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The Simpsons Skateboarding

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Title Screen

The Simpsons Skateboarding

Developer: The Code Monkeys
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in US: November 11, 2002
Released in EU: December 6, 2002

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
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DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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It's basically a clunky Tony Hawk's Pro Skater clone with The Simpsons characters.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Leftovers from an E3 demo. They can be seen in the May 10th, 2002 build.

I think this title perfectly sums up the game.

An early loading screen featuring the game's working title, The Simpsons Cheap Skater.

Thesimpsonsskateboarding noleveldat.png

A screen that says "No Level.dat" with Impact font.

Unused Text


A seemingly random chain of numbers and letters. This is in fact the copy-protection string, which can be seen in other games including The Sims 2, LEGO Soccer Mania and Freedom Fighters.


Unknown Tune


Text for an unknown music track.

Save Error

This error is included for debug purposes only. The structure of saved games has changed since you save this game. Unfortunately this means it can no longer be used.

An error for when the file structure of a saved game changes. This was likely included for QA testers, when trying to use old saves on newer builds.

Debug Options

To do:
Investigate this further, the other options likely can also be re-enabled. The way the options are stored in the ELF indicates that there's supposed to be some sort of hidden command line menu that allows toggling said options. Even if it is found, it'd still be preferable to document the offsets/bytes it toggles alongside their CLI counterparts for those without a compatible USB keyboard for the PS2 or are playing on an emulator.

The executables have a whole bunch of debugging options listed, but only some of them seem to work. Below is a list of what would be printed from the -H or --HELP command.

Usage: %s <options>
 --help                 => This Help

 --low <NAME or ID>     => eg --loc mall
 --type <NAME or ID>    => eg --type tc
 --num <N>              => eg --num 4
 --players <N>          => N player game, 2 for split screen etc
 --char <NAME or ID>    => eg --char marge
 --stats <0-100>        => eg --stats 75

 --no_debug_printf      => Less Text In Debug Window
 --no_error_printf      => Hide the error messages in debug window
 --NOLOGO               => Skip Front End Logos
 --LOCS,--TYPES,--CHARS => Print the List of names available.
 --mirroring            => Force Mirroring Use on, even if It may not work
 --nomirroring          => Force Mirroring Off
 --arena                => List memory usage of arena etc
 --noshadows            => Disable shadows
 --nobluring            => Disable motion bluring
 --freecam              => Default camera is free cam
 --nocast               => Disable cast members
 --nobrain              => Dont load the cast member brain - cast are zombies
 --notype <AI Type>     => Not Load Given Type, eg AI_TYPE_CAST_MEMBER etc
 --nofog                => Disable fogging
 --60                   => Try and Run at 60 instead of 30fps
 --TCInfo               => Show Collision Sphers in Wireframe
 --showcampos			 => Show the Camera Position at the bottom

(Source: Edness)

Debug Console Menu

Displays 5 different pages of various information used for debugging.

0. Memory Stats Now
1. Memory Stats During Load (Highest)
3. Assorted Special Numbers
4. Toggles
  • Auto Quit
  • Auto Reset
  • Force FreeSkate Instead of Arcade

L1 and L2 cycles through the pages, and R1 and R2 lets you go through options inside the AI_LIST and Toggles pages.

Press R3 + UP to display and R3 + DOWN to hide this overlay. It can sometimes disable itself on certain menus as well.

SLES-50754 (EUR ENG) SLES-50755 (EUR FRA) SLES-51360 (EUR ITA)
D0100008 04010048
D048F002 0000FFEB
0048F410 00000001
D048F002 0000FFBB
0048F410 00000000
D0100008 04010048
D048C702 0000FFEB
0048CB10 00000001
D048C702 0000FFBB
0048CB10 00000000
D0100008 04010048
D048F382 0000FFEB
0048F790 00000001
D048F382 0000FFBB
0048F790 00000000
SLES-51361 (EUR ESP) SLES-51362 (EUR GER) SLUS-20114 (USA ENG)
D0100008 04010048
D048F202 0000FFEB
0048F610 00000001
D048F202 0000FFBB
0048F610 00000000
D0100008 04010048
D048D702 0000FFEB
0048DB10 00000001
D048D702 0000FFBB
0048DB10 00000000
D0100008 04010048
D048EF82 0000FFEB
0048F390 00000001
D048EF82 0000FFBB
0048F390 00000000


SimpsonsSkateboarding-FIN --FREECAM-1.png

Enables a free-moving camera, along with displaying the camera position.

Pressing SELECT will disable the free camera until the level is reloaded. Pressing L2 will teleport the player to the current camera position and disable free camera until the level is reloaded.

Holding R1 will change the camera movement slightly: pushing UP or DOWN on the stick will move the camera up or down instead of forwards and backwards, respectively.

Holding R2 will reduce the camera movement speed.

Some levels show a cutscene at the beginning which immediately disables the free camera, requiring the use of the Auto Reset option found on Debug Console Page 4.

SLES-50754 (EUR ENG) SLES-50755 (EUR FRA) SLES-51360 (EUR ITA)
D0100008 01010048
0048ED60 00000001
D0100008 01010048
0048C460 00000001
D0100008 01010048
0048F0E0 00000001
SLES-51361 (EUR ESP) SLES-51362 (EUR GER) SLUS-20114 (USA ENG)
D0100008 01010048
0048EF60 00000001
D0100008 01010048
0048D460 00000001
D0100008 01010048
0048ECE0 00000001


SimpsonsSkateboarding-FIN --60.png

Sets the Framerate to 60 for the USA region and 50 for the EUR region.

SLES-50754 (EUR ENG) SLES-50755 (EUR FRA) SLES-51360 (EUR ITA)
D0100008 01010048
00508D98 00000000
D0100008 01010048
00506458 00000000
D0100008 01010048
00509118 00000000
SLES-51361 (EUR ESP) SLES-51362 (EUR GER) SLUS-20114 (USA ENG)
D0100008 01010048
00508F98 00000000
D0100008 01010048
00507498 00000000
D0100008 01010048
00508D18 00000000


SimpsonsSkateboarding-FIN --NOFOG.png

This option is enabled by default, but it can be disabled which adds fog to the world. Oddly, under some circumstances when toggling the 2 bytes below on and off randomly, it can also make the HUD semi-transparent.

SLES-50754 (EUR ENG) SLES-50755 (EUR FRA) SLES-51360 (EUR ITA)
D0100008 02010048
004BD8B8 00000001
004BD8BC 00000000
D0100008 02010048
004BAFB8 00000001
004BAFBC 00000000
D0100008 02010048
004BDC38 00000001
004BDC3C 00000000
SLES-51361 (EUR ESP) SLES-51362 (EUR GER) SLUS-20114 (USA ENG)
D0100008 02010048
004BDAB8 00000001
004BDABC 00000000
D0100008 02010048
004BBFB8 00000001
004BBFBC 00000000
D0100008 02010048
004BD838 00000001
004BD83C 00000000


SimpsonsSkateboarding-FIN --NOSHADOWS.png
SLES-50754 (EUR ENG) SLES-50755 (EUR FRA) SLES-51360 (EUR ITA)
D0100008 01010048
00508D94 00000000
D0100008 01010048
00506454 00000000
D0100008 01010048
00509114 00000000
SLES-51361 (EUR ESP) SLES-51362 (EUR GER) SLUS-20114 (USA ENG)
D0100008 01010048
00508F94 00000000
D0100008 01010048
00507494 00000000
D0100008 01010048
00508D14 00000000

Unseen Geometry

To do:
Check all the maps and see if there's anything else hidden.

Using the --FREECAM option, you can find spots on maps that aren't meant to be seen by the player.

Springfield Elementary

SimpsonsSkateboarding-FIN --FREECAM-2.png
Springfield Elementary Interior

You can't go inside the school, but there are a few objects inside, as well as a sign above the door that says STOP.

Downtown Springfield

SimpsonsSkateboarding-FIN DowntownSpringfield-KrustyBurger.png
Krusty Burger Interior

Unlike in Springfield Elementary, the windows here have no transparency at all. It's also slightly different from the one found in the Springfield Elementary map.

SimpsonsSkateboarding-FIN DowntownSpringfield-KwikEMart.png
Kwik-E-Mart Interior

Similarly to the Krusty Burger, the Kwik-E-Mart also doesn't have any transparent windows, making the geometry inside it go unused.

SimpsonsSkateboarding-FIN DowntownSpringfield.png
Underworld Geometry

A bunch of random stuff laying around under the map.

KrustyLu Studios

SimpsonsSkateboarding-FIN KrustyLuStudios.png
Underworld Geometry

Some flashy objects hidden under the ground.

Error Messages

There are several humorous error messages left by the developers throughout the executable.

ERROR: Using %s - This is old style - Update you SKIES Now you Fool

skyFputs is getting called after all :(

=>WARNING: %s contains no constants ... like whats the point ???

ERROR: Token '%s' matched %d Globals - VERY BAD

FSI LEVEL QUIT: Woohoo, Quit in main.c !!!

=>ERROR: Token '%s' is bollocks

ERROR: memcpy src-dest overlap - dodgy - tell a coder

ERROR ERROR ERROR: Trying to create too many AI's

ERROR: fseek monkeyness ..

You Most likely need to rebolt the assets files ...

ERROR: CollMan_LineIntersectTriangle(): This shouldn't happen

what the hell is this ....

This File if full of shit

Muppet: An AI is broken

ERROR: %s Fell Out Of World .. Teleported Home

Warning: Zombie wants to avoid during Init

ERROR: Empty Task - Lets the Muppets Roam Free

OnScreenMan_AddToCombo - playerScreen -1 => sol brain f**ked

ERROR: Out of cheese, redo from start


THIS IS TOO LONG .............

Ow dear ..Video Replay Mode is Void - needs to be set to something

Converted Old Style Cast Member to generic Man - Correct Me!

What Ho! ie worked.

->Please tell Patrick........

-> This may cause a few freeing and loading problems... So I decided to skip this commentary

FATAL ERROR: AMEntry_INIT: AMList[] is FULL...Please tell Patrick

AMStream_FREE: Trying to free a stream which is preparing?

ERROR: AMSpeaker_HandleComicSpeaking: Why does ComicBook Guy want to speak again?


Trick String '%s' .. is wrong diddly wrong

Trick Disabled in Task (Check Spelling ???)


MeProfileEndSectionFn: You tried to stop %s which you hadn't started, which is a bit silly.

WARNING: '%s' did not fit into class '%s', had to give it it's own class!!!

Dude!  You ran out of RAM,  couldn't make an 8K page buffer to clear VRAM

YO!  Sample requested was not found in SampleTable ID=%d!