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OneShot (2014)

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Title Screen

OneShot (2014)

Also known as: OneShot (Original) or OneShot (Freeware)
Developers: Eliza Velasquez, Nightmargin
Publishers: Eliza Velasquez, Nightmargin
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: June 30, 2014

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

OneShot (2014) is an RPG Maker 2003 puzzle/adventure game where you, as the player, must guide a lost child through a strange world, utilizing items, characters, and the environment to progress.

The game had a remake, also called OneShot.

To do:
  • Comparisons with the 2016 remake
  • Unused tiles
  • Switches 199 (DEBUG1) and 200 (DEBUG2) investigation
  • Investigate the code [1] (functions 0 - 12, death mechanic, f12 button, odd George choosing algorithm)
  • Is variable 0019 (PC first digit) unused?
  • Is switch 0019 (BGM enabled) unused?

Unused/Unseen Rooms


The first map the player boots into. It either shows the wrong executable error message, starts a new playthrough, loads the saved playthrough, or loads the post-ending room (either the starting room but dark and with spooky music, or the starting room full of sunlight). Has no graphics and is rendered as a black void. Default size.


A debug room with 13 events: a lightbulb that can be picked up and 12 teleports to key locations of the game. Some of them also do change music or Niko sprite or make sounds. DEBUG stores maps "city test" and "MAP0032".

OneShot (Original)-DEBUG.png

Has a row of 4 unique tiles which are only passable horizontally: Niko cannot enter/exit them from below or above, only from the left or from the right.

city test

Extremely long horizontal corridor made from starting room carpet tiles with a wall below it and walkable void around it. On the left side of the corridor there's a withered plant without collision which, when interacted with while stepped on, will teleport Niko to "DEBUG" room. The room uses a deleted background image, which causes the game to crash upon loading it with the error message saying: "The file city-test-big cannot be opened."

OneShot (Original)-city test.png

A screenshot most likely of this map in early stages of development, featuring the since-removed background [2]

OneShot-(Original)-city test indev.png


A smiling face drawn in Barrens gravel tiles. Stores all the maps from the Barrens.

OneShot (Original)-Blue.png


Another smiling face drawn in Glen tiles. Stores all the maps from the Glen. The player is momentarily transported here while reloading failed/completed ram puzzle.

OneShot (Original)-Green.png


Yet another smiling face drawn in Refuge tiles. Stores all the maps from the Refuge city, all crossroads maps and the maps of the "endgame starting house". The game renders the transparent pixels as black, because there's nothing else underneath.

OneShot (Original)-Red.png


Blank map of default map size.


A scared face drawn in Barrens gravel tiles. Stores the rest of the maps starting with the "water" map with the elevator doors.

OneShot (Original)-Tower.png

Unused Switches

  • 0016:area 2 cg - supposed to indicate if player saw the Glen intro cutscene, which doesn't exist in freeware
  • 0017:area 3 cg - Refuge intro cutscene doesn't exist in freeware, too
  • 0088:oil can get - supposed to indicate if player picked up an oil can item, so the game could remove oil can on the ground
  • 0159:ft choice 8 - the game can support up to 10 fast travel locations in one zone, but there are only 8 in Barrens and 5 in Glen/Refuge
  • 0160:ft choice 9 - see above switch (counting from 0, so this is tenth one)

Unused Sounds






item get-old1









Wrong Executable Error Message

To do:
When does this error appear?

OneShot (Original)-error.png

Unused Graphics

To do:
Comparisons with used graphic

All of these were originally .xyz files, that only RPG Maker can read and convert into .png. All of them (except title screens and backgrounds) have green/black backgrounds, which are replaced by transparency in-game.

Unused Item Graphics

Shrimp jar w/o light circle

A shrimp jar, without the glowing light effect.

OneShot (Original)-shrimp jar.gif

Probably screwdriver graphic

A variant of the basement key twinkle of the starting house, but moved up and is in between barrens sprites on the sprite sheet. Fits the shelf in the outpost better (if put on the Niko interacts with), so might've been intended for the screwdriver.

OneShot (Original)-GlimmerUp.gif

Alternative note

A blue note. Yellow variant of this graphic is found in the outpost.

OneShot (Original)-note2.png

Proper Prophetbot's battery

Unused variant In-game variant
OneShot (Original)-battery2.gif OneShot (Original)-battery.gif

Disabled dormitories mechanisms

They are always on in game, but Niko dialogue suggests that they were planned to turn on only when lightbulb is near.

OneShot (Original)-refinery.pngOneShot (Original)-compactor off.png

Unused gas vent graphic

It has 1 additional frame of animation

OneShot (Original)-ventRt.gif

Barrens Niko without a lightbulb

Empty handed version of sprite set used since teleportation to the Barrens until moment of gifting lightbulb to Maize. Damn.

OneShot (Original)-nikobd-0.png OneShot (Original)-nikobd.gif
OneShot (Original)-nikobl-0.png OneShot (Original)-nikobl.gif
OneShot (Original)-nikobu-0.png OneShot (Original)-nikobu.gif
OneShot (Original)-nikobr-0.png OneShot (Original)-nikobr.gif

Niko without a lightbulb in gasmask

Empty handed version of the sprite set used when gasmask is equipped.

OneShot (Original)-nikogd-0.png OneShot (Original)-nikogd.gif
OneShot (Original)-nikogl-0.png OneShot (Original)-nikogl.gif
OneShot (Original)-nikogu-0.png OneShot (Original)-nikogu.gif
OneShot (Original)-nikogr-0.png OneShot (Original)-nikogr.gif

Brighter Barrens water

Brighter variants of water and shoreline tiles.

Tileset In-game recreation (with a 5 gravel tiles cross for aesthetics)
OneShot (Original)-BlueWaterAlt.png OneShot (Original)-BlueAltWaterDemo.gif

Other unused Barrens water

OneShot (Original)-BlueAW1.gif OneShot (Original)-BlueAW2.gif OneShot (Original)-BlueAW3.gif

Incomplete Green Ruins water

Tileset In-game recreation (with a 5 empty tiles cross for aesthetics)
OneShot (Original)-GRuinsWaterAlt.png
OneShot (Original)-GRuinsAltWaterDemo.gif

Unused fireflies graphics

Unused villagers animations

Some bird people are in a cycle of running horizontally, back and forth. Interrupting their run with talking at the right moment will change their direction while they still running making all of the running upwards and downwards sprites accessible in-game but not the full animation.

OneShot (Original)-BAdultBlueU.gifOneShot (Original)-BAdultBlueD.gif

OneShot (Original)-BGirlUp.gifOneShot (Original)-BGirlDw.gif

OneShot (Original)-BAdultGreenU.gifOneShot (Original)-BAdultGreenD.gif

Maize background duplicate

Used one located in Background folder but this one in Picture folder.

OneShot (Original)-maize2.png

Unused green glitches graphics

Unused Refuge glitches graphic

OneShot (Original)-RGlitch.gif

Niko partially sunk in red water

Version of the sprite set used in "water" map.

OneShot (Original)-nikowd-0.png OneShot (Original)-nikowd.gif
OneShot (Original)-nikowl-0.png OneShot (Original)-nikowl.gif
OneShot (Original)-nikowu-0.png OneShot (Original)-nikowu.gif
OneShot (Original)-nikowr-0.png OneShot (Original)-nikowr.gif

Slimmer Tower elevator doors

Tower elevator doors but 1 column of pixels was removed from the left side.

OneShot (Original)-doors-close.gif
OneShot (Original)-doors-open.gif

Unused tileset

Version of "blank" tileset used for maps which are made of transparent tiles and background. This version features these transparent tiles being visible but rendered above background picture so it's obvious why tileset was replaced.

OneShot (Original)-transparency.png

Developer's Fast Travel Note

Fast travel menu scripts opens with a note:


Miscalculated Graphics

Wide objects are made of 2 events put side by side, But the game's engine always makes event graphics on the right overlap ones standing by the left by 8 pixels. The chess one is using a trick: Silver and Niko actually float in the air above the chessboard table.

Full sprite In-game
OneShot (Original)-big pool.gif OneShot (Original)-big pool (in-game).gif
OneShot (Original)-big pool empty.png OneShot (Original)-big pool empty (in-game).png
OneShot (Original)-minecart.png OneShot (Original)-minecart (in-game).png
OneShot (Original)-sap.gif OneShot (Original)-sap (in-game).gif
OneShot (Original)-table.png OneShot (Original)-table (in-game).png
OneShot (Original)-chess.png OneShot (Original)-chess (in-game).png
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  2. [2] - Tumblr.com, 2014