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Persona 5 Royal/Unused Cutscenes

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This is a sub-page of Persona 5 Royal.

All unused events are sorted by chronological order.


Prologue and Kamoshida Arc
Madarame Arc to Okumura Arc
Third Semester and Epilogue
Test Cutscenes



After successfully changing the target's heart, the Phantom Thieves decide to celebrate. 
They go to a high-class buffet. After being treated poorly by the patrons, they move on to discussing their next steps as the Phantom Thieves. 


As the Phantom Thieves Website sees an influx of supportive posts and requests, [NAME] and friends meet new counselor "Takuto Maruki".


[NAME] attends a community clean-up program held by Shujin Academy, where he reunites with the young woman he met a few days ago.


After the community clean-up, the students turn their focus upon their upcoming exams.
However, Ann begins to feel like someone is constantly watching her...


The person following Ann all along was "Yusuke Kitagawa", their contemporary from another school who resides at his artist mentor's residence.


Having grown suspicious of Yusuke's mentor "Ichiryusai Madarame", the Phantom Thieves head to Madarame and Yusuke's shack.
The Phantom thieves learn that Madarame does in fact have a Palace, which they infiltrate successfully.
The Palace is a museum where Madarame's past apprentices appeared on display as his own work.


Ann and Morgana's plan succeeds and Madarame's true personality is revealed.
Because Madarame witnessed the door in reality open, the necessary change within his Palace took place as anticipated.
Yusuke begins to comprehend the true nature of his lifelong mentor and legal guardian.


The Phantom Thieves welcome Fox into the fold as they traverse Madarame's Palace to change his heart.
They find Madarame's Treasure in the deepest area of the Palace, then plan a way to steal it.
After stealing the Treasure, they begin their hasty escape from the Palace.


The Phantom Thieves defeat Madarame and obtain the treasure.
They must now wait for Madarame's heart to change.

Velvet Room


A voice-acted scene of Lavenza telling you about the Challenge battles.


The game over screen, with nobody is in the velvet room. Left untranslated.


The game over screen, but Igor and Lavenza is there. Left untranslated.



This is an event during Kamoshida's arc, You're walking to school and Ryuji catches up to you, asking if you want to go to the palace today, Ann later comes into the scene telling they need to go to school and act like good students. A conversation about the cherry blossom trees comes up on 4/23.


An alternate Councilor Rank 8, with the protagonist talking to Maruki and Shibusawa in the diner.


The protagonist and Akechi are in the jazz club, talking about Akechi's resolve. This unused scene is like every other party member's third awakening, likely Akechi's was like it instead of being tied to the plot. It's also voice acted, implying that it was cut before the third awakening scenes were rewritten and the already-voiced dialogue was removed.


The protagonist, Ryuji, Ann, and Morgana hang out in Kichijoji. Supposed to take place on 5/22, but access to the city isn't unlocked until 6/5.


A hangout event with Haru, along with Ryuji and Yusuke. Haru is curious about Shinjuku and they meet up with Lala. Hangout was supposed to take place on 10/10.


Lala explaining what captures the idea of Shinjuku.


The group leaves Shinjuku, but encounter the Flamboyant Couple; Ryuji and Yusuke are chased away by them.


An unused scene of being welcomed to Shinmyoji, the temple. Looks like originally, you were to gain something persona-related when visiting the shrine. The priest and Morgana have unfinished animations.