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The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants (Genesis)

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Title Screen

The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants

Developer: Arc Developments
Publisher: Flying Edge
Platform: Genesis
Released in US: June 1992
Released in EU: August 1992

LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

The lesser known Genesis port of Bart vs. the Space Mutants is a bit an oddball, developed by a team who are not Imagineering… And yet it still resembles the mediocrity of the NES original.

Infinite Lives and Level Skip

During the opening cutscene with the space mutants, press B, A, C, Down, Up, Right. Part of the screen will turn red to confirm correct entry, and Bart will have infinite lives.

This code also adds "PREV. LEVEL" and "NEXT LEVEL" options to the pause menu; press C to skip forward or backward a level.

(Source: GameFAQs (oblivion from aoc)

Revisional Differences

ROM Header

The ROM header dates the revision four months later than the original release. Ironically, the later build's date matches up with the former's release date.

February 1992 June 1992
(C)T-81 1992.FEB
GM T-081026-00
(C)T-81 1992.JUN
GM T-081026 01

Level 1

February 1992 June 1992
SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-Jebediah-Feb1992.png SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-Jebediah-Jun1992.png

The statue of Jebediah Springfield was redrawn to be more accurate. (The power-up depicting his cut-off head, however, wasn't.)

February 1992 June 1992
SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-Bowlarama-Feb1992.png SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-Bowlarama-Jun1992.png

The bowling alley sign was redesigned.

Level 2

To do:

The background layout of the mall was heavily redesigned and rearranged.

Level 3

February 1992 June 1992
SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-Hit3-Feb1992.png SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-Hit3-Jun1992.png

The targets for the "hit 3 in a row" game were changed from clown heads to monkey heads.

February 1992 June 1992
SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-AdilHoxha-Feb1992.png SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-AdilHoxha-Jun1992.png

The kid that throws cherry bombs was redesigned.

February 1992 June 1992
SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-FunHouse-Feb1992.png SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-FunHouse-Jun1992.png

The picture of Sideshow Bob on the fun house entrance sign was touched up a bit, and the hole in the O was properly colored white.

February 1992 June 1992

The portraits of Itchy and Scratchy inside the fun house were redrawn and recolored to be more on-model.

February 1992 June 1992
SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-SideshowBob-Feb1992.png SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-SideshowBob-Jun1992.png

Sideshow Bob himself was also retouched.

Level 4

February 1992 June 1992
SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-Egypt-Feb1992.png SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-Egypt-Jun1992.png

The "Egyptian" area originally had windows looking out to a desert scene with pyramids. For some reason, these windows were sealed up for the revision. Some of the hieroglyphics on the walls were also edited slightly.

February 1992 June 1992

The bone platforms in the lake were redesigned. The updated versions use the same tileset for both varieties.

February 1992 June 1992
SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-Dinosaur-Feb1992.png SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-Dinosaur-Jun1992.png

The dinosaur in the lake was redrawn to look more goofy and Simpsons-like.

February 1992 June 1992
SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-MarvinMonroe-Feb1992.png SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-MarvinMonroe-Jun1992.png

The final boss was also redesigned, now bearing very little resemblance to Dr. Marvin Monroe.

Level 5

February 1992 June 1992
SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-MargeLv5-Feb1992.png SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-MargeLv5-Jun1992.png

In the final level, Marge is seen wearing a red dress. This was corrected to green for the revision, though the dress lost some anti-aliasing in the process.

Game Over

February 1992 June 1992
SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-GameOver-Feb1992.png SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-GameOver-Jun1992.png

The Game Over screen (lifted straight from the music video for Deep, Deep Trouble) was slightly redesigned: the image was mirrored, Bart's facial expression was changed, and a shadow was added behind him.


February 1992 June 1992
SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-Ending-Feb1992.png SimpsonsSpaceMutantsMD-Ending-Jun1992.png

Mount Rushmore was redrawn to make the presidents actually look like Simpsons characters, but they forgot to change Marge's dress to green.