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The Simpsons Game (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

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Title Screen

The Simpsons Game

Also known as: Die Simpsons - Das Spiel (DE), Los Simpson: El Videoguego (ES), The Simpsons Videopeli (FI), Les Simpson, le jeu (FR), I Simpson: Il Videogioco (IT)
Developer: EA Redwood Shores[1]
Publisher: Electronic Arts[1]
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Released in US: October 30, 2007[1]
Released in EU: November 9, 2007[1]
Released in AU: November 15, 2007[1]

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
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SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
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The Simpsons Game is what you get when you make a Simpsons game with every game genre.

It's notable for being almost entirely conceived and written by actual members of The Simpsons team, making it as authentic of, well, a Simpsons game as possible. It also has over 40 minutes of unique animated cutscenes that almost act as an entire extra-long episode together.

Also, every version of the game has slightly different front box art.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Making-of Movie
Three parts of a Making-of movie were planned, none of which made the final cut.
Unused Text
"Although I wasn't able to cut everyone I wanted to, I have cut a lot of you."

Debug Replay

To do:
  • See if there's a way to add or bring back the Debug Replay button like in OldGen.
  • These codes are raw memory offsets as I currently have no knowledge on any potential PS3/X360 cheat device and how it may work! --Edness
Debug Replay menu on PlayStation 3
Debug Replay menu on Xbox 360

There is a hidden menu internally called DebugReplay. It can be accessed in both the Old Generation release as well as here.

All Regions
PS3 00AF65B3 E8
360 8239F71F A4
(Source: Edness)

One slight difference, however, is that currently there is no way to add the Debug Replay button on the main menu in this release. Instead, these codes will replace the regular Episodes & Challenges menu with Debug Replay.

Unused Graphics

Downloadable Content

This game was planned to have DLC expansions. There is a button in the menu that would be used for DLC, but it never ended up being used. Frontend.str contains textures that were meant to be used for said DLC.

To get a better idea of where exactly these expansions were meant to take place in Springfield, this mockup image with all the textures combined to form a single image will help you out.

SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN episode download-combined.png





Early Final
Simpsons2007E39 frontend.png Simpsons2007final77 trophy case.png

Special Reserve Duff

Early Final
Simpsons2007final90 frontend.png Simpsons2007final38 trophy case.png

Unknown Beer Bottle

This is the only beer bottle that doesn't have an equivalent for it. Possibly could be for Bargain Bin or Enter The Cheatrix.


Krusty Begins

Early Final
Simpsons2007E312 frontend.png Simpsons2007final147 trophy case.png

Krusty's Stop & Go

Early Final
Simpsons2007final3 frontend.png Simpsons2007final180 trophy case.png


Gangsta Clean Hairspray

Early Final
Simpsons2007E351 frontend.png Simpsons2007final115 trophy case.png


Some textures are leftover from The Godfather, another game by EA Redwood Shores that runs on the same engine.

There are also 10 language flags, even though there's no language selection menu even in multi-language releases. This game also doesn't have any released localization in Dutch, Polish, Portuguese nor Swedish, whose flags appear here; and the flags for Finnish and Norwegian, which did have a released localization don't appear here.

The colloquially called Old Generation version has a few more movies available in the menu, those being In-Game Cutscenes that are pre-rendered there, but are played in real-time in the New Generation as they happen.

The level Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game has an IGC placeholder of its own too.

SimpsonsGameNG-FIN bigsuperhappy.str-bsh igc01 shot01.itxd-placeholder.png

Medal of Homer


TheSimpsonsGame Picture bartboat.png

picture_bartboat, while the boat painting is used in the Simpsons' living room, has an unseen photo of blue-shirted Bart Simpson leftover from the Xbox tech demo.

Unused Level Areas

To do:
Get populated/textured renders. Right now these photos are just the plain level meshes with no props, enemies or lighting.

Springfield Hub

Retirement Home Interior

Underneath the retirement home, there is an unused interior. This seems to be very basic, with little furniture.

Unused house

Located underneath the Sleep Eazy Motel there is an interior for an unused house. The house contains detailed models for furniture. After applying color, it became clear that this is meant to be Waylon Smithers' apartment. There are pieces of furniture outside the room, and floating in the middle of the room. Since the entire room and props are one single mesh, this is assumed to just be an error that the developers never fixed.

Enter the Cheatrix

Zone 3

Labeled as Zone 3 of Enter the Cheatrix. Only uses the simpsons_palette texture, and generally looks very unfinished. There is no ceiling mesh, so either there would have been a fixed camera angle or the mesh was never finished. From the fact that it uses no textures, we can assume that it was cut very early into Cheatrix's life, or was never intended for the final game at all.

Zone 4

Labeled as Zone 4 of Enter the Cheatrix. Only uses the simpsons_palette texture, bar from 3 pipes. At the top section, next to the green pipe, the wall covers a small corridor leading out, so this was presumably the exit to this zone. There is a movable bridge in the middle, leading to sign saying "POWER BOOST" and "OFF".

Five Characters in Search of an Author

SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN RWC-Zone2.png
Zone 2

Labelled as Zone 2 of Five Characters. This would have come right after the outside lawyer fight.

SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN RWC-Zone3.png
Zone 3

Labelled as Zone 3 of Five Characters. This would have come right after Zone 2. The design of this zone is very reminiscent of Old-Gen Five Characters. The player starts in the bottom right, somehow crosses a gap, makes their way across a bowling lane at the back (maybe there would have been bowling balls to dodge?), then back towards the camera. Then, there is a platforming section across floating notepads. The Homer and Bart statues are seemingly textureless, so either they were meant to look like that or the materials were cut.


Hidden Geometry

The Simpsons house has a photo of Marge, which isn't visible due to an invisible barrier and the locked camera movement never panning over to where it is. It's located next to the photo of Homer that is visible on the right of the TV. It also appears to be lifted and cropped out from a Season 2 episode.

TheSimpsonsGame Picture marge round.png

Behind the grocery store in Springfield, there is an El Barto graffiti 0.04 units inside a wall, making it invisible.

Ingame Model Viewer (graffiti moved)
TSG-ElBarto-Ingame.png TSG-ElBarto-Model.png


Sarah Wiggum is mentioned exactly once by name throughout the game (during Around the World in 80 Bites) and it's not even spelled correctly.

String ID String Label String
00B3EDAB cwig_xxx_000028e Mmm, so much better than Sara's cooking.

Hobbit Rod Flanders' name in NeverQuest is misspelled as Rodd for two subtitles.

String ID String Label String
DD56D7EE rdfh_xxx_00067c2 Rodd says yes!
DD56D7F5 rdfh_xxx_00067c9 Rodd is a follower.

Matt Groening's assistant Vyolet Diaz in Five Characters in Search of an Author is written as Violet. While it could've been a parody, the internal subtitle ID vdiz does imply it's meant to be the real Vyolet; not to mention she's the one who also does the voice acting.

String ID String Label String
5A85E2AE gron_igc_00031b1 So they want a war? Well, then it's a war they'll get!
E56F3A5B gron_igc_0006055 Violet, engage the super-toon defense systems!
239DC464 vdiz_igc_00031b2 Yes, Mr. Groening.
5A85E2B0 gron_igc_00031b3 It's "Gray-ning"!
239DC466 vdiz_igc_00031b4 Are you sure?
5A85E2B2 gron_igc_00031b5 No.

Different Building Design

In Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers, Turn Your Head And Coif has a different design than what's seen in Springfield.


Version Differences

Enter the Cheatrix Time Challenge

The bridge in the blood room is damaged in the Xbox 360 version, but remains fully intact in the PlayStation 3 release.

PlayStation 3 Xbox 360
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN CheatrixTimeTrialBridge.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN CheatrixTimeTrialBridge.png

Bonus Movies

The European PlayStation 3 releases have an additional Bonus Movies sub-menu, which has two somewhat generic videos available. This was originally meant to contain the cut Making-of movie for this game.

PlayStation 3 (Europe) PlayStation 3 (Rest of the World), Xbox 360
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN MainMenu.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN MainMenu.png

Texture Resolution

To do:
Some "generic" textures shared across many archives also have differing resolutions. Not to mention some others look quite different due to using other alpha masking types.

A couple textures have more visible compression artifacts in one version than the other, which isn't that noteworthy, however there are also several textures that are higher resolution, most of the higher resolution ones occurring in the PS3 release.

Bartman Begins

PlayStation 3 Xbox 360
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN brt.str-zone02 split3.txd-brt entrytunnel brck.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN brt.str-zone02 split9.itxd-brt entrytunnel brck.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN brt.str-zone02 split9.txd-brt grybrck.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN brt.str-zone02 split9.itxd-brt grybrck.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN brt.str-zone01.txd-brt templecroft.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN brt.str-zone01 split3.itxd-brt templecroft.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN brt.str-zone02.txd-brt underwater mural.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN brt.str-zone02 split3.itxd-brt underwater mural.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN brt.str-zone01 split2.txd-brt wallcrack1.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN brt.str-zone01 split4.itxd-brt wallcrack1.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN brt.str-zone01 split2.txd-brt wallcrack2.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN brt.str-zone01 split4.itxd-brt wallcrack2.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN brt.str-zone01 split3.txd-stoneblock.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN brt.str-zone01 split4.itxd-stoneblock.png

Mob Rules

This texture exists in Bartman Begins, here, and in Springfield. Only in Bartman Begins the texture is identical on both platforms (both using the higher quality variant seen in the PS3 column.) Springfield's texture is the same as this one's.

PlayStation 3 Xbox 360
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN mob rules.str-zone03.txd-spr museum02.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN mob rules.str-zone03.itxd-spr museum02.png

Shadow of the Colossal Donut

PlayStation 3 Xbox 360
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN colossadonut.str-zone02.txd-spr museum05.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN colossadonut.str-zone02.itxd-spr museum05.png

Game Engine

The Five Characters in Search of an Author equivalent of this texture (rhymes\zone01.str\rwc_goldcoinramp2) is high resolution on both platforms.

PlayStation 3 Xbox 360
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN gamehub.str-zone01 split6.txd-gam goldcoinramp2.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN gamehub.str-zone01 split9.itxd-gam goldcoinramp2.png


The cliff texture has two different (yet almost identical) variants, the first one is lower resolution on PS3, but the 2nd one is identical on both patforms

PlayStation 3 Xbox 360
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN spr hub.str-cliff.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN spr hub.str-cliff.png
SimpsonsGamePS3-FIN spr hub.str-zone21.txd-pol floor1.png SimpsonsGame360-FIN spr hub.str-zone21.itxd-pol floor1.png