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Persona 5 Royal/Unused Cutscenes/Prologue and Kamoshida Arc

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This is a sub-page of Persona 5 Royal/Unused Cutscenes.



An early version of the hallway encounter. Futaba warns Joker as two Byakhee trap him. This would have lead to an unused battle encounter with them: Joker defeats them, then more spawn and Futaba warns him that there's too many.


An alternative version of the first Sunday (where you leave Shujin with Sojiro), but before leaving there is a mysterious voice telling you that you've made a deal.


A scene of Yoshizawa conversing with the protagonist while walking by introducing herself. Both referenced an event of her getting accosted by a man, which could be the scene with her on the train getting her seat taken or of her getting harassed by a sleezy man that happens during the school cleanup later.

Kamoshida Arc

Translated version of these unused set of Kamoshida cutscenes

(Source: bainz)


The group viewing Kamoshida's past for the first time. Kamoshida is at a TV set filming with talk show hosts about his recent volleyball win. It seems like there was going to be a system similar to Maruki's Palace, viewing one's past, but attached to will seeds. An official localization of the scene was found in the remaster.

The end tutorial card reads:

Japanese Translation Localization


Within a Palace, there are doors that seal away the Palace Ruler's past.

If you can open all doors, it will be worth your while during infiltration.

There are hidden doors throughout the Palace that contain memories of the Palace ruler's past.

Opening all of those doors may allow you to progress through the Palace more easily.


In the past, Kamoshida did a...unforgivable thing to a woman. He wanted to turn himself in but a company representative stopped him.


In the past, his manager talks to Kamoshida about covering up his...encounter.


Shadow Kamoshida is upset that the Phantom Thieves are peeking into his past.


A voice-acted scene of the player selling Iwai the medal. Iwai then notices the will seed and says there might be someone in Kichijoji that may be interested in it.


A scene of Maruki telling the player that he's looking forward to counseling him after school. Kawakami then arrives to tell you but got beaten to the punch.


An alternate scene encountering Kasumi with Maruki. Besides slightly different dialogue, Kasumi seems to be already established.


An early and different version of the start of Maruki's confidant. The start begins with Maruki asking you some questions about your overall being in Tokyo.

The System message reads (due to the expanded ASCII in the font for other languages, some kanji were replaced, making some leftover Japanese text illegible in the western release):

Japanese Translation


This is a message issued from the script.

As this is a placeholder, please only get the feel of the conversation.

(Translation: akec0602)