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The Simpsons Cartoon Studio

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Title Screen

The Simpsons Cartoon Studio

Developer: Big Top Productions
Publisher: Fox Interactive
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released internationally: June 1, 1996 (Windows)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

The Simpsons Cartoon Studio is one of many 90's cartoon makers that let you create all sorts of simple cartoons using characters, sounds, music, and locations from a particular show, in this case The Simpsons. The show's cast even reprise their roles here.

Unused Graphics


Edna Krabappel (who is otherwise completely absent), Patty & Selma, Itchy and Scratchy all have their own icons that go unused. The question mark one is likely a placeholder.

TSCS palette bank placeholder cast.png

palette bank placeholder cast is an image of Bart Simpson's animations in a specific order that doesn't appear in-game.

palette title reference
homer bookmark
TSCS palette title reference.png
TSCS homer bookmark.png

palette title reference is a copy of homer bookmark, albeit with yellow borders and noticeable dithering.



A green laser.


The same set of icons previously seen in SIMPMAIN.DIR, but in a polaroid border.