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Persona 5 Royal

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Title Screen

Persona 5 Royal

Also known as: Persona 5 The Royal (JP/KR/CN)
Developers: Atlus (PS4), Sega (PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X/Switch/Windows)
Publishers: Atlus (JP), Sega (US/EU/KR/CN)
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Windows
Released internationally: October 21, 2022 (PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Windows)
Released in JP: October 31, 2019
Released in US: March 31, 2020
Released in EU: March 31, 2020
Released in AU: March 31, 2020
Released in KR: February 20, 2020
Released in CN: February 20, 2020

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Persona 5 Royal is the enhanced re-release of a Persona 4 spin-off game. Don't let the title fool you too.

It was originally trapped as a PS4 exclusive released in 2019, and then it finally broke free and got released for all current platforms in 2022 with almost all the DLC included.

NOTE: This version has some unused leftovers from the original release. This page and its subpages will only cover material exclusive to this version.

To do:
So much stuff to do!
  • A few more oddities to cover, such as the Mementos room being grouped in with Kaneshiro's Palace internally.
  • Look for any unused graphics and models.
  • Several voice clips to upload.
  • Quite a bit of unused text.
  • Unused music, like an early Ideal and the Real theme.
  • Document all findings from the modern remasters (PC, Switch, Xbox).



Scrapped Thieves Den Items
What IS your subconscious hiding?
Unused Cutscenes
It's a whole 'nother (and longer) story after all.
Unused Graphics
Say Cheese!
Unused Models
Ren: Mama mia! Here we go again!
Unused Voice Clips
Morgana talks less, but everyone else does more.
Unused Text
Do you want to ride the limosine?
Development Oversights
Mistakes that were too hidden to be noticed.


Debug Scripts
Checking story points, confidants, and the like.
Unused Encounters
Prepare for an ass-whoopin'.
P5 items.png
Unused Items
Actually using them to pull a prank.
P5 lokimouth.png
Unused Personas
Unused Skills and Cards

Unused Traits

Hex ID Name Description Notes
098 Flawless Spirit Decrease SP cost of allies support/almighty skills by half. Unused trait for Akechi's Hereward.
0C5 Blessed Spirit Doubles amount of HP/SP restored to self. This trait is technically used, but unseen; it makes up the HP recovery effect of Messiah (and Picaro's) unique trait, Hallowed Spirit.

Royal has 299 traits and only 96 of them are used; the rest are RESERVE.

Unused Areas


File: f013_026. A backdrop of a sauna? Seen in an unused cutscene.

File: f012_031. A museum location. This is actually used in a unused cutscene about Madarame's past.

File: f062_190. A piece of a palace field that's a mostly texture-less limousine. Might be related to this early cutscene of Joker, Kasumi, and Akechi entering the auditorium.

The unused areas from Kamoshida's Palace from the original, with the exception of the Sewer Area (finally used and redesigned) and the Early Main Hall, are still here, still unused, as well as the placeholder room and placeholder safe rooms. The unused station field is now empty, with only a skybox.

Unused QR Code Display Function

You will occasionally discover "QR Codes" when you use Third Eye in town.
These codes can be used to gain points to summon Personas in the "PERSONA O.A." application.
There are a total of "100" QR codes to be found in various places on various dates,
so try using Third Eye all around the city to find QR codes.
Since the field/qr/ directory doesn't exist, thus no images, this is a mockup of what it would display.

There exists an unused QR code search/display function, which would have displayed a QR code for the use of the now-defunct smartphone app Persona O.A. On its own, it softlocks if executed due to a folder it is looking for that has since been deleted - field/qr/ - and field (overworld) data associated with it.

The folder it is looking for does however exist in the Remastered version, with 100 nearly identical entries, labeled 1-10 repeated over and over, with the same qr code and the kanji for temp over it. The qr code can't scan with the Kanji, and it most likely contains no real data either way.

This is the first one.

If executed with the correct parameters, it displays a display box with a image of a QR code, and pressing the OK prompt exits it out.

Scrapped DLC

Item Packs

Name Translation
ハッピーギフト (カット) Happy Gift (Cut)
当たりの宝くじ (カット) Winning Lottery (Cut)

There are two unused DLC item packs which do not give anything if triggered. The text is dummied out with "RESERVE" in international releases.


There exists unused data for DLC Personas Psyche, Psyche Picaro, Orpheus Telos, Orpheus Telos Picaro, and Neo Arsene Picaro. More info on them can be found on this page.

Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Costumes

Outfits named Moonlight Outfits and accessories named Moonlight Phones are set, but the outfit is just everyone's Phantom Thief attire, likely as a placeholder. The Moonlight Phones increase max SP by 40%, mirroring the Warden's Baton accessory from the Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight DLC increasing max HP by 40%. It also has a DressTalk conversation, but it's blanked out as "RESERVE".


Unknown what this would be, as it never got as far as using everyone's Phantom Thief attire as a placeholder.

Scrapped Showtimes

To do:


The skill data for this move is called "Mona/Ryuji Unison Attack". Forcing the game to use it as a skill loads the assets and animations related to Morgana and Ann's showtime, so this is most likely just an early concept of that showtime.



No skill data exists for this move.



No skill data exists for this attack.



There are 2 skills among the showtime skill data called "Akechi Unison Attack". These unused skills are unique as they both lack any other files relating to them and don't state who Akechi was supposed to do the showtime with.

Unused Behaviors

Yoshizawa at 2nd Floor Leblanc Hideout

Kasumi (Sumire) actually has animations and behaviors for the hideout on the second floor of Leblanc, which is never seen because by the time she joins your party your hideout is moved to the first floor of Leblanc, and doesn't change after that.

Alternate Akechi Animation for 2nd Floor LeBlanc Hideout

Akechi seems to have an alternate discussion animation if the hideout is set to the 2nd floor during the third semester, looking more stand-offish. Along with Yoshizawa's behavior, it may be that the second floor hideout would have been the group's go-to during the third semester.

(Source: Faz)

Unused Flags

Yoshizawa also has an unused follower flag, but she uses Ann's animations, so it's bugged.


To do:
Maruki's Palace Ruler outfit using leftover data shadows from the Butler outfit DLC pack.


Yoshizawa's Name and Codename(s)

Kasumi (Sumire) is internally named Uzuki in some places, like in her battle sprites, all-out attack data, and some confidant data. In two unused attacks, she's named Ikumi and Yayoi (with the latter blanked out in the international release).

Her codename was originally Clown, according to weapon.pak and Morgana's unused navigator lines for her.

Yoshizawa's Extra Animations

All her unused animations are derived from Ann's, likely as placeholders.

Showtime Skill Names

The skills used for showtime attack data are all named, but they're referred to as "Unison Attacks". Unison Attacks were moves in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth where 2 or more characters did an attack together. The skills using this name seem to imply that showtimes were either originally going to be called Unison Attacks, or they just used the name as a placeholder.

Regional Differences


  • Like previously, Ryuji's shoes have the rising sun symbol removed in the Chinese and Korean versions, due to its association with Japanese imperialism, as well as the icon for almighty skills. This change would later be applied to the 2022 remaster.
Original, International China, Korea, Remaster
P5R-almightybase.png P5R-almightyasia.png
  • In some translated versions, two conversations between the protagonist and his male friends and some stereotypical gay men were changed as to remove the implications that they were flirting with them.
  • The Student Uniform costume for Joker from the Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha DLC was omitted from the Korean and Chinese versions of the game due to association with imperialism. The change would be applied to later ports due to them also being available in Korean and Chinese.


The opening image for the game is colored silver in the western releases, while it is gold with slightly enlarged text and corrected punctuation in the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean versions. The sparkles and Futaba are also positioned differently.

Japan/China/Korea Western
P5R-openingbootup-asia.png P5R-openingbootup-international.png

The save data icon is a rough sketch of Joker in the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean versions, while the west uses a (finished) piece of him.

Japanese/China/Korea Western
P5R-savedataicon-asia.png P5R-savedataicon-international.png

Add-on Content

Special Morgana Car

"PlayStation Store" Special Persona 5 Royal Morgana Car Sticker

This DLC was only released in Japan and Asia if it was pre-ordered from the PlayStation Store, and was unobtainable in the western release until the 2022 remaster.

"Unlockable" PS4 Dynamic Themes

For the west, upon certain achievements being obtained while playing the game (the ones for each palace and one for obtaining all achievements), an email would've gone out rewarding you with Themes of the Protagonist, all party members, Caroline and Justine, Lavenza, and Dr. Maruki. However, obtaining the emails were spotty at best, meaning that many players were not able to obtain these themes without contacting customer support.

Pre-Order Theme

A special theme was given to those who pre-ordered the game in Japan and Asia, and another, different theme was given to those who pre-ordered the game in other regions.

Japan/Asia Western
P5R-preordertheme-jpasia.png P5R-preordertheme-west.png

Revisional Differences

Careful, you'll lose an eye.
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PlayStation 4


  • Various bug fixes.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Fixes a bug where the player can get locked out of the book-sorting puzzle in Kamoshida's palace.
(Source: P-Ch)
  • Various bug fixes.
(Source: P-Ch)
  • Fixes a bug when during boss battles in Mementos, initiating negotiations can cause the game to softlock.
(Source: P-Ch)

China and Korea

  • Various bug fixes.
  • Various bug fixes.


  • Minor bug and text fixes.
  • Allows the players to select Japanese or English audio when starting a new game, and also instructs them on how to change audio language.
  • Adds FIGS screenshots to in-game tutorials.
  • Adds FIGS localization of weapon customization abbreviations and certain Mementos areas.
  • Adds correct FIGS area names to the seventh Palace.
  • Updated tutorial content for clarity.
(Source: Atlus West)
  • Minor text corrections.
    • The most noticeable change is for one of the answers you can give to Akechi, right before challenging Maruki and his reality.
Initial v1.02 Patch
This isn't small potatoes. This isn't "trivial"!

2022 port

Released in 2022, this port features a handful of changes not present in the previous versions, such as making it more accessible.

  • The changes from the Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese versions of the game are carried over, due to the game being released in those territories and with specific languages.
  • Japanese or English voices can now be enabled vice-versa as opposed to the western releases only having the English dub.
  • A new epilepsy disclaimer has been added upon launching the game.
  • At several points during the opening animation of the game such as right before the Persona 5 Royal logo shows up, the brightness is dimmed (possibly due to concerns over epilepsy, as evidenced by the aforementioned new epilepsy disclaimer). This change can also be seen in normal gameplay during an all-out attack, as well as in some in-game cutscenes, such as the final cutscene of the Third Semester where Joker shoots Adam Kadmon. Most shots of the Phantom Thieves in this cutscene have been dimmed due to the bright white aura surrounding them.
  • In the Joker and Akechi showtime attack, a billboard in the background now incorrectly reads "Two sides, Some coin", as opposed to how the previously localized PS4 version correctly said "Two sides, Same coin".
  • Fast travel location preview images are noticeably more zoomed-in than they were in the original.
  • The yen counter that appears in the top-right corner whenever Joker sells or purchases something uses a different font in this version, though the pause screen's yen counter still uses the original font.
  • The one-way airlocks of Okumura's Palace have been changed from green to white.
  • A white "X" now appears on the inactive alpha or omega symbols of the airlock puzzles in Okumura's palace, making it clearer which one the switch is set to.
  • In Maruki's Palace, the control dimmers in the Psientific Model Eden color puzzle segment now have Joker comment on what the color is currently set to.


Note that the semantic versioning number is set to 1.01 exclusively for Xbox One.

  • Fixed several issues related to Windows display settings. (Windows, Steam)
  • Fixed issue that frequently displayed error messages when connecting to network. (Xbox Series, Xbox One, Windows)
  • Fixed issue that prevented some users from using network functions. (Xbox Series, Xbox One, Windows)[note 1]
  • Fixed other minor issues.

(Source: Atlus West)


Note that the semantic versioning number is set to 1.02 exclusively for Xbox One.

  • Fixed issues surrounding an error message being displayed when connecting to the network. (Xbox Series, Xbox One, Windows)

(Source: Atlus West)


Note that the semantic versioning number is set to 1.03 for Steam and 1.02 for Nintendo Switch.

  • Fixed minor issues. (Windows)
  • Enables players to reattempt Steam Achievements that did not unlock despite fulfilling the requirements. (Steam)
  • Fixed issue where the screen dims during game play. (Nintendo Switch)
  • Fixed a network error that occurs under specific conditions. (Nintendo Switch)

(Source: Atlus West)


  1. To be more precise about the network functions fix, prior to this update, players on Xbox were unable to connect to the thieves guild if they did not have an active Xbox Live Gold membership. When trying to connect to the thieves guild, it would prompt players to purchase Xbox Live Gold or a Game Pass Ultimate subscription.