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Persona 5

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Title Screen

Persona 5

Developer: Atlus
Publishers: Atlus (JP/US), Deep Silver (EU)
Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Released in JP: September 15, 2016
Released in US: April 4, 2017
Released in EU: April 4, 2017
Released in KR: June 8, 2017
Released in CN: March 23, 2017
Released in AS: March 23, 2017

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Persona 5 is another entry in the line of Persona 4 spin-off games. Don't let the title fool you. Three years later, it got a updated re-release titled Persona 5 Royal.

To do:
Still some stuff to do;
  • Look for some more dubious textures.
  • A few more unused areas.
  • Some more Persona 4 Golden leftovers.
  • There's still more unused cutscenes, even though they're mostly untranslated alternate takes of ones already in-game.
  • this might be of interest
  • Lots of unused text.
  • Ann Awakening oversight
  • Expand the prerelease page.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.


P5 mousecrow.gif
Unused Animations
This is a GIF-heavy page! Pro-squeak with caution!
P5 waterroom map.png
Unused Areas
Good thing Kamoshida sorted out his rat infestation problem for the final game.
Unused Cutscenes
If you thought the story was as long as it was, you have no idea!
Unused Graphics
A portrait says a thousand words.
Unused Textures
It's the carpet of life...
Unused Models
Ren: Mama mia!
Unused Text
Debug Time goooooo!
Unused Voice Clips
Let's not say that today.


Unused Enemies
Data I don't need should be deleted!
P5 lokimouth.png
Unused Personas
Admit that you lowkey wanted to use Loki.
P5 items.png
Unused Items
You better not use these to pull a prank.
Doubt Break leftovers
Am I just annoying you now?

Unseen Geometry

Kamoshida's Palace


Inaccessible Corridor

P5 strangecorridor.png

This strange corridor can be found in the dungeon where the player and Ryuji escape from Kamoshida's Palace for the first time after locking up his shadow, and even is marked on the map as an explorable area. Despite this, the player can never normally visit this area as during the escape it is blocked off by guards and Ryuji prevents the player from approaching it, and the dungeon cannot be visited after the player leaves. The lantern model in front of the doorway is unique to this very small part of the dungeons, and collision in the doorway prevents the player from entering. The design of this part of the dungeon seemingly matches up to an unused section of Kamoshida's Palace, likely meaning the doorway was meant to lead there before the larger dungeon area was cut.

Hidden Passageway

P5 passagegate.png

Kamoshida's Training Hall of Love has a portion that cannot be visited normally as a permanently locked gate blocks the path leading to it. The path that can be seen by the player but cannot be visited has two torture gyms that lack NPCs and proper collision, a stack of boxes that is flagged as a climbable object but lacks collision, and between these gyms is a locked gate that contains an area that cannot be seen at all in-game. Of note is that both the torture gyms on this inaccessible path can be checked when finding proof of Kamoshida's abuse of the volleyball team with Ryuji and Morgana, with the empty gym using the same audio and text as the treadmill gym, and the gym with the net using the same audio and text as the cannon gym. Oddly, checking both these gyms will fulfil the requirements for that part of the game, and the torture gyms on the path lack audio and cannot be interacted with if this path is accessed at any other time.

If the path is accessed when the player first enters the Training Hall of Love, Ryuji will prevent the player from opening the gate between the gyms, commenting "Looks like we can't go that way.". The gate can be opened from the other side, however. The wooden beam that runs through the gym next to the climbable boxes causes the player and their party to go into the "crouch walking" animation, and stops just outside of the door to the switch room, likely indicating the player would've entered the unseen path by climbing the boxes and walking along the beam. To the right of the unseen area is a locked door unlike anything else seen in the game, at the top of a short stairway. Curiously, this door is placed close to the area where the player enters the Training Hall of Love. Going to the left leads to a similar door that when opened, leads into a small room containing a stack of boxes and a nonfunctional switch on the wall. If this area is accessed after investigating the Training Hall of Love, the door leading to the switch room will be opened outwards of the room, blocking off the beam path.

Central Tower

Additional Stairway Room

P5 towerwall.png

In the Slave Room where the Torn King of Desire is fought, there is a small area of collision that can be found by going past the doorway that leads to the stairway to the throne room. This small area of collision is a wall with a hole in it, this hole is roughly the same size as the doors seen in the castle. This small piece of collision seems to imply there was meant to be another room before the door to the stairway.


P5 slaveroom moon.png

Oddly, the moon is also present in the geometry for the Slave Room, despite not being visible at all on the map. There would also be no way of seeing it normally even if it was visible as the Slave Room has no areas where the player can look outside, and doesn't even have a skybox.

Slave Rooms

In-Game Collision Data
P5 slaveroom inner.png P5 slaveroom collision.png

The permanently locked doors seen in the Slave Room actually have rooms modelled behind them even though the doors can never be opened normally. There's also a block of collision in each room that is roughly the same size as the unused bed model.

Niijima's Palace

Leftover Collision Data

Collision Data Prerender
P5 niijimahall.png P5 niijimarender.png

In the circular part of the Manager's Area, there is a wall behind the treasure pillar between the two counters with two plant containers and a bin awkwardly placed in front of it. The area behind this wall has collision data for a small hallway leading to a doorway. What this hallway once looked like can be seen in a prerendered image for the Manager's Area.

Shido's Palace

Engine Room

P5 shidopalacething.png

The geometry for the Engine Room of Shido's Palace contains this untextured object in the vicinity where Akechi is fought. It cannot be seen at all in-game due to the player being blocked off from exploring most of the Engine Room normally, and none of the camera angles of the cutscenes before and after the Akechi fight have it in frame. This piece of geometry is not present on the battle field for the Engine Room.

Field 158 Leftovers

the ENV file applied to Kaneshiro's Palace

A single unused ENV file for field 158 exists within the game. This ENV file creates a dense fog unlike anything seen in the game.

Unused Disguise Mechanic


There's unused code for disguising the player as an overworld shadow in the Metaverse. Enabling it turns them into the enemy, allowing to sneak past them. Available actions are walking/running, hitting searchable objects, jumping across gaps and on climbable spaces, and sneak attacking on enemies; Attacking them or opening a door removes the disguise. It uses the unused Disguise gauge as a meter, located on the bottom left of the HUD, for duration and clicking L3 removes the disguise, although the L3 and duration functions don't work. Removing the disguise, the gauge slowly fills up to charge and disappears after it's maxed.

Although the function is mostly removed in Persona 5 Royal, the Not-Seen-By-Enemy function became used for an accessory named Invisible Veil, a reward item from Jose for completing the Thieves Den.

Gauge, In Use, Draining Gauge Recharging
P5-disguisegaugedown.gif P5-disguisegaugeup.gif

Unused Skills

Several unused skills exist within the game but go unused.

Hex ID Name Element Description Target Cost Notes
186 Trafuri Status Escape 100% successfully from most battles. Entire party 24SP Both of these skills appeared in previous Persona instalments but go unused here. Both of these skills appear to go unused as they are rendered redundant by the Vanish Ball and Goho-M, respectively. Oddly, Trafuri does not allow the player to escape from an enemy Ambush, unlike the Vanish Ball.
187 Traesto Status Return to the entrance of the Metaverse. Entire party 18SP
1C0 Whip Strike Physical BLANK One enemy N/A Located between Tongue Whip and Lustful Slurp. Appears to have been intended for Suguru Asmodeus Kamoshida.
204 Royel Jelly Healing Item

Cure Mouse

N/A N/A A ghost skill intended for an item that was never implemented. Even if a teammate is Rattled, trying to use this skill will bring up the message "No target available". The apparent misspelling in the skill's name is intentional.
205 Organic Herb Healing Unused Item N/A N/A A ghost skill intended for an item that was never implemented. It can only be used during battle, but trying to use it will bring up "No target available".
208 Kopi Luwak Healing Unused Item All allies N/A A ghost skill intended for an item that was never implemented. It can only be used outside of battle, using it will restore 100SP to all allies.
282 Mental Hack Automatic Know the effective choice beforehand in conversation. N/A N/A Grouped with Futaba's Confidant bonuses. Despite its description, it doesn't actually do anything.
291 Lust Sphere Almighty Medium Almighty dmg to all foes. All enemies 14SP Has a description which is identical to the one used for Megido. Appears to also have been intended for Suguru Asmodeus Kamoshida, given the skill name and the animation resembling his Gold Medal Spike.
363 Baton Pass Automatic Calm things down with humor. Usable when Sense is at "Sensitive". N/A N/A Despite its name, it does't seem to be related to the Baton Pass that happens during battle.
364 Soul Touch Automatic In the real world be able to tell who has Treasure in Mementos. Usable when Instinct is at "Wild". N/A N/A
3DC Zenith Defense Automatic Nullifies Fire/Ice/Wind/Elec/Nuke/Psy/Bless/Curse Skills. N/A N/A
3E1 BLANK Status Disguise as a gigolo. Usable when Sex Appeal is at "Dripping". N/A N/A These appear to be unused confidant abilities. The description of the skill at hex ID 3E3 doesn't properly fit in the skill description box. Sex Appeal and Finesse appear to be early names for the Charm and Kindness stats.
3E2 BLANK Status Enables the viewing of the actions of others. N/A N/A
3E3 BLANK Status Enables you to profess your love to a woman. Usable when Sex Appeal is at "Kill with Eyes". N/A N/A
3E4 BLANK Status Act like a proper gentleman. Usable when Finesse is at "Thoughtful". N/A N/A
3E5 BLANK Status Enables entrance to fancy facilities. Usable when Guts is at "Bold". N/A N/A
3E6 BLANK Status Broadens the range of movement at night. Usable when Guts is at "Dauntless". N/A N/A

Unused Accessory Effects

There are several accessory effects defined in the game that are not used in-game, due to the accessories they are attached to being unused.

  • +1 Clip, +2 Clips and +3 Clips - These are attached to the unused accessories Extra Mag 1, Extra Mag 2 and Extra Mag 3. They should give the equipped character extra bullet(s) for their gun, but they don't do anything when equipped.
  • Lowers enemy line of sight - Attached to the unused accessory Secret Hood. Like the name says, this should reduce the range that shadows can detect the player. It doesn't seem to have any effect when equipped.
  • Raises enemy alert time - Attached to the unused accessory Stone Cap. It increases the amount of time the player is chased by shadows when detected. It seems to work.
  • Lowers enemy alert time - Attached to the unused accessory Air Mino. It reduces the amount of time the player is chased by shadows when detected. Like the above, it seems to work.
  • Resist Mouse and Null Mouse - These are attached for the unused accessories Towser's Belt and Zero-Day Pass, respectively. Their names imply they should prevent the equipped character from being inflicted with Rattled, however, it has no effect.

Unused Arcana Entry

There is an entry in the Arcana name table for the Aeon Arcana. There is no Confidant who represents the Aeon Arcana in game, and no corresponding tarot card for this Arcana exists. The Aeon Arcana has traditionally appeared in the enhanced editions of games in the Persona series since Persona 3 FES, however, the Aeon Arcana doesn't even see use in Persona 5 Royal, leaving its existence here a mystery.

(Source: TGE)

Unused Flags

P5 followers.gif

There are unused flags that when set, allow for the other Phantom Thieves to follow the player around outside of the Metaverse. Only three of these flags can be set at a time. The game will remove the "Morgana in a bag" model from the protagonist if Morgana's follower flag is enabled. The only one to see use in the final game is Ryuji's flag when he follows Joker around during the beginning of Kamoshida's Palace. It is noticeably unfinished, as only Ryuji, Morgana, Ann, Yusuke and Makoto have dialogue for being spoken to, and Goro's idle animation is bugged. The game also does not check to disable these flags when the player enters a Palace or Mementos, meaning that any thieves flagged to follow the player, except for Morgana, will continue to do so in their normal outfits until the player disables them. If the player enters a battle, the models of any Phantom Thieves that have been flagged to follow Joker in the overworld will be distorted for some reason.

Activating any of the out-of-Metaverse follower flags disables skip travel.

(Source: DeathChaos25)


Internal Names

Several places in the game's data (such as datCharaOrder.bmd) refer to Haru as Ranko internally. In addition, those same areas refer to Ryuji as Reiji and Yusuke as Yugo.

Likewise, nearly every instance internally refers to Chihaya as "uranai", which literally translates to Fortune Teller/Diviner. What stands out about this particularly is that Chihaya is the only confidant in the game who isn't referred to by their name internally.

The textures for Yaldabaoth's model are labelled as "metathron". Neither Yaldabaoth or Metatron share any textures so the reason for this naming is unknown.

weapon.pak Old Codenames

The sprite texture names stored in weapon.pak refers to several characters by different codenames to what they're known by in the final game, as well as listing a Strength Arcana character who has the corresponding codename "BLANK". This listing matches up to Haru, although she represents the Empress Arcana in-game. Of note is that Crow's original codename is referenced during a scene in the final game.

Early Codename Final Codename
Reaper Skull
Papillon Panther
Karasu Crow

(Source: regularpanties)

Black Mask Oddity

Goro Akechi has the passive skill Ice Boost in the skill list for his Black Mask form. While this would otherwise not be noteworthy as most of the game's bosses have hidden Boost and Amp skills in their lists, Black Mask does not have any Ice skills to benefit from this skill with.

Loki Oddity

The version of Loki used by Black Mask during his boss fight has a default level of 45 and the same base stats as Robin Hood, Goro Akechi's initial Persona. This matches how the Ultimate Personas of the party share their default level and stats with their initial forms. There is no way of seeing the stats of Black Mask's Persona normally.

Sae Confidant Oddity

Sae Niijima is one of two female confidants in the game that cannot be romanced, due to her confidant automatically progressing. However, her confidant is structured similarly to confidants that can be romanced, as her Rank 10 description is labelled the same way as the descriptions for the "romanced" Rank 10 confidants. Her alternate "comrade" description is a placeholder. It should be noted that confidants that cannot be romanced, such as Caroline and Justine, do not have alternate Rank 10 descriptions.

Shido's Room

To do:
Are there any more cutscene-exclusive rooms with hidden names?

P5 shidoroom.png

Shido's Room has camera angles defined when it is loaded into that cannot be seen normally as it is only ever seen in cutscenes, and the player never visits it at any point in the game. This camera angle is not used for any cutscene involving Shido's Room. Likewise, the room has a unique name that cannot be seen normally.

Texture Oddities

To do:
There's more here: Low-res graphics showing earlier name of Shujin Academy uniform on NPCs

Prerendered Images

Some of the fields in-game use prerendered backgrounds of the fields they connect to found in entranceways to these areas, and some of these prerenders contain significant differences to how the field looks in the final.

P5 earlykamorender.png

The texture seen in the window leading to the alternate entrance through the window of the main hall in Kamoshida's Palace. Only the portion of the texture with the chandelier platforms can be seen in-game. There are vases present around the pillars near the staircase which are not present in the final, as well as the prerender lacking the gates on the upper area and using a different floor texture to the final's.

P5 niijimarender.png

A prerender of the Manager's Room in Niijima's Palace. The prerender lacks the pedestal that displays the treasure seen in the final, as well as having an alcove with a doorway underneath the staircase which isn't present in the final. This alcove is still partially present, as the collision data for it was not fully removed from the field.

Mementos Subway Train Reflections

P5 F011 001 tr kankyo00.png

A texture titled Kankyo00, Found in the reflections for the train in Mementos is a rather odd image of an early-looking subway station that isn't seen anywhere in the final game.

Subway Train Reflections

P5 TrainReflectionGraphic 1.pngP5 TrainReflectionGraphic 2.png

Even more reflection graphics for subway trains in the real world. The first is a rather eerie graphic of some greyed NPCs in the middle of a subway space, taken from very early in development due to greyed-out NPCs being seen in early test footage. The second seems to be another angle of a scrapped station.

Persona 4 Golden Fan Art

Game Texture Fan Art
Persona-5-P4-Images.png Persona-5-Fan-Artwork.jpg

A few pieces of official Persona 4/Golden artwork are used as a small nod to the previous game, however a fan's artwork is also thrown in the mix for some reason without their knowledge. The source fan artwork can be found here.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Akihabara Film Posters

To do:
Source Ocean's Eleven & add more textures that include posters/covers.

A large number of film posters used in various parts of Akihabara are actually real movie posters and DVD covers squished down to a tiny resolution. These films originate from the US and Japan, and also include a fan made Star Wars film.


Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Column 7 Column 8 Column 9 Column 10
Row 1 I Could Never Be Your Woman Play the Game Unhitched Falling For Grace
Row 2 Did You Hear About the Morgans? The Switch Jack and Jill vs. the World Man Trouble My Life in Ruins How Do You Know Definitely, Maybe Feast of Love
Row 3 Fight Club Braveheart Bringing Up Baby My Sassy Girl Dedication Table for Three The Holiday The Romantics Something's Gotta Give The Upside of Anger
Row 4 The Magnificent Seven The Great Escape West Side Story Edward Scissorhands The Wild One Kingdom of Heaven Speed The Day After Tomorrow Independence Day Vanishing Point
Row 5 Big Fish Soul Food All That Jazz Get on the Bus Michael Jackson's This Is It Easy Rider Taxi Driver Sideways Drumline Stand By Me
Row 6 Ocean's Eleven (back) Ocean's Eleven (front) Rent Lords of Dogtown In God's Hands Waking Life In Her Shoes Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Tora! Tora! Tora! The Longest Day
Row 7 REM - Storytellers (fan made cover, back) REM - Storytellers (fan made cover, front) Vlad (back) Vlad (front) Dark Blood (fan made film, back) Dark Blood (fan made film, front) Ginger Snaps (back) Ginger Snaps (front) Art of the Devil 2 (back) Art of the Devil 2 (front)

(Source: Ehm, divingkataetheweirdo, Emeraldrox303, Rightman, Mike Hattsu)

Regional Differences

European/American Version Changes

  • The Anti-piracy warning screen was removed, though unused graphics exist for it.
  • The game runs with English audio as a default, which can be switched to Japanese via a free DLC download. Pre-installed dual audio would be present in Royal.

Korean/Chinese Version Changes

To do:
Upload the icon.
  • The icon for Almighty skills was modified to look less like the rising sun in the Chinese and Korean version of the game.
  • Ryuji's shoes have the rising sun symbol removed in the Chinese and Korean versions, due to its association with Japanese imperialism.
Japanese/Western Version Chinese/Korean Version
P5-Ryuji-Shoe-JPUS.png P5-Ryuji-Shoe-CNKR.png
P5-Ryuji-Texture-JPUS.png P5-Ryuji-Texture-CNKR.png