boundary1.png


If one glitches out of bounds to where the Springfield Mountains should be, they should see an unused stream of water along with a misplaced dot. It's also worth noting that there are unused collisions and spawn points for the streets and terrain that can't be seen even with the routing cheat.

Springfield Mountains

There is an unused, cheaply made sign saying "Soft Shoulder, Blind Curves, Steep Grade, Big Trucks, Good Luck!" placed behind the wreck at the beginning of the level. In this area, there is also a Burns Transit Bus Stop, a power line and a speed limit sign.

Simpsons Road Rage outside boundary2.png

Simpsons Road Rage outside boundary3.png

Unused Spawn Points

In Downtown, there are two unused spawn points that cannot be accessed without glitching or cheating out of the map. The first spawn point is behind the crashed truck at the beginning at the level at the other end of the tunnel, which leads to nowhere. The second one is located out of bounds on an invisible hill near the other exit of the level near the unused river stream.

References to Unused Pedestrians

A blank file in the dialog.rcf folder indicates that Bleeding Gums Murphy, a popular recurring character who was killed off in the 6th Season, was intended to be a pedestrian.

Console Differences

Additional Ending

Upon completion of the game, a cutscene where Mr. Burns admits defeat will play on all three console versions. However, an additional cutscene featuring Kang and Kodos appears only on the GameCube and Xbox versions. The cutscene reveals that the two aliens were playing Road Rage, but have grown bored and decide to play the "ultimate game", namely a version of PONG as their spaceship flies off. It was removed in the PlayStation 2 version for unknown reasons.

Simpsons Road Rage aliens.png

Missing Passengers

In the PlayStation 2 version, a passenger in Evergreen Terrace (Barney, Captain McCallister or Squeaky-voiced Teen) will be standing outside an alleyway and will ask to be dropped off at Smithers' apartment. However, they don't make an appearance at all in the GameCube and Xbox versions. This is most likely because the distance between the passenger and the drop-off location is so short that the player can take advantage of this by using these passengers to rack up an unlimited amount of money without running out of time.