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Persona 5/Unused Areas

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This is a sub-page of Persona 5.

To do:
*unexplorable/cutscene-only fields with interact-ables: 002_010, 002_012, 009_001 (this one should be a subpage), 008_001, 004_005?


P5 waterroom map.png

Real World

Early Train Interior

P5-early-train1.png P5-early-train2.png

Field filename: f011_002. A early interior of a train. It has banners all over and another train can be seen passing by in the background. It looks similar to the train that was seen in the PV01 trailer.

News Studio


Field filename: f012_001. A news station studio. This backdrop has been seen in various TV textures, but never used in any cutscenes at all.



Field filename: f013_005. A flat background of a foggy intersection, originating from a unexplorable field in Yongen-jaya. Could be used for public talking scenes.

Kamehameha Statue


Field filename: f013_017. A backdrop of the Kamehameha statue in Hawaii, only used in an unused cutscene.

Unused Station

P5 f015 station.png

Field filename: f015_001. An overpass that can be seen in early footage for the game. The area is lacking background building models, so either it was never finished or the camera for the area was meant to be in a fixed position. Adding to this is that moving the camera near a wall will result in the camera clipping through. The texture for the Melty Donut shop is a flat texture, as opposed to being modelled like most of the other shops in the game. The textures for this field are interesting, the pillars inside the train station have images of Elizabeth on them, and the texture for the elevator door have a starry pink texture with "SALE" written on them, implying their original texture was overwritten.


Early Waiting Room

P5 mementos unused.png

Field filename: f190_052. A field that resembles a Mementos waiting room, but doesn't have the escalators leading to the upper and lower floors. All of the Phantom Thieves are placed awkwardly and with the exception of Futaba, are huddled together in a small area. A copy of Joker is loaded with the thieves for some reason, facing the wall. The shelter is located on the other side of the tracks, but the collision data is still in its usual location around the thieves. The invisible shelter has a door unlike anything seen in the final game which can be opened. Walking inside the invisible shelter brings up a "Consult" prompt, although pressing X does nothing. Likewise, walking to the tracks brings up a functionless "Go!" prompt. Clipping inside the shelter on the tracks brings up an "Examine" prompt, but pressing X when it comes up will crash the game.

Unfinished Mementos Areas


Field filename: f092_130; Duplicated in f092_140, f093_130, and f093_140. A heavily unfinished Mementos station area piece, with just rail tracks in a circular-like field.


Field filename: f093_100. Another unfinished Mementos station area piece, with simplistic models of ticket gates, guardrails, and two railway tracks separated by a set of pillars.


Field filename: f093_110. An unfinished Mementos station area piece, with a texture of a map of the Tokyo subway system on one side and another of a placeholder model of a sign that reads "Station Name Display (Planned)".


Field filename: f093_120. An unfinished Mementos station area piece of an end-of-track railway with simplistic models.


Placeholder Room

P5-dummyfield.pngTexture rip

Field filename: f000_100. A field with a texture reading ダミーフィールド (Dummy Field) repeatedly over the floor and walls. The cylindrical shape implies it was likely used as a test battlefield at some point.

Placeholder Safe Room

P5 placeholdersaferoom.png

Field filename: f056_001 and f059_001. An untextured placeholder safe room that can be found with the field models for Okumura's Palace and Shido's Palace. The only textured part of the field is the door, which uses a texture similar to the ones seen in Kamoshida's Palace. Trying to open the door or using Third Eye here crashes the game. Despite the models being identical, there's some subtle differences between the safe rooms, with the placeholder for Okumura's Palace using the same lighting effects as the other fields for his palace and having a black skybox, while the placeholder for Shido's Palace has a cyan skybox.

Morgana Car "Interior"


Field filename: f010_007. A more detailed version of the Morgana Car interior, likely intended to be used in a cutscene on the way to Futaba's Palace before it was reworked into an animated cutscene.

Removed Fields

These fields cannot be accessed as they no longer have any models in the game's field_tex folders, however, references to them still exist within the game's data.

  • f152_003. Removed field for the dungeon area of Kamoshida's Palace. It has an ENV file.
  • f053_032, f053_040, f053_041 and f053_042. Removed Madarame Palace fields. All four of these have leftover texture banks present in the game's field_tex/texture folder, with one of these containing an elevator texture which appears nowhere else in the game.
  • f057_170. Removed Niijima Palace field. Only exists as a leftover texture bank. Said texture bank contains several textures for a Poker table that are not present in the texture banks for any other Niijima Palace field, implying this room had some connection to the cut Poker event before the boss fight with Shadow Sae.
  • f058_001. Only a single unused ENV file remains. Judging from the filename, this was likely intended to have been the entrance to a now-deleted Palace. The placement of this ENV file and a group of unused negotiation lines imply it was meant to be a Palace belonging to Goro Akechi.