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Title Screen


Developer: Little Cat Feet
Publisher: Degica
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: December 8, 2016

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

OneShot is an adventure/puzzle game that takes the game outside the game.

To do:


Os oldniko.png
Revision Differences
Going ALL the way back to the freeware version of Oneshot.
Unused Maps
Various unused or unseen maps from the game.

Unused Music

30 Factory.ogg

A variant of Factory.ogg with the fading sound at the end being cut.


A variant of TheTower.ogg with slightly changed ending.


Alternate menu theme that was used in the freeware version of game - it played in the main menu after "killing Niko" (closing the game without going to bed).
Despite this ending being removed, this track still remains in the game files.

mines maybe.ogg

Judging by the name, this track is related to the Barren mines. Maybe.




There are 4 ambience tracks in game files, but only the fourth one (ambience4.ogg, also known as "Out of Protocol" in the Solstice OST) is used in game. It's possible that these are just progress shots. ambience3.ogg and ambience4.ogg sound very similar.


A variant of "Vestige" (DeepMinesPiano.ogg) without a piano accompaniment.


A variant of Collapse.ogg without high pitched piano part.


An older version of "Aviator". Reused as a bonus track in the Solstice OST as "First Flight".

Unused Sounds


A satisfying combination of beeps and boops. Two copies of this sound exist: in the Background Sounds folder and in the Sound Effects folder.


This background sound was supposedly planned to be used for a long teleportation in the Tower.


A copy of item_get.wav in the Music Effects folder. Was presumably supposed to play when you get novelty T-shirt from Magpie.


A sound effect supposed to play in unused tutorial sequence of the game, when Niko used clippers to cut vines that blocked passage to the Refuge.


A variant of the commonly used transition sound effect without the echo effect.



Unused versions of used music effects with the same names in Sound Effects folder.


A variant of the sound effect played when Prophetbots spins.

square-death - Copy.wav

A possibly work-in-progress variant of square-death.wav sound effect.






These sound effects are supposedly prototypes for the Tower water maps' stepping sounds. step_splash4.wav is longer than the others, so it might be the source sound.


A bell sound effect. Possibly used for testing step sounds?



These sound effects were used for the Solstice countdown, and subsequently became unused when the countdown completed.


A wheel squeak. Possibly an early step sound for the minecart?

Unused Items

ID Graphic Name Description Use Notes
OneShot-Item red photo.png
photo of Niko Not a cat! Can be used like the other photo items to complete the Library Card subquest. Combining with sticky library card will additionally remove (non-sticky) Kip's library card and sticky photo. Presumably an old photo item, used before multiple photos feature was added. No longer obtainable.
049 None boots These boots will make it possible to move quickly. None Leftover equipment item from freeware version. Gave Niko constant running speed. Replaced by the Default movement option in the settings menu.
OneShot-Item debug save.png
DEBUG SAVE USE THIS TO SAVE Can be used to Save up to 4 backups and Load to any one of them or to the latest autosave/checkpoint. In Load/Save menu each save file has indicator of time and date of its creation and identical for all 4 savefiles sprite of Niko or Entity (if DLC is beaten on current save) without bulb and facing down.[reword this, please] Exiting the Load menu will result in loading the latest autosave/checkpoint. Didn't exist in freeware.


Key 1

Key 2

Key 3
None None According to developers, Rue, Cedric and Prototype at one point of development were supposed to give 3 keys to help solve a puzzle.

This puzzle was possibly an early version of the BigPortal puzzle, where the trio themselves are the keys (more precisely, text files named keyR.txt, keyG.txt and keyB.txt).

Unused Graphics

Niko with Gas Mask without Lightbulb

Sprites of Niko wearing the Gas Mask, but not holding the Lightbulb. Niko never appears in such a scenario in-game.

Freeware Steam
OneShot-Niko Gasmask-no-lightbulb.png
OneShot-Niko gasmask.PNG

Niko on a Ladder

There are sprites of Niko with and without a gas mask titled niko_ladder.png and niko_ladder_gasmask.png. These sprites, however, are direct copies of the freeware edition's Niko sprites without a sun.

Presumably, these were intended to be sprites of Niko on a ladder.

niko_ladder.png niko_ladder_gasmask.png
Or maybe it's a horizontal ladder.
The real reason Niko's afraid of ladders is because he doesn't have sprites for climbing.

Unused Item Icons

Some unused item icons that were supposed to appear in the inventory.

Tutorial Graphics

Event and item graphics for an unused tutorial sequence.


Overworld sprites for the unused colored key items.



Sprites for a scrapped NPC, referred to as Lampbot by its file name. There are no mentions of this character in-game. When asked about this, Nightmargin replied with:[1][2]

I was trying to make some generic robots for the red area, but their dark palette doesn’t show up too well

Old Rue Sprites

Unused, older sprites for Rue, with the only difference being a purple bow or wind-up key on her back.


Old Journal Sprites

Early versions of the journal you find in the Barren's safe or start the game with, alongside a seemingly unfinished version of it glowing.

Solstice Countdown

Prior to the Solstice update, the clock above the door in the Refuge leading to the portals counted down to March 20th, 2017, which is the solstice. The countdown was later updated to count down to March 27th, 2017, a week afterwards, because the developers needed more time. Since the Solstice update, these graphics are no longer used.


Blue Water

An unused blue ocean panorama graphic. It's functional, and fills the background with dark blue water moving left and right, like the red and ruins green waters. Apparently leftover from the freeware version.

OneShot-blue water.png

Solstice Ending Room

A picture of the starting room after the Solstice ending. The game loads the actual room when it's needed, leaving this picture unused.

OneShot-cg end.png

Ocean Panorama Graphics

Unused graphics for ocean panoramas.

Refuge Ground Panorama

An extremely simple "panorama". Is actually used in maps "ground 1" and "ground 2", otherwise known as Elevator Street and Vendor Street, but it can't be seen in-game - because it's rendered under all layers of the map.
Was possibly was used as a ruler to make both street maps the same height.

OneShot-red ground.png

Unfinished Refuge Factory Panorama

An unfinished drawing of some industrial facilities built on water. Can be encountered in the unused map "IGNORE ToFactory", but the trigger changing the default Refuge background references a nonexistent script, and that causes the game to crash upon loading the map.

OneShot-red factory test.png

Distorted Refuge Skyline

A distorted version of the Refuge skyline, originally used in the freeware version's ending sequence. Since the ending was changed in the Steam release, this is now unused.

Oneshot-red distort.png

Unknown Sketch

An unfinished sketch from the files. Due to its name ('pj1.png'), it is theorized to be an early version of the minecart sketch.


Easter Egg

An easter egg icon. Possibly refers to the programming term, where a small secret is hidden within a program for users to find.


Unedited Computer Desktop

The computer desktop from the first Entity encounter, but without the CRT scanline/bend effects.

OneShot Cg desktop no effects.png

Freeware Ending Room

The image which is was shown after the "place the sun" ending of the freeware version, but twice the size of the original.

OneShot-cg end old.png

Starting Cutscene Image

A picture of Niko in bed in the starting room. The tileset looks more like the bedroom in the Tower section of the game.

OneShot-cg niko in bed zoom old.png

Pattern Puzzle Solution

An unused version of the background used in the Glen pattern puzzle. The game uses a version from a different folder.


Firefly Particle

The sprite for the firefly particles, but with a transparent background instead of a solid black one.

That's one big firefly.

Purple and Green Documents

Graphics for documents in purple and green colors. While blue and red documents are used, there is no reference to these two in the code.

Logo Vision

The game logo in the style of the visions seen throughout the game in a New Game+. Was possibly intended for an ending cutscene, or in the Solstice credits room.

Refuge Cutscene Background

The Refuge intro cutscene's background, without Niko or a banister.

OneShot-red area pan no niko.png

Unused Remembering Sequences

There are 5 pictures of different stages of the Tower for the "Niko remembers the past playthrough" sequence in the Solstice route. While the first three are used, these last two aren't.

Document Scrolling Arrows

Arrows used for notifying the player that there's more text off-screen in the current document. The blue version is used in some localizations, while the red one is completely unused.
There are no green or purple arrows to go with the unused purple and green documents.

Shrimp Particle

There are only 2 particles in game: "firefly" and "shrimp". The "shrimp" particles are unused but fully functional. According to GIR, one of the game's developers: [3]

Talking to @NightMargin, it sounds like we might've just forgot to turn these on.
These maps also had performance issues with the shinies in the water already, so adding this effect probably would've put more strain on in that regards.
Shrimps are balls of light, right?

Unused face graphics

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