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Persona 5 Royal/Unused Cutscenes/Test Cutscenes

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This is a sub-page of Persona 5 Royal/Unused Cutscenes.

In the remaster, a folder under event titled e900 contains test and early drafts of cutscenes. Some don't play normally as some effects, animations, models, etc. are missing internally.

Note: Most of these scenes were restored using existing assets of close proximity and/or unused content from the original Persona 5.


Persona 5
cutscenes axed from the original game!
Persona 5 Royal
unused and early Royal scenes.

Cutscenes for Promotional Ads

For Persona 5


A cutscene of the protagonist, Ryuji, Ann, and Morgana, in his Metaverse attire, discussing plans in LeBlanc from the first trailer of Persona 5.


A cutscene of the protagonist, Ryuji, and Ann sitting, listening to a lecture by Kamoshida. The scene takes place in the Shibuya Accessway for some reason, either due to a typo or Shibuya and the classroom switched IDs during development. This scene was never used in any Persona 5 promotional material.

For Persona 5 Royal


A scene of Morgana supposedly talking to the protagonist eating curry. This is one of many scenes made/used for the Persona Super Live 2019 ad that aired on December 2018.


Another scene from the 2018 ad of Morgana talking to the protagonist, this time in a train.


Another ad shot of Morgana hounding the protagonist, during class.


Another, this time in a public bath with Akechi present. It also displays the date.


Another of Morgana hounding, this time, on the protagonist's bed. The protagonist then takes out his phone and looks at the screen. Used for displaying the announcement of the concert itself.


Morgana hops on to the protagonist's bed, waking him up and initiating a conversation. He then takes out his phone and makes a scrolling motion, even though the phone model doesn't display in the scene. A likely unused promotional ad scene for the 2019 concert.


An panning downward angle shot of the people of Shibuya. This was used in P5R's teaser ad in March 2019.


Various shots of Kasumi. This was used in P5R's teaser ad in March 2019 as well.

Catherine: Full Body scenes

Note: Since Trisha's model is missing and can't be imported as of this writing, a placeholder model was placed.


A draft of the end cutscene for Joker's DLC in Catherine: Full Body. The rest of the scene takes place in LeBlanc's attic.


Another draft of the scene that starts in a slightly lower camera angle than B.


Another of the cutscene. This is the final one used in the game proper.