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Persona 5 Royal/Unused Cutscenes/Madarame Arc to Okumura Arc

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This is a sub-page of Persona 5 Royal/Unused Cutscenes.

Madarame Arc

Translated version of these unused set of Madarame cutscenes.


An unfinished scene of a seemingly earlier version of first encountering Jose. The scene softlocks halfway through, but the rest of it goes:

You're welcome.
I didn't do anything.

[Boy in White]

[Boy in White]
Did you actually see me?
Nah, no way...

What was that kid's deal? He just... drank from a flower.
And what was he muttering about some "other side"?


In a will seed flashback, a younger Madarame and another man talk about wanting to get famous; His teacher called him talentless. Madarame's first name is revealed here as Ichitaro and "Ichiryusai" seems to be a title.


Another will seed flashback of Madarame being told by Kawanabe that the art world is tough, but Ichitaro is still adamant.


Another one, Madarame is watching a student of his paint. Then when his back turned, his student fell into a seizure and needed her medication. Madarame was about to, but then had second thoughts and let her die. This scene is obviously unfinished due to the animations.


Shadow Madarame is mad that the thieves peeked into his past.


An unused cutscene of the thieves discovering that they can go into the paintings in Madarame's Palace. The used version is a simple in-dungeon conversation.


A cutscene of Kasumi talking to the protagonist and Madarame's confession and switches to her hobby of a gymnast.

Kaneshiro Arc

Translated version of these unused set of cutscenes.

(Source: Faz)


Untranslated cutscene of Kasumi asking the protagonist to come to the Shibuya underground mall tomorrow for help.


Untranslated cutscene of the player and Kasumi at the Shibuya underground mall, searching for a present for her father. This topic in the scene was possibly repurposed for her rank 4 Confidant.


Untranslated cutscene taking place in the player's classroom, starting with Mishima telling him that that first-year is here, Kasumi thanking the player for his help, then Mishima wondering if the protagonist and Kasumi are dating and Ann not really caring.

Futaba Arc


A voice-acted cutscene of Sojiro giving the protagonist tickets to the Tokyo Skytree as thank-you for helping Futaba. This cutscene is an re-adaptation from the anime.


Another voice-acted cutscene, this of the Phantom Thieves having fun at the Tokyo Skytree, whilst worrying about Medjed. This cutscene is an re-adaptation from the anime.

Okumura Arc

Translation of Okumura's past here.

(Translation: akec0602)
(Source: Faz)


Okumura and his vice president are looking at a news report about food fraud in their company, leaked by a whistleblower. He wonders why would they do this, after the things he sacrificed to raise the company; Finds them ungrateful.


In another, his VP warns that former and current employees are spreading rumors about the company being bad and Okumura coldly states that they're just too weak. He then speaks out about entering politics.


Okumura is sad that they probed into his past, after all that, Haru is still against him. Heavily unfinished.