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Nuclear Throne

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Title Screen

Nuclear Throne

Developer: Vlambeer
Publisher: Vlambeer
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: December 5, 2015

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Nuclear Throne is a game about mutants fighting in a post-apocalyptic wasteland to reach the Nuclear Throne.

To do:
  • The stuff on this page and graphics.
  • Also update history.
  • Nuclear Throne for Steam also has a "betas" feature, and you can go to earlier versions. These include update #1, #19 (mod support), and #79.

Removed Content


Sentry Gun

Nuclear Throne Sentry Gun.png

A bullet weapon that costs 24 ammo to use and throws out a sentry that shoots at enemies for you. Removed in Update 46. Still available in the main game via hacking.

Ion Cannon

Nuclear Throne Ion Cannon.png

A rather unfinished energy weapon that causes plasma explosions at your cursor. Removed in Update 93. Still available in the main game via hacking.

Party Gun

Nuclear Throne Party Gun.png

A party popper that costs no ammo, does minimal damage, and dropped from the first enemy you kill. Added in Update 46 to celebrate Nuclear Throne's "birthday" for one year of development. Removed in Update 47. Still available in the main game via hacking.



Nuclear Throne-Character cuz.png

Y.C., or Yung Cuz, a character normally seen in-game sitting on a couch playing video games, has sprites for a playable character. He has no active or passive ability, but the names of his abilities have been found.


Big Dog

Big Dog icon.png

Big Dog, a boss normally encountered in the Scrapyard area, was added in as a character for April Fools in Update 67. He started with 300 health, and could spin with left click, and shoot missiles with right click. He was unlocked by killing Big Dog, and was removed from the game in Update 68 a week later.


Ghost Guardian

Nuclear Throne Ghost Guardian.gif

An enemy in the Palace that would charge at you and move through walls. Removed in Update 37 and replaced by the Dog Guardian.

Big Fish

There exists two different instances of this boss, with different attacks.



Nuclear Throne Table.png Nuclear Throne Chair.png Nuclear Throne Chandelier.png

Several pieces of furniture that used to appear in the Palace, which could be destroyed.

Birthday Cake

It tastes like radiation.

A nuclear birthday cake to celebrate the game being in development for a year. Added in Update 47 and removed shortly after.


Opposite Crown


This crown made rare floor tiles common and common tiles rare. It was removed due to not looking very good and messing up gameplay. Removed in Update 16.

Crown of Choice


This crown let you only take one weapon through a portal, with an extra chest on the next level. Removed in Update 58 and replaced with Crown of Risk in Update 76.

Crown of Explosions


This crown caused 3 small explosions to be added to every big explosion, except for blood explosions. Combined with Crown of Death in Update 76.

Redesigned Content

To do:
Props, ESP in The Palace.


Before After Changes
Nuclear-Throne-Gator idle new.gif The gator found in the sewers originally had a cigarette in his mouth, and had a lighter color. Once they had sight of the player, they would spit out their cigarette. In a later update, they gave him a darker color in order to see him better in-game. Updates later, they removed the cigarette from his mouth, to ensure an "E for Everyone" rating.
Nuclear-Throne-Guardian idle.gif
Nuclear-Throne-Guardian idle crown.gif Crown Guardians not only had a different sprite, but a different attack as well. It fired 5 green projectiles in 5 different angles. They were temporarily removed in Update #79, and re-implemented in update #93. It gave the guardian a new sprite, alongside a new attack.
Nuclear throne Spider idle Old purple.gif
Nuclear throne Spider idle Old green.gif
Nuclear throne spider new.gif Crystal Spiders used to be purple, then were changed to a light green color in Update 23 to make them easier to see on the purple terrain. They were then changed to orange to provide more contrast in Update 61.
Nuclear throne bigdog missle old.gif
Nuclear throne bigdog missle old2.png
Nuclear throne bigdog missle new.gif Big Dog's missiles used to be a dull gray, which was hard to see in the midst of battle. They were changed to have a striped pattern in Update 72, then were animated in Update 81.
Nuclear throne greenrat old.gif
Nuclear throne greenrat new.gif The small green rats' appearance was changed slightly in Update 93 to tell them apart from the regular small rats.


Before After Changes
Nuclear throne crownhand old.gif Nuclear throne crownhand new.gif The pedestal that would hold the crown at the end of a crown vault was changed from a pair of hands to a glowing emblem on the ground.
Nuclear throne protostatue old.gif Nuclear throne protostatue new.gif The proto statues were changed from a statue resembling a man, to one with the same emblem from the crown vault.
Nuclear throne generator old.gif Nuclear throne generator new.gif The small generators in the Palace were given a bit more visual flair.


Before After Changes
Nuclear Throne Robot Old1.gif Nuclear Throne Robot new1.gif Robot's B-Skin was changed from purple to blue, due to the change of high-tech things coloring from purple to blue.
Nuclear Throne Melting old.gif
Nuclear Throne Melting b old.gif
Nuclear Throne Melting idle new.gifNuclear Throne Melting idle b new.gif Melting's color changed to make him more sickly looking, and to resemble Steroids skin tone less.
Nuclear Throne Plant idle b old.gif Nuclear Throne Plant idle b new.gif Plant's B-skin changed to resemble Sonic.
Nuclear Throne Crystal idle old.gif Nuclear Throne Crystal idle new.gif Crystal changed to resemble character portrait more.
Nuclear Throne Steroids idle b old.gif Nuclear Throne Steroids idle b new.gif Steroids' B-Skin tank top color changed from white to black, a headband was added, and his skin tone was changed slightly.


Before After Changes
Nuclear Throne Hyper Rifle Old.png
Nuclear Throne Laser Minigun Old.png
Nuclear Throne Laser Rifle Old.png
Nuclear Throne LaserPistol Old.png
Nuclear Throne Hyper rifle.png
Nuclear Throne Laser minigun.png
Nuclear throne laser rifle new.png
Nuclear Throne Laser pistol new.png
High-tech weapons, such as laser, plasma, and hyper weapons, originally had a purple color. This was changed to blue for unknown reasons.
Nuclear Throne Chainsaw.png
Nuclear Throne Jackhammer.png
The jackhammer was originally designed as a chainsaw.
Nuclear throne wrench old.gif
Nuclear throne wrench goldold.gif
Nuclear throne wrench new.pngNuclear throne wrench newgold.png The wrench was originally a sledgehammer, and was changed into a wrench in Update 51, with the golden variant being changed in Update 52. At the same time, a new weapon was added with the name and sprite of the sledgehammer.


To do:
There is a lot more icons found in U19 and U1! Go search!
Before After Changes
Nuclear throne boiling veins old.pngNuclear Throne Boiling Veins Old2.png Nuclear throne boiling veins new.png Prior to Update 4, Boiling Veins was named Fire Eater, and provided full immunity to explosions. In Update 4, the mutation was renamed to Boiling Veins, and provided immunity to fire and explosions when under 50% health, and later on under 4 health. In Update 8, the icon was changed, and changed again in Update 67.
Nuclear Throne Gamma Guts old.png Nuclear Throne Gamma Guts new.png The icon for Gamma Guts used to have Melting in it, then was changed in Update 8 to feature Eyes instead.
Nuclear Throne trigger fingers old.png
Nuclear Throne Shotgun fingers old.png
Nuclear Throne trigger fingers new.png
Nuclear Throne Shotgun fingers new.png
In Update 63, both Racing Mind and Shotgun Fingers got new icons and names, being Trigger Fingers and Shotgun Shoulders respectively.