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Title Screen


Also known as: ObsCure
Developer: Hydravision Entertainment
Publishers: MC2 (EU), DreamCatcher Interactive (US), Ubisoft (CN), Mighty Rocket Studio (Steam)
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
Released internationally: March 10, 2014 (Steam)
Released in US: April 6, 2005
Released in EU: September 2004
Released in RU: December 2005
Released in CN: February 2006

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Obscure bears a resemblance to the likes of Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It is a survival horror game in a high school setting with permadeath.

Version Differences

Original International Releases

A lot of changes were made in the overseas revision of the game.

  • At the beginning of the game, when running away from the ArbolTrebol with Kenny and Dan, it's harder to get past the two Biters that spawn in the room with the cages in the overseas revision. This may be because of a slightly different placement.
  • The sound that plays when lockpicking a door is different in the overseas revision, being somewhat quieter.
  • The sounds for the baseball bat are difference, both when swinging at the air and when hitting walls, in the overseas revision.
  • The game features more ambience noises in the overseas revision.
  • The game plays a slight "breathing" sound when near the dark aura effect around the walls, in the overseas revision. In the original version, it'd only play a sound similar to stones moving.
  • In the original game, when one watches the cutscene in the attic where Walden saves the player from the Biters, after you come out, the dark aura effect that's surrounding the door will still be there. In the overseas revision, the effect slowly goes away when you exit.
  • The Biters that appear in the classroom's entrance aren't present in the European version, and neither is the corpse that they're eating. This could've been added to scare new players and make them enter the room where you meet Stan. Interestingly, it seems that this may have been planned to be in the European version too, as in either version the two player characters will talk about the crazy things that are happening in the school as they enter, which would make sense when they're seeing biters eating a corpse. It also makes more sense when Josh mentions the "monsters roaming the halls" to Stan, as in the European version he has only seen two, in the attic.
  • The cutscene that plays when pouring the sulfuric acid on the locked chain is missing, instead being replaced by an in-game animation.
  • In the library, there's one room where an infected student will jump through the window and due to sunlight exposure if you approach said window. He has a slightly longer pain sound in the overseas revision, making it be somewhat desynced with the animation.
  • In the European version, once the cutscene of the student turning into an Evolved Infected, 3 of the enemies will spawn. In the overseas revision, only 2 will spawn, however, if you enter the bathrooms and come out, the third one will now spawn. No more of them will spawn in the European version.
  • A small cutscene was added when you enter Mr. Garrison's office for the first time in the overseas revision, showing a Crawler Fly climbing up a vent. In addition, the room features some dark aura effect, which will quickly go away if you're using a flashlight.
  • In the same room, in the European version you find the shotgun, and two boxes of shotgun bullets. The overseas revision added a box of pistol ammo here, likely because the cafeteria has a lot of enemies.
  • In the cafeteria, you can find the Automatic Pistol besides the corpse of the girl killed by the first Crawler Fly in the European version. In the overseas revision, it was moved to the kitchen.
  • Some of the enemy placements have been moved around in the overseas revision.
  • In the European version, the game will claim that the Automatic Pistol can hold 8 bullets when you pick it up. It actually holds 10 bullets, this text was fixed in the overseas revision.
  • On the last room of the cafeteria, right next to a crab, you'll find the box with fuses that you need to fix the fuse box in the previous room in the European version. In the overseas revision, the box is inside of a locker that you have to lockpick.
  • In this same room, an extra box with shotgun bullets was added on a table.
  • Also in the cafeteria, the box where you do the fuses puzzle is opened with the screwdriver in the European version, while it needs to be lockpicked in the overseas revision. (And more monsters appear while you lockpick it).
  • Once you fix the fuse box, the game will play a cutscene of the lights in the cafeteria turning on. In the original European version, it'll only show the room with the fuse box, while in the overseas revision, it's been extended to show the kitchen and the room where you have to fight a crab.
  • When re-entering the Administrative building for the first time at night, you'll see a small cutscene showing you the area with the 3 Evolved infected in the overseas revision, which wasn't present in the original European release.
  • In the school parking lot, near the theater, the van containing a medical kit is completely missing during the day in the overseas revision. Instead, it will only appear at night, and when opened two Evolved Infected will spawn. In fact, if one examines the overseas revision of the parking lot closely, it can be noticed that the whole map has been slightly changed. There are fewer parking spots, the grassy area is expanded and has a new chain fence that prevents you from being able to see the wall, and the door is different, plus, it's missing the chain that it has in the European version (although, it only has it during day-time). Interestingly, the van will be moved to a different spot in the overseas revision, and this adds a strange visual "glitch" to it; in the original version, it was right next to a lamp post that was shining light on it, and you could see the reflection of said light in the texture. This reflection was kept in the overseas revision, but now it makes no sense because the lamp next to it emits no light.
  • In the European version, the doors to the dressing room in the Amphitheatre are locked in the European version, and must be lockpicked. These locks were removed in the overseas revision.
  • In the overseas revision, a new camera angle was added to the first fight with the Queen, pointing at her as soon as the CGI cutscene ends. Interestingly, she also starts attacking before the cutscene even starts; in the European version she won't do so until it ends.
  • It's also worth noting that the worms that come out of her body have a longer reach distance in the overseas revision, being able to crawl even to the elevator, while in the European version they'd disappear shortly after coming out.
  • In the overseas revision, the bar hook found in the basement's prison has been moved ever so slightly, making it harder to see.
  • A camera angle that makes it seem like someone is watching the characters from a window that should appear after escaping the prison with Kenny was added in the overseas revision. Another similar frame was added in the basement, in this one, the camera would be behind a ventilation fan.
Original Overseas revision
  • The dormitory's statue is inside a trophy case, instead of the stairs. This change might have been added because of players getting stuck here, as the statue is less obvious in the European version, and may have been moved to the stairs later to make it hard to miss.
  • A small animation of the Leafmore Survivors being attacked by 2 Flies after opening the door of the first floor of the library was added.
  • In the upper floor of the library the door will be closed by a simple lock that you can remove using the cutter in the European version. In the overseas revision, one has to retrieve the key from a room, whose entrance is hidden by a wardrobe that you have to push.
  • In the European version, in the woods after grabbing the Two Barrel Shotgun, one will be attacked by a Crab coming out from the trees, the crab was replaced by a 3 Biters in the overseas revision. Also, in the overseas revision, the Evolved Infected that spawns outside the shed won't attack or follow you until you go outside, while in the original release it'd eventually enter the shed if you never came out. Interestingly, in both versions, you'll be able to hear an ArbolTrebol growl, however, none are present in either version.
  • In the woods, in the second area, an ArbolTrebol that attacks just past the door will come out from the trees blocking the escape characters in the original European release, in the overseas revision it instead arrives at them from the front.
  • The Morgenstern Bat that you unlock after beating the game, looks like a medieval mace in the bonus menu. However, in-game it looks exactly like the regular Morgenstern Bat, except it seems its textures have a problem with transparency (it has black spots in it), which also suggests it wasn't yet finished, and that the medieval mace was actually the beta version of the weapon. This was all fixed in the overseas revision.
  • On the original European version of the game, if you went to the second floor of the courtyard and looked at the basketball court below, you'd see a basketball there that doesn't actually appear when you're at the bottom level. This ball was later removed on the overseas revision.

Steam Version

This version was built from the original European version. As such, none of the changes made for the original international versions are present.

  • "Still Waiting" by Sum 41 was originally playing during the opening of the game, it was replaced due to copyright reasons.
  • During the credits, the song playing was unique in every region, they all were replaced.
  • Bonus, the videos of the copyrighted songs, have been replaced by gameplay videos, there's one that showcases a prototype of the game, the other one is the game's trailer.
  • There's a strange visual glitch that's in nearly every room in the underground. It looks like the claws of a biter.
  • The safety of the lift lever in the theater is already off.
  • The model for the shotgun you can find in the basement is incorrectly rotated, making it look like it's buried in the ground.