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Proto:The Simpsons Skateboarding

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This page details one or more prototype versions of The Simpsons Skateboarding.

This article is a work in progress.
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Alpha 13 of The Simpsons Skateboarding is dated June 26, 2002, predating the final US build by about three months.

General Differences

SimpsonsSkateboarding-A13 BoardSelectMenu.png
  • The build date is always displayed at the top of the screen.
  • The controls are somehow even worse than in the final game.
  • All levels are locked by default. They can be unlocked using these codes:
0070D4D8 0000000A
0070D718 0000000A
0070D958 0000000A
0070DB98 0000000A
0070DDD8 0000000A
0070E018 0000000A
0070E258 0000000A
0070E498 0000000A
0070E6D8 0000000A
  • A "Board Select" menu is present, which for whatever reason was removed from the final game. The below codes will unlock all the boards:
0070D4DC 00000006
0070D71C 00000006
0070D95C 00000006
0070DB9C 00000006
0070DDDC 00000006
0070E01C 00000006
0070E25C 00000006
0070E49C 00000006
0070E6DC 00000006
(Source: Edness)

Graphical Differences

Proto Final
SimpBoard Loading Proto.png SimpBoard Loading Final.png

The loading screen is more basic-looking and lacks Bart.

Proto Final
SimpsonsSkateboard June262002.png Thesimpsonsskateboarding title.png

The title screen has copyright info at the bottom, which was removed in the final.

Every level uses the same preview video, which appears to be an early version of Springfield Elementary.