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Persona 5/Unused Voice Clips

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This is a sub-page of Persona 5.

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Persona 5 is a Palace, and all these unused lines are its Treasure.


Do you wanna know the secret cheat to change the navigator?
Witty description.



Sound File Line Comments
Igor: Everything that happens from here on is fiction. You have agreed upon this. From the "This is a work of fiction" agreement at the very beginning of the game.
Igor: Well then, it is time for you to enjoy this game to your heart's content.
Igor: It is said that man has the power to resist even the most desperate of situations.


Sound File Line Comments
Sojiro: As for food, eat what you want. Just don't use the stove. From the scene when returning to the cafe after Sojiro takes the protagonist to visit Shujin.


Sound File Line Comments
Ryuji: It's really made of iron! Ryuji remarking on a Shadow Guard's armor on the first visit to Kamoshida's Castle, believing it to be a costume.


Sound File Line Comments
Ryuji: None of this makes any sense...what are you? An unused scene while escaping from Kamoshida's Castle the first time. When Morgana calls out from his cell, it's not fully voiced.
Ryuji: That costume a moment ago...and that mask?
Ryuji: You're the one that put it on!
Ryuji: That doesn't matter!
Ryuji: Dammit...it's one thing after another. My brain can't keep up with this!
Ryuji: Is this really happenin'?
Ryuji: Anyways, we gotta get outta here!
Ryuji: Where the hell's the exit?
Ryuji: C'mon, you better look for it, too!
Morgana: Hey! You there!
Morgana: The blondie and the frizzy hair! Over here!


Sound File Line Comments
Morgana: And that's not all! Make an opening, and you can do something like this, too! From the combat tutorial. It's possible that the Baton Pass mechanic (or some other mechanic) was originally intended to be available from the start.
Morgana: I'm entrusting you with this chance to attack again.
Morgana: No need to hold back. Go for it!


Sound File Line Comments
Kamoshida: Good. From the scene upon finally getting to school on the first day after the visit to the castle. The first line would match up with responding "I understand" to Kamoshida's warning of expulsion. The second line seems to indicate a removed dialogue choice.
Kamoshida: ...It seems you don't even know how to watch your language.


Sound File Line Comments
Ms. Kawakami: Well, whatever happens, happens. Just don't cause any problems. From the scene after the first day of class.


Sound File Line Comments
Ryuji: That aside, why the hell did I have to deal with guidance counseling when I actually went to school? From the scene with Ryuji on the rooftop after the first day of class.


Sound File Line Comments
Ryuji: Oh yeah, you just came here recently, huh? From the scene where the protagonist and Ryuji are trying to find the castle again. Seems to indicate a removed dialogue choice where the protagonist is unsure which direction they went the first time because he doesn't remember where the school is in the first place. (The only options are "Maybe." and "Let's just go home.")


Sound File Line Comments
Ryuji: Why you gotta diss my hearing? Anyways, I heard stuff that sounded like one comin' from your phone. When Ryuji asks about the navigation app he heard coming from your phone. Possibly indicates a removed dialogue choice where the protagonist could have told Ryuji he must have heard wrong.


Sound File Line Comments
Morgana: A Persona isn't just a supernatural power. It's an armor for your heart. Unused lines from Morgana about Personas, from the scene where you return to Kamoshida's Castle.
Morgana: It's a mask whose true nature lies in drawing out the other side of you that sleeps within.
Morgana: That's why Persona-users are unaffected here, where its ruler's cognition defines everything else.
Morgana: Remember what I said about how the transformation happens because the enemy sees you as thieves?
Morgana: Your appearance is from the image within you: the manifestation of a will that bows down to no enemy.


Sound File Line Comments
Morgana: No...did one's awakening trigger the other? Personas are the strength of heart, after all... From the post-battle scene after Ryuji's Persona awakening.


Sound File Line Comments
Female student 1: Durian again? Unused lines from the scene with Ann and Shiho on April 12.
Female student 2: What? It tastes good!
Female student 1: I never see you buy anything but that flavor.
Female student 2: The teachers buy it, too.
Female student 3: What time's the volleyball rally tomorrow?
Female student 4: Huh? Are you gonna participate?
Female student 3: No way! It's for Mr. Kamoshida's game. I just gotta see what a medalist's spike is like!


Sound File Line Comments
Ryuji: *yawns* This scene after the volleyball rally isn't voiced in the final game. It is voiced in the updated Persona 5 Royal, albeit with different voice lines.
Ryuji: That asshole's acting like a king over here, too.
Ryuji: "Get to know each other better", my ass! It's just a one-man show for him to stroke his ego.
Ryuji: And how he acted like he was worried about Mishima? What an abusive d-bag.
Ryuji: Well...anyways.
Ryuji: Now's our chance to go look for the guys we saw were slaves yesterday.


Sound File Line Comments
Morgana: Hmm. You two seem friendlier than the last time I saw you. From the scene where Morgana meets the protagonist and Ryuji in the real world. Morgana is likely musing about the protagonist's wild card nature.
Morgana: Just as I thought. This guy's-


Sound File Line Comments
Morgana: Also, I'm going to accompany you when you go out. But don't worry; that part's on the house. Unused lines from the initiation of Morgana's Confidant. Morgana talks about these things directly after this scene in non-voiced dialogue.
Morgana: I will say, though: moving around is rather inconvenient in this cat form...
Morgana: I'm hesitant, but...I guess I can tolerate being in that bag...even with how bumpy the ride is.
Morgana: Lemme see...oh! One more thing. You guys send messages with those "smart phone" things, right?
Morgana: I'd like to join in as well, so you'll have to type my messages for me.
Morgana: Anyway, let's finish there for tonight. I'm starting to get sleepy...
Morgana: Good night.
Morgana: Well, I'll tolerate being carried around in that bag when you have to go to places.


Sound File Line Comments
Morgana: It could be that they're mistaking her for the fake version! From the scene in Kamoshida's Castle after Ann is taken by the guards.
Ryuji: Hold on, how would she even have gotten here? You gotta have the app, right?
Ryuji: C'mon! We gotta go rescue her. She'll be in deep trouble if they figure out she's the real Ann.
Morgana: Skull, how did you end up with the otherworld navigation app?


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: People talking to cats... From the scene after rescuing Ann and leaving the castle.
Ann: This is so weird...
Morgana: That sensation...! These lines (from the same scene) are most likely more lines of Morgana observing the protagonist's powers.
Morgana: Don't tell me...does his Persona grow not only through battle, but everyday experiences as well?
Morgana: Oh, it's nothing.


Sound File Line Comments
Igor: You may think of it as a fusion of Personas. From the scene in the Velvet Room where Igor introduces Persona fusing.
Igor: It appears you conveniently have some Personas at hand. Very well, it will be quicker if you observe.
Justine: Discarding a personality means killing a part of one's self. That is why we will be executing them.
Caroline: Some things can only be gained by losing them. This loss will become your flesh, born anew within you!


Sound File Line Comments
Ryuji: Huh? A long-nosed...wha...was that some kinda joke? From the scene in the alley before re-entering the Metaverse with Ryuji and Morgana. This seems to indicate another removed dialogue choice, implying the protagonist could have attempted to tell the others about Igor giving him the navigation app.


Sound File Line Comments
Morgana: We should check the exact range where people can get dragged in later. From the scene where Ann gets thrown out of the Metaverse after she follows the group.


Sound File Line Comments
Justine: From this point forward, you will determine which ones to execute. From the scene in the Velvet Room after fusing Personas for the first time. Fusing away Arsene, the protagonist's Persona, yields special dialogue. This dialogue comes shortly before this scene in the files. It is possible that at one point the player was forced to fuse away Arsene during the tutorial.
Igor: Forge contracts with as many allies as possible, then deepen those bonds to build upon your powers. These Igor lines come from the same scene.
Igor: Such encounters await in daily life. Keep your eyes trained; do not neglect the search for others.
Igor: Now go. Only a blink of time has passed in your world.
Igor: Return here whenever you wish. It shall be of your own accord.


Sound File Line Comments
Morgana: That reminds me...wasn't there something about an injury regarding him? These lines from the first Palace boss fight point towards either a different or additional weak point for Shadow Kamoshida existing at one point in time. In the final game, you cannot target anything other than him or the trophy he heals from.
Morgana: That's it! The one on his left knee!
Morgana: Let's target Kamoshida's left knee!
Morgana: His car? Was that it? Injury...an injury, right?
Morgana: Oh, yeah! It's the old injury on his left knee! Target that!
Morgana: We went through a lot of trouble getting that info, y'know. *sighs* What was it again?
Morgana: Oh, yeah! It's the old injury on his left knee! Target that!


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: It says..."The destination has been deleted." From the scene after escaping the first Palace post-boss battle. The Metaverse Navigator says the line itself.
Morgana: I hope you're not regretting that he might've had a mental collapse. These lines come from the same scene.
Morgana: Don't let that get to you.
Morgana: No matter what happens or what anyone says, let them talk.
Ryuji: That douchebag was a monster. We'll never become someone like that!
Ryuji: It's why we changed his heart, am I right?
Morgana: Good. As long as you understand.
Ann: Plus, it wouldn't be any fun if he also had a mental shutdown.


Sound File Line Comments
Ryuji: Hey, don't touch my stuff! Eat your beans! From the Phantom Thieves inaugural buffet scene at the hotel restaurant, before the protagonist and Morgana leave to get their own food. The protagonist does not try to eat from his friends' food in the final game.
Ann: No! This is mine! All mine!
Morgana: You little...


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: Well, if you say so, then I'm in, too! From the scene right before entering Mementos for the first time, possibly indicating removed dialogue choices from Ann asking the protagonist what he thinks they should do.
Morgana: You'll find out if you come along.
Ryuji: You're already here, so just give it up and go along with it!
Ann: Sheesh...


Sound File Line Comments
Morgana: Ow! Skull, no! Don't stretch my opening so much! Unused lines from the scene where Morgana first transforms into a bus.
Morgana: I feel like I've been violated...


Sound File Line Comments
Shadow Nakanohara: Why're you condemning me when the worst scum of all gets away with it? Unused line from meeting Shadow Nakanohara.


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: I'm surrounded by children... Unused line from the scene where Mishima's Confidant is established, after Ryuji and Morgana start arguing.


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: How that name matches the one we heard bothers me. Madarame isn't a last name you hear too often. From the scene where Yusuke and Madarame are introduced, after Ann says she will be going to Madarame's art exhibit.
Ann: Still, that gentleman doesn't seem like the type to be resented by someone...


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: Uhh, why don't you ask him yourself tomorrow? From the scene after exams, when the gang decides to go to the art exhibit. This seems to be a response to a removed dialogue option, but the context remains unknown.
Ryuji: That perv might actually be happy about that.


Sound File Line Comments
Ryuji: Pfft, don't just write it off! From the scene after visiting Madarame's art exhibit. Seems to be a response to an unused dialogue option regarding the Phan-Site post on Madarame.


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: I agree. We're not here to fool around. From the scene upon arriving at Madarame's Museum. Possibly an unused dialogue choice.
Ryuji: I know that! Jeez...


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: WHAT!? From the first scene where Ann models for Yusuke, when Yusuke tells Ann he has no interest in her as a girl. Ann's responses in the final game are "Huh?" and "...No, not really."
Ann: No...
Morgana: Why would I do that? And don't say it like I've done that before! From the same scene, when Morgana leaves the room. Likely an unused dialogue choice, but the context for the response is unknown.


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: That means...June 4th. From the scene where the infiltration of Madarame's Museum is discussed. There are voice lines for Ann saying the deadline of the Palace for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The actual deadline is the 5th. There appear to be lines for Morgana saying the last day to secure the infiltration route (June 30th, July 1st, and July 2nd, respectively) but only the used one for the 2nd of July is translated.
Ann: That means...June 3rd.


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: Well, let's do this with style, since we're phantom thieves! From the scene where the infiltration route of Madarame's Museum is secured.
Morgana: Museums are prime targets for phantom thieves, after all.
Morgana: Joker, I'll leave it to you when we carry out the plan. Everyone else fine with that?


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: That's...*laughs* Alternate reactions from Ann when the gang thinks up Yusuke's code name.
Ann: Nuh-uh! It's gonna put our lives at risk during battles and stuff!


Sound File Line Comments
Ryuji: This asshole! What an unbelievable piece of shit! From the scene before the Shadow Madarame boss fight.
Shadow Madarame: And that suspicious-looking one...I bet they're your accomplice, too! These lines from the same scene refer to the black mask intruder, aka Akechi. In the final game, his existence is not hinted at until after the battle.
Yusuke: What are you talking about?


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: You just have the taste buds of a five-year-old. Sweetened ones are too fattening. From the scene after escaping Madarame's palace. The latter is likely connected to a removed dialogue choice.
Yusuke Harsh...but, I'll catch up to all of you soon enough.


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: Uh, no! More alternate reactions from Ann, this time when Yusuke considers staying at Ann's house.
Ann: Don't encourage him!


Sound File Line Comments
Akechi: Ah...*chuckles* I wasn't expecting that. From the interview with Akechi at the TV station. Going by the file ordering, it seems to be an alternate reaction to the protagonist saying "They do more than the cops." In the final game, he just laughs.


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: But...someone did. They made Kamoshida confess everything he had done. From the scene where Makoto confronts the group at school.
Ann: What's so wrong with that?!?


Sound File Line Comments
Yusuke: Oh, I almost forgot. From the scene after Yusuke leaves the dorms and before the gang heads to Leblanc.
Yusuke: I noticed earlier that your face looks a bit puffy. I hope it's just because you're not telegenic.
Yusuke: Hmm...your eyes seem swollen as well. Have you increased your sodium intake? You need to watch your-
Ann: Let's stay on topic here.
Yusuke: Oh, right, sorry.


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: Ummmm.... From the scene when the gang first visit Leblanc, while Sojiro talks to Ann after everyone else has gone upstairs. The last two lines are in response to Ann saying she's never had a boyfriend.
Sojiro: If you had to choose between a younger guy or an older guy...which would you go with?
Ann: Hmm, I guess it would have to be older...
Sojiro: Then, what are your thoughts on men who can cook?
Ann: Well, better that than not being able to...
Sojiro: Really?
Ann: It's just...I'm not really good at that kinda stuff.


Sound File Line Comments
Ann's voice: But...someone did. They made Kamoshida confess everything he had done. From the scene with Makoto and Sae at dinner, when Makoto remembers what the others said at school. Obviously removed because the original line was also removed.


Sound File Line Comments
Caroline: Every one of them is garbage, same as you. From the Velvet Room scene the night of the welcoming party for Yusuke. Removing these two lines, made in reference to the friends the protagonist has made, creates a noticeable gap in the conversation. They are intended to come after Igor's first line in the scene.
Justine: They could be called "social failures", as well.


Sound File Line Comments
Yusuke: Beauty masks all flaws. From the scene in the cafe after being confronted by Makoto, said in response to Ryuji claiming that Ann got caught on the recording as well.


Sound File Line Comments
Makoto: Supposedly...they're being forced into prostitution. From the scene on the school roof where Makoto discusses the scamming mafia group known to prey on students. This particular tidbit was implied in parts but never explicitly stated in the final game, and there are quite a few cut lines referencing it.


Sound File Line Comments
Yusuke: I'm sure she won't make us wait long. She did come to you first, after all. From the scene in the karaoke bar when the gang decide to contact Ohya for information.


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: I hope nobody else got dragged in here with us... From the scene when the gang first arrive at the site of Kaneshiro's Bank.
Yusuke: Everyone in this city is a target. It would be inefficient to find and rescue all of them.


Sound File Line Comments
Kaneshiro: I don't have a thing for teens, you know. An unused scene with Makoto and Kaneshiro. In the final game, the scene of the gang arriving happens directly after the gang get in a taxi to follow her.
Henchman: She no good, then?
Kaneshiro: Well, prudish ones do sell at a high price...
Kaneshiro: So, what're you after?
Kaneshiro: Where'd you find out about me?
Makoto: Does it matter?
Kaneshiro: *chuckles* Typical of the young ones.
Kaneshiro: They're so worth breaking down...*chuckles*


Sound File Line Comments
Kaneshiro: Hey! Make sure you don't damage the goods. From the scene where the gang first confront Kaneshiro. "The goods" likely refers to Makoto.


Sound File Line Comments
Yusuke: Such a bold yet flexible idea and reasoning. Impressive. From the scene where the gang first take Makoto to the Metaverse. In the final game, Yusuke says the simpler "Ah, that makes sense" instead.
Ann: But Makoto-san can't use a Persona... From the same scene.


Sound File Line Comments
Shadow Kaneshiro: I'll have you work at an affiliate store with us starting tomorrow. You'll pay it off with your body. From the scene when the gang first meet Shadow Kaneshiro. (The last line is a bit unclear.)
Shadow Kaneshiro: Don't worry, we only take VIP customers from society.
Shadow Kaneshiro: We have many VIPs who desire sister action, you know. (?)


Sound File Line Comments
Makoto: Plus, I can understand what the cat's saying now, too. From the scene after the gang escape Kaneshiro's Bank following Makoto's Persona awakening.
Morgana: I'm not a cat, you know.


Sound File Line Comments
Morgana: Yes, we found it! This is it! The scene that plays when the gang secure the infiltration route to the Treasure in Kaneshiro's Bank is not voiced in the final game. Some of the lines differ as well.
Makoto: There's...nothing here, though.
Ryuji: Once we get this far, we need this thing called a calling card.
Makoto: A calling card....huh. I see.
Makoto: The Treasure will materialize once the target is cognizant that it's in danger.
Makoto: That is quite an impressive trick.
Ann: Y-yeah, th-that's right! Impressive, huh?
Yusuke: Joker, we'll defer to you regarding its timing.
Morgana: Let's prepare ourselves until then.


Sound File Line Comments
Morgana: Hoohoo! Amazing! Incredible! Gold is the best! Why didn't we target this place from the start? An alternate reaction from Morgana about the giant gold bars after defeating Shadow Kaneshiro.


Sound File Line Comments
Makoto: It's nothing. There's just....*sigh*...something on my mind. From the phone call with Makoto regarding Kaneshiro's confession.
Makoto: It's about those breakdowns that Kaneshiro mentioned.
Makoto: *sigh* I'm sorry. We have no way to verify what he said. Bringing it up now will only worry us further.
Makoto: Well, thank you for listening. See you around.
Makoto: Thank you.
Makoto: I see...


Sound File Line Comments
Makoto: Ah, sorry! I didn't mean to stray off-topic. From the scene where the gang talk about Kaneshiro's confession and discuss future plans.


Sound File Line Comments
Sojiro: My calculations haven't been adding up lately. Do you have any idea why? From the scene where Sojiro gets a call from (the still unknown to the player) Futaba and leaves the protagonist to look after the cafe. After asking the protagonist to check the ingredients in the fridge, the phone rings immediately afterwards in the final game.
Sojiro: Playing dumb, huh?
Sojiro: Come on...
Sojiro: How would a cat open the fridge?


Sound File Line Comments
SIU Director:...Actually, there is one countermeasure we received that seems usable. An alternate line from the scene where the SIU Director discusses the plan for the Phantom Thieves to destroy themselves. In the final game, he says "Actually, there is one countermeasure he brought in that seems usable."


Sound File Line Comments
Morgana: Don't get cocky. You guys are still amateurs. From the scene where the gang studies at Leblanc and watches a news report about the Phantom Thieves.
Ryuji: What was that? How are we still amateurs?


Sound File Line Comments
Ryuji: It's summer, but we gotta sit around not goin' anywhere for an e-mail? From the scene where the gang studies at Leblanc and watches a news report about the Phantom Thieves.
Yusuke: Would you be able to have fun, considering our current mood?
Ryuji: No...
Ryuji: I was just hopin' we could go on vacation or somethin' and have a blast...
Ann: I wanna hit the beach before the jellyfish show up...I'm sure we'll solve all this together!
Makoto: That's quite wishful thinking...


Sound File Line Comments
Morgana: Let's contact the others once we finish locking the place up. From the scene where the protagonist encounters Sae interrogating Sojiro at the cafe.


Sound File Line Comments
Makoto: He may have known about Futaba's circumstances and wished to help her out somehow. From the scene where Alibaba tells the group the deal is off.
Makoto: Even with that, though, he most likely doesn't want to make his identity known.
Makoto: It's just like how the hacker group Medjed don't want to let people see their true faces.
Ryuji: So in the end, he thought his own safety was more important than somebody else's.
Ann: For real? It's finally summer vacation? From the same scene.


Sound File Line Comments
Ryuji: I see. Then again, it's still a mystery why Alibaba wanted to go savin' Futaba to begin with. From the sushi dinner scene. The last line is a follow-up to Ryuji thinking Alibaba is Sojiro's ex-wife.
Yusuke: True. That wouldn't be something to ask a phantom thief about. He's pleading to the wrong crowd.
Makoto: Under normal circumstances, you would take such matters to the authorities.
Ryuji: You know how much he loves the ladies! That's gotta be it! I'm totally a super detective.


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: "Hence, we shall proceed with our plan to cleanse Japan. This process will commence on August 23rd." From the scene after the sushi dinner, where the group meets Akechi and sees the update to the Medjed website. Like earlier, there are three potential dates for the Medjed deadline: the 21st, the 22nd, and the 23rd. The deadline in the final game is the 21st. There are three files, but the second file is actually a duplicate of the used line and not one referring to the 22nd.


Sound File Line Comments
Makoto: Now with all that in mind... An alternate line from the scene where the gang tries to deduce Alibaba's identity, before heading to Sojiro's house. In the final game, Makoto says "It seems to me..."


Sound File Line Comments
TV Reporter: The date that Medjed has set for the alleged cleanse is 8/22. That day is fast approaching. From the scene at Leblanc after visiting Futaba's Pyramid for the first time. More lines about the Medjed deadline.
TV Reporter: The date that Medjed has set for the alleged cleanse is 8/23. That day is fast approaching.
Makoto: The sooner the better, though, considering the time it'll take to deal with Medjed.
Ann: When we go back, we don't need to do it from the front of her door like yesterday, right? Having to reenter Palaces from specific locations is never shown to be an issue.
Ann: It'd suck if we have to do another trip with no AC...
Ann: I bet the reason why we had to cross the desert was because you were whining about going on a trip! Same scene.
Ryuji: That's a totally false accusation!
Ann: Hey...! Referencing the animated cutscene in the Morganamobile on the way to Futaba's Pyramid. A dialogue choice from the protagonist is implied.
Ann: You have this look on your face like this doesn't involve you, but you were staring too, weren't you?
Ann: You wanna be punched?!?
Yusuke: What was pink?
Ann: Nothing!
Ann: Uh-huh...
Ann: You lech.
Ann: You're gonna keep playing dumb?
Ann: I'm charging you guys next time.


Sound File Line Comments
Ryuji: The hell is this? A fire? An alternate unused scene involving the way inside the pyramid being blocked. The final scene is similar, but it is not voiced. Note that Shadow Futaba's voice has the Shadow filter applied, unlike many of her later unused story lines.
Ryuji: Ah! This thing's for real?
Makoto: How do we get through here?
Ann: Ahh!
Shadow Futaba: It seems you're already stumped.
Yusuke: Then give us some help.
Shadow Futaba: If you wish to pass through, you must obtain a key.
Shadow Futaba: It was stolen by thieves. They are lurking in the city.
Shadow Futaba: I doubt you'll be able to reclaim it, though.
Ryuji: She sounds as condescending as you, Mona.
Morgana: I'm not that bad!
Shadow Futaba: I'll be waiting...but I won't expect much.
Ryuji: We'll take it right back!
Morgana: So you're giving us a clue? Where can we find that key?
Morgana: It's just as we speculated the other day. Futaba's Shadow hasn't necessarily become our enemy.
Morgana: All right, then! Let's head to the city and look for this key!


Sound File Line Comments
Ann: You sure think quick when it comes to slacking off... From the scene where the gang reach the final sealed door in Futaba's Pyramid, after Ryuji says they can give Futaba the calling card after getting the door open so they can go straight for the Treasure.


Sound File Line Comments
Makoto: Did she message you? All of these lines come from various points in the scene where the gang first meet Futaba and give her the calling card.
Morgana: We wouldn't be having trouble if we could do that!
Makoto: We're sorry for coming so suddenly. We came because we have business with you.
Makoto: Are we mistaken?
Makoto: We can't take too long. If Boss were to come home, it would all be over.
Makoto: Hurry and let us in!
Ryuji: Well then, let's go in.
Makoto: No.
Ryuji: Huh? But she unlocked it.
Makoto: We need you to open it.
Ryuji: Can't we just forcibly open it up?
Ann: We have to persuade her to open it herself, don't we?
Ryuji: Huh?
Ann: Does she not want to answer that?
Ryuji: Let's try asking her something different then.
Futaba: Uhhh....
Ryuji: It's no use. She ain't even respondin'.
Ryuji: About what? Do you get what she means?
Yusuke: No.
Ryuji: Huh....
Ann: I doubt you'd ever understand that.
Ryuji: What the hell?!?
Yusuke: Hey, stop it!
Ann: Stop staying quiet and say something!
Ann: I'm begging you...don't think about something as stupid as suicide!
Ann: What do you think life is worth?!?
Futaba: *groans*
Ann: Hey! Futaba-chan!
Ann: I want to save you...I don't want to stand by and watch someone go through this again!
Ann: I know it's painful, but you need to stop running away!
Morgana: C'mon, Lady Ann. Pull it back a bit.
Ryuji: I get how you feel, but that's going too far...
Ann: Sorry. I just...
Yusuke: It may be best if you apologize to her.
Futaba: Huh? I jumped to conclusions?
Yusuke: Sigh...she shut herself in again.
Futaba: I wanna see this app.
Ryuji: It was installed without us knowing.
Futaba: How do you use it?
Ryuji: You enter some keywords, and it'll automatically take you from there.
Futaba: What kind of keywords?
Futaba: If you use that, can anyone go in?
Makoto: Yes, most likely. We've never tried, though.
Yusuke: It seems our preparations have been made.
Ann: Let's get going, then.
Makoto: Ryuji, what about the card?
Futaba: Is there a need to read it?
Makoto: We can't get to work if you don't.
Makoto: Well, this won't do.
Ryuji: Gotcha! We're counting on ya!
Futaba: "She never leaves her room or interacts with people, living an unproductive life of indolence."
Futaba: "We are the Phantom Thieves that steal hearts. You will be made to bask in the light of the sun."
Futaba: "Look forward to that time."