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Payday 2 (Windows, Linux)/Unused Audio

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This is a sub-page of Payday 2 (Windows, Linux).

To do:
  • Replace the YouTube videos with .OGG files.
  • Unused escape driver named Bronson needs to be documented. His folder is HUGE.
  • General heister chatter, specifically to do with needing to release a hostage.
  • Bain has a few unused lines in the Briefings folder.

Unused Dialogue

Ukrainian Job / Jewelry Store

The game's files have some early lines for both Vlad and Bain in the heist "Ukrainian Job". The concept originally was to steal a necklace for Vlad's wife, Ludmilla, so she can wear it at Dmitri's wedding, and "look better than her (Dmitri's Wife)". In the final version of the heist, the gang steals a Tiara meant for Dmitri's Wife, from the jewelry store, which, in turn, is supposed to make Dmitri postpone the wedding.

In addition, the filter on Bain's is the same one heard in PAYDAY: The Heist, which is still heard in the final game on a small number of his quotes. Vlad's lines don't have a filter in them, meaning they were never updated.

Boiling Point / Murky Station

The Elephant was meant to be the contractor for the Hardcore Henry heists, as he does play a significant role in the trailer for the heists, being the person to give Dallas the briefing in the first place, although unlike Jimmy, he was working for Akan, not against him. The original briefing, given by The Elephant, was to steal a server full of data on experimented humans-turned-superhumans that Akan would use to create his own superhuman-mooks, suggesting he realized Akan was a threat. It was even depicted in the trailer as such, so it was very likely that the developers re-recorded the lines for Jimmy after realizing that it would make more sense for the heists to be contracted by Jimmy (who overrides The Elephant's deal near the end of the trailer).

"This Russian organization is conducting some very disturbing experiments from a hidden laboratory—in Russia. The lab in Russia is holding vital information that could literally change how we perceive reality in this world. If you really want to stop Akan on getting his hands on whatever he's after, you need to get there first. Head to Russia and do your thing."
"Murkywater are transporting the EMP bomb by train, but luckily for us, they have a planned pitstop—and that's when you need to strike. The hidden trainyard is where you'll find the EMP bomb parts. The place will be heavily guarded by Murkywater, so I hope you're up for the challenge. Sneak in there and get them, then get out quickly. Do not sound the alarm."

Safe House Raid

At the end of the mission, Bain mentions that he'll make a phone call to a mole in the police to take care of the massive amount of dead bodies in the Safehouse. This is that phone call. Maybe it was cut to save players' time.

"Captain Smith! Congratulations on your promotion... uh, I'm sure you're grateful. Listen, I have a request. We need a cleanup operation. Some officers ran into...uh...unexpected resistance...*breathes*...on a routine raid. There were no survivors. That's right, no survivors. I need the area cleared, and no questions asked. Understand? Nothing happened here! Can you do it? *Pauses* Ok, great. Let me know when it's done."


"This is trouble! I see at least nine guys!"

Presumably said when Bain is eavesdropping at the beginning of the heist. Even when the undercover feds arrive, they total up to four (of which two are promptly shot by you.)

"Radio scanner -Don't mind that, it's my police scanner, there's no cops here."

Bain was supposedly going to be tipped off that cops were in the near-vicinity because of his police radio scanner. This makes little sense story-wise, as Bain is likely off-site, and the fact that getting clues early can make players disrupt the deal at a less-than opportunistic time.

"Must be Feds! Taxman is being set up!"

Likely unused due to Bain bordering on whispering the command when it'd make no sense to do so.

"(Policeman shouting on a megaphone) Up top! Move people, let's secure Alpha One!"

In the final game, the announcer just tells them to apprehend the Payday Gang.

"I count four guys."

This is never used, even when the undercover cops turn up, Bain repeats his "I see 2 guys" line or that the sellers have turned up.

"Alex will be seen by that helicopter!"

While there is a police helicopter, it's nowhere near Alex.

"That's four guys."
"I see four guys."
"Holy!-, I..I count nine guys!"

One of the few lines that the Taxman has that isn't used.

"I see nine of-em!"
"Uuuh, must be my Police Scanner. I'll shut it down... the police are miles away!"

More police scanner tomfoolery.

"What-uh, Wha? That must be my police scanner. The cops are nowhere near!"

Panic Room

In PAYDAY 2's remake of Panic Room, the secret big toothbrush item that originated from PAYDAY: The Heist was made "extra loot" to pick up, Bain has lines for you stumbling upon it, which, rather curiously, don't play in-game.

"Whoa, that's a big toothbrush! I want it."
"Hey now! That's a big toothbrush. Can I have it?"
"What the hell is that? An enormous toothbrush?! I could really use something like that."

GO Bank

"Three more minutes, guys!"

Said by George, the plane pilot, but never used as he never takes that long in the actual game.

"Four bags, hustle, hustle!"

Bain counting bags, presumably while they're being thrown into the van.

"Nine bags! You guys are legendary!"

Likely a reference to those annoying Quake announcer mods made for Counter-Strike'.

"This is a new tactic. I'm seeing cops placing trip mines in the parking lot. Don't let them get that stuff set up."
"Yeah, tell him his ass is on the line if he isn't available for the regular time lock check-in!"

Bain impersonating Hillary, the GenSec security lady who may end up calling.

Amongst the prank calls that play when answering the Robert's Bank phone, there are some that didn't make it in-game.

"Hey, there. We've got an alert of a camera down on the premises, so you should probably check that out, preferably unattended."
"Yeah, there's a charge on my credit card the wife can't see, uh... I was in Mexico, and—"
"A coconut has milk. A coconut has hair. A coconut has flesh. Therefore, a coconut... is a mammal."
"[presumably a Donald Duck impression]—just kidding, I'd like to make a deposit please."
"Er, hello, I have an important note to a Mr. Bain: "Mycket snö, ingen ficklampa!" (Lots of snow, [but] no flashlight!)
"I will make your head explode using sound! *evil laugh*. Wait a minute, whoah nooo! [explosion]"
"The bank *audio skips* I'm coming for you! It's me, Dallas, kid. The- *static* Wait, am I talking to my partner?! Jesus."
"Hey guys, just to let you know. We have reset your safe and default PIN code as 0000.
So, please get that changed before anyone tries or attempts to open it."
"Hi, I'm calling in because I have a question on my OVE 9000 Saw and I was wondering if you guys could help me out."


From these many unused pieces of dialogue, the Meltdown heist was originally contracted by the Butcher. Instead of the task being to retrieve nuclear warheads for Vlad in the final version, it instead involves recovering servers with sensitive data.

"We're headed back to the Murkywater warehouse. The Butcher wants us to recover some sensitive data held on a server before they bug out for good. And if there's any loot leftover, well... you know what to do."

Great Train

At one point, a three-day heist involving a train was planned, going as far as to have Simon Viklund (the voice of Bain and the game's sound director) record lines for it.

Day 1 would involve defending a tunnel with a cart transporting goods from the bank vault. You would also have to refuel an engine occasionally to keep the cart working. Day 2 would involve keeping the bags safe and waiting for a new truck to come in. Day 3 would involve making it to a train yard in time in order to throw the bags onto a train. You could determine where the train would come from with a control panel if you got there fast enough. If you missed it, you would have to wait for a helicopter (which would have a random loot capacity) to pick up the bags. These files have since been removed from the game.

A lot of these ideas seem to have been reused not just in the Armored Transport DLC, but other heists such as the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive de_bank crossover.


Found in the game's files are unused Vlad lines of debriefing the crew after taking AK rifles for his gang, they were presumably going to be used for what is now Firestarter Day 1 as they are in a folder called "debrief_vld_airport".


Added with the Infamy 2.0 update is a sound-byte for leveling to Infamy rank 26, a level that is impossible to achieve in the actual game.


Of note is that the infamy card's texture has parts labeled "HACKER", "NEWB", and "SCRIPT KID". Another one showing the Overkill bomb is for the developers.

Unused Music

Found in the game's files is this unused track tentatively named "Insane", that has some similarity to an actually used track (named "Full Force Forward" on the official game soundtrack).