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Notes:Wendy: Every Witch Way

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This page contains notes for the game Wendy: Every Witch Way.


Passwords are located in plaintext at 0x305CC. They are prefixed by what seems to a be a byte for the game mode (01 = Normal, 02 = Hard, although the first stage is prefixed 00). This is followed by a unique identifier for each stage, skipping 04, 08, 0C and 11. These skipped values are most likely the bonus stages which occur after each world. Following the pattern, 10 should be skipped instead of 11, but this is used for the test level documented on the main article; thus the world 4 bonus level is the skipped 11. The 20 identifier is reserved for the "Super Code" which is shown after the end credits and begins a new game in Normal mode with Wendy's wand permanently full-powered. For some reason, the last three passwords are repeated.

Prefix Identifier Stored Password Actual Password Effect
00 02 2466 Star, Triangle, Minus, Minus Normal Level 1-2
01 03 2561 Star, Plus, Minus, Square Normal Level 1-3
01 05 2453 Star, Triangle, Plus, Circle Normal Level 2-1
01 06 2665 Star, Minus, Minus, Plus Normal Level 2-2
01 07 2435 Star, Triangle, Circle, Plus Normal Level 2-3
01 09 2113 Star, Square, Square, Circle Normal Level 3-1
01 0A 2245 Star, Star, Triangle, Plus Normal Level 3-2
01 0B 2436 Star, Triangle, Circle, Minus Normal Level 3-3
01 0D 2112 Star, Square, Square, Star Normal Level 4-1
01 0E 2341 Star, Circle, Triangle, Square Normal Level 4-2
01 0F 2543 Star, Plus, Triangle, Circle Normal Level 4-3
02 02 4123 Triangle, Square, Star, Circle Hard Level 1-2
02 03 4321 Triangle, Circle, Star, Square Hard Level 1-3
02 05 4564 Triangle, Plus, Minus, Triangle Hard Level 2-1
02 06 4654 Triangle, Minus, Plus, Triangle Hard Level 2-2
02 07 4232 Triangle, Star, Circle, Star Hard Level 2-3
02 09 4456 Triangle, Triangle, Plus, Minus Hard Level 3-1
02 0A 4423 Triangle, Triangle, Star, Circle Hard Level 3-2
02 0B 4411 Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square Hard Level 3-3
02 0D 4533 Triangle, Plus, Circle, Circle Hard Level 4-1
02 0E 4316 Triangle, Circle, Square, Minus Hard Level 4-2
02 0F 4651 Triangle, Minus, Plus, Square Hard Level 4-3
02 10 1265 Square, Star, Minus, Plus "Hard Level 4-4" (test level)
01 12 5656 Plus, Minus, Plus, Minus Advance World Level ?-2
01 13 1625 Square, Minus, Star, Plus Advance World Level ?-3
01 20 6336 Minus, Circle, Circle, Minus Super Code
02 12 5656 Plus, Minus, Plus, Minus Advance World Level ?-2
02 13 1625 Square, Minus, Star, Plus Advance World Level ?-3
02 20 6336 Minus, Circle, Circle, Minus Super Code

Advance World

Wendy: Every Witch Way is one of a handful of games which unlock additional features when played on a Game Boy Advance. In this case, the player is rewarded with three more stages over the original 12. Of course, there's no technical reason for these stages to be GBA-exclusive; while games can detect that they're running on a GBA, they're not able to take advantage of any of the GBA's hardware beyond it's backward-compatible GBC mode. GBA detection is based on the B register, which is initialized to 00 on a genuine Game Boy Color and 01 on a Game Boy Advance.

While some GBC emulators can be set to run in "GBA mode", others—and perhaps more importantly, real hardware— cannot. An easy way to force the game to run in "GBA mode" (i.e. enable Advance World) is to modify the code as follows:

Original Modified
ROM0:3976 CB 20        sla b
ROM0:3976 06 02        ld b,02

Quite early in the game's startup, it multiplies the B register by two. On the Game Boy Color, this does nothing (0×2=0) while on the GBA this results in 02 being stored in the B register. The modified code replaces that instruction with one to simply store 02 in the B register. This will cause the game to run in GBA mode on any hardware or emulator.

This is largely moot as all players can access the Advance World levels by using the game's debug mode, but this obviates the need for that trivial nuisance.