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Persona 5 Royal/Unused Cutscenes/Test Cutscenes/Persona 5

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This is a sub-page of Persona 5 Royal/Unused Cutscenes/Test Cutscenes.




A draft cutscene of when the protagonist enters the velvet room after failing "the game."


A draft cutscene of after the fight with the twins and they realized something.


A draft cutscene of Lavenza presenting herself and the Igor we were talking to was the Holy Grail. The line 今度は、明智吾郎のような『敵』も用意しない。お前は誰にも邪魔されず、自由に義賊を続けられる。 ('This time, I won't have an 'enemy' like Goro Akechi. You are free to continue your righteous deeds, uninterrupted by anyone.') is never used and isn't dubbed in English.


A draft of the buffet scene with extra dialogue not voiced due to not existing.


A draft of the protagonist meeting Sae on Christmas Eve. The scene has unused and non-dubbed dialogue.


A draft of the Niijimas eating dinner while watching Akechi. It cuts out halfway, suggesting it would transition to a new scene.


A draft of the Niijimas eating dinner. It starts midway and uses an unused flashback dialogue from Ann.


A draft of placing Morgana in LeBlanc and starting his Confidant. Besides some slight text formating and a portrait change in the beginning, it is visually the same.


An early draft scene of Sae rescuing Joker and also being warned by Alibaba (Futaba) about Akechi.


An early version of Sae's Rank 10/True Justice. Yusuke is mistakenly referred as "her" in the localization of this scene.


A draft of the interrogation scene with no difficulty selector and unused lines.


Another draft of the interrogation scene, but with a bland difficulty selector.


A draft scene of Sae coming to interrogate the protagonist but the scene ends with a flash forward transistion before meeting him.


Another draft of Sae coming to interrogate the protagonist but using different props and no Lavenza telling you to remember.