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Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh

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Title Screen

Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh

Developer: Sierra On-Line
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Platforms: Windows, DOS
Released in JP: 1997
Released in US: November 30, 1996
Released in EU: 1997

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh (or just Phantasmagoria 2) is a PC adventure game developed and published by Sierra in 1996. It is a name-only sequel to the original Phantasmagoria with the only connection being the genre of full-motion video adventure. The game is much more gritty and realistic than its predecessor, and mostly story-driven. I heard that, Curtis...

Dummied Items

Unused graphics exist for several items that were cut during development. Most feature very basic drawings.


Phant2 u keys.png
The game features a "key" item as represented by a single key, but not multiple keys. This was the only item that was drawn/photographed. The palette is incorrect.


Phant2 u bracelet.png
The position of this item in the game's data is close to that of the other items which are found in the iron lockbox. Unclear what practical purpose it could have been implemented for.

Fire Extinguisher

Phant2 u fireexting.png
This was an item cut during development because the scenes associated with it were never filmed. According to director and developer interviews, there was in scene in which Curtis had to extinguish a fire in WynTech's basement.


Phant2 u paperclip.png
Possibly used as an alternative to unlocking the closet in the WynTech network room or Paul Allen's office. In the final game you are given Jocilyn's hairpin.


Phant2 u shred.png
A placeholder. It is the final cel in the reel of item icons.

Dummied Rooms

The area scripts make reference to several rooms or areas which are not accessible:

  • CubicleRoomCH2

The script for Curtis' cubicle in WynTech during Chapter 2. Curtis' cubicle is normally accessible during any other chapter except the second because of the ongoing murder investigation. The script is minimal.

  • dreamingTreeRoomCH5

This script for entering the Dreaming Tree during Chapter 5. You can never enter the building during this chapter because it will always appear closed. The script is similar to the one on disc one to four if Curtis enters the restaurant without meeting Jocilyn or Trevor.

  • pigOut

No idea. The script file is empty.

Misplaced FMVs

Out of the dozens and dozens of video sequences, two FMVs (full-motion videos) are never seen in-game. These files can be played from the Phantasmagoria 2 DUK directory by opening the .DUK files with a media player that can decode Duck TrueMotion streams, such as VLC.


Tom (right) raises his hammer...
This is the censored version of the 'zombie' scene from the mental battle with the Hecatomb near the end of the game. Phantasmagoria 2 includes a parental lock feature which replaces the violent or sexual video clips in the game with cut or alternate takes. This scene was supposed to play if the lock is enabled, but because it was placed on the first disc instead of the fifth, the more violent scene always plays no matter what the settings.
.. cut to Curtis running away.
During this scene, Tom lifts the hammer over his head as normal, but the camera cuts away to Curtis running towards the elevator with the keycard before Tom implodes Bob's head.


Therese dominating Curtis.
This scene was cut from the game entirely, but half of it uses recycled clips as a "flashback." Although the scene was filmed, it was cut late in production because it was no longer able to fit in the story. In the finalized script, Therese visits Curtis at his home on the third night for their S&M session. This would mean that this clip would have to be played on a subsequent day. However, on the fourth day, Tom is murdered, WynTech offices are closed and so Curtis would not be sitting at his cubicle. It wouldn't make sense to include it during the fifth and final day because Therese is already dead by then and players would probably be in the Otherworld and not the office building.
Curtis awakens from his dream.
During this scene, Curtis hesitates after picking up the phone to give Therese a call. He then recalls their "session" the night before and hangs up. He then stares blankly and continues to type on his computer. In an interview with Lorelei Shannon (the game's writer) during the late 90's, she revealed that the scene was cut because of the explanation above.

Debug Menu

A debug menu is accessible through hacking: specifically, replacing a valid room script is currently the only known way the activate the menu. Using one of the many freely available Sierra SCI script decompilers, extract the script numbered 63008 and use it to overwrite a P2Room class. A good room to choose would be Curtis' living room because it is void of any critical objects or fidgeters (animated sprites). This room's script is numbered 2121 -- for example, extract the debug script into the game's /PATCH directory and rename it to "2121.CSC" Upon entering the patched room, Curtis will disappear (if he is normally present) along with any foreground sprites. Because the menu is not drawn upon entry, it may not be immediately clear on what to do. The following key combinations are bound to entries on the menu:

  • ALT+A - get all inventory items

Self-explanatory. Curtis' inventory will be filled with each item, including dummied entries (see above).

  • ALT+C - show cast

Unknown. Does not appear to do anything.

  • ALT+D - set all movie flags

Unlocks every full-motion video scene in the video player.

  • ALT+E - show Ego info

Unknown. Appears to flash some numbers relating to Curtis' X and Y position.

  • ALT+F - set or clear a flag

Prompts you for a flag number to raise. This is only applies to local variables which will be cleared when exiting the room.

  • ALT+G - set global variable

Prompts you for a flag number to raise. Obviously, this applies to global flags unlike the above option.

  • ALT+I - get one Inventory item

Self-explanatory. Generates a list of inventory items for you to choose from.

  • ALT+K - kill current song ALT-M - report free memory

Halts the currently playing background music track, but does not appear to draw anything relating to memory being freed.

  • ALT+P - change Picture

Prompts you for a picture (room background) number. This must match a valid picture's internal number or the game will crash.

  • ALT+R - show Room info

Unknown. Appears to flash some strings describing the currently loaded room.

  • ALT+S - test a sound

Prompts you for a sound number. This must match a valid sound's internal number or the game will crash.

  • ALT+T - teleport

Prompts you for a room number. Must match a valid room's internal number.

  • ALT+V - make a new view

Prompts you for a view (sprite) number. Afterwards, using the mouse, you will be able to drag and drop the spawned sprite around the room! Must match a valid view's internal number.

  • ALT+W - wipe clean

Destroys all sprites and fidgeters in the current room.

  • ALT+X - exit the Game


  • ALT+Y - Toggle Rects/Polygons

Appears to do nothing, but according to the script, it should create visible outlines around clickable zones (or hotspots).

  • ALT+Z - Do Scene

Resumes the room activity if it was halted previously.

Unused Graphics

Interface Icons

Graphics leftover from production are included on all five discs.

Phant2 u cursor.png
When an item is selected in the retail game, a small icon replaces the cursor. This is the default cursor for the dummied items above.
Phant2 u leftarrow.png
Unknown left arrow. Never used.
Phant2 u rightarrow.png
Unknown right arrow. Never used.

Prototype Map Screen

Prototype Map Screen Final Map Screen
Phant2 u map.png Phant2 u map2.png
An earlier photograph of the map screen. The locations are moved around in the final: Curtis' apartment is right next to the Dreaming Tree, but farther away from WynTech. The Borderline is out at the edge of town (and missing the question mark at the end as in the final). Both screens use a map of the real-world Bellevue, Washington.

Miscellaneous Graphics

Older WynTech GUI.
Appears to be similar to the WynTech computer screens seen throughout the game. This is a static image in the resource file, whereas in the final only the background is rendered and text is drawn on top. ALOTHARIA.DOX and MUDGET.DOX are never seen in Curtis' employee folder. Instead, the drug report Curtis is typing is named VENIMEN.DOC.
Missing graphics.
This is a static image found in the resource file. This is a copy of the scene where Jocilyn sits with Curtis on his couch, but there is a huge transparent box where the characters should be. The proper animation cells exist before this slide in the data.
Trevor's dead.
This is a static image found in the resource file. After the scene where Trevor's neck is broken by the network cables, the game returns to the adventure screen where Curtis is seen crying and not standing by idly and emotionless. Internally, the game uses a separate sprite for each actor (unlike what is represented here). The proper animation cells exist before this slide in the data.
Jocilyn firing a laser.
The last sprite in the resource file. It's a frame of Jocilyn from the ending, but has a crudely drawn face with lasers emanating from her. This was probably created as a joke by the developers, as it echoes a previous scene in which the Hecatomb shoots lasers out of his chest at Curtis to send him into the mental battle.

Unused Music

Incidental Music

Two variations of one of the background music tracks appears in the RESOURCE.AUD file. This particular incidental piece is based off the scene when Curtis first discovers the "Threshold" room in WynTech's basement, and is played again near the end of the game when Paul Allen points his handgun at Curtis. The synthesized choir is the same one used in the production trailer released six months before the game came out. (WARNING: Music composed for this game is VERY LOUD.)

10211.wav: First variation.

10505.wav: Second variation. Starts off softer with a slightly more polished and powerful drum track.


One of the tracks from Shivers (another Sierra title) is found in the same resource file. It is possible to hear it in-game by opening the sound test menu.

909.wav: The elevator music from "Shivers." Unlike in the game, no keyboard shords are present.

Unused Sounds

Rat Woman's Prayer

The sanatorium hallucination during chapter three was supposed to include another mental patient named "The Rat Woman" who was obsessed with rats (a manifestation of Curtis' love for his pet rat, Blob). Her sprites were never filmed, but the vocal samples remain. Although the character was cut, her role was recycled into a similar mental patient role who is played by the same actress: V. Joy Lee, who had the supporting role as Harriet in the first Phantasmagoria game.

a0m80000.0b1.wav: Rat Woman's prayer, part one.

a0m80000.0b2.wav: Rat Woman's prayer, part two.

a0m80000.0b3.wav: Rat Woman's prayer, part three.

Miscellaneous Sounds

9801.wav: A voice sample of Curtis saying "You belong to P.A.W." This line was taken from an FMV which was cut during production. P.A.W. is a reference to P. A. Warner, or Paul Allen Warner, the game's secondary antagonist.

30093.wav: This is the end half of the Sierra fanfare which is heard in virtually every Sierra title. This jingle does appear in the game, but only during the credits FMV where it is mixed with the ending's vocal theme.

Unused Text

Unused text from inside the resource files.

Unused Items

From looking at this list in the textual resource file, the above dummied items were commented out with asterisks. Code Book is repeated twice. Please see the Notes page for a complete listing of internal inventory items.

0	144	0	1	99	Alien Creature
0	150	0	1	97	Alien Creature
0	39	0	1	97	Alien Fungus
0	40	0	1	97	Alien Creature
0	33	0	1	97	Post It Note
0	12	0	1	97	Greeting Card
0	1	0	1	97	Button
0	42	0	1	97	***
0	7	0	1	97	Granola Bar
0	6	0	1	97	WynTech Card Key
0	37	0	1	99	Paperclip
0	149	0	1	97	Code Book
0	28	0	1	97	Letter From Father
0	146	0	1	97	Electric Alien
0	24	0	1	97	Threshold File 
0	151	0	1	97	Alien Ooze
0	25	0	1	97	Hairpin
0	148	0	1	97	Combined Tool
0	23	0	1	97	Hammer
0	13	0	1	97	Dr. Harburg's Business Card
0	44	0	1	99	***
0	32	0	1	97	Lace
0	21	0	1	97	Toolbox
0	30	0	1	97	Today's Mail
0	27	0	1	97	Code Book
0	9	0	1	97	Photograph of Parents 
0	10	0	1	97	Christmas Party Photo
0	3	0	1	99	Computer Printout
0	31	0	1	97	Blob
0	15	0	1	97	Screwdriver
0	11	0	1	97	Sexy Postcard
0	152	0	1	97	Secret Document
0	43	0	1	99	Combined Alien Creatures 
0	145	0	1	97	Alien Glop
0	41	0	1	99	Alien Slime
0	35	0	1	97	PA Warner's Speech
0	14	0	1	97	Small Key
0	36	0	1	97	Trevor's Card Key
0	34	0	1	97	Borderline Invitation 
0	5	0	1	97	Wallet

Developer Jokes

A prototype copy of Curtis' technical paper on Venimen exists in the game next to the finalized one. It contains some humorous text in the heading and footer.

5	0	1	1	99	BobVen.DOC
5	0	1	2	99	Product Venimen research reports
5	0	1	3	99	By Bob the arse whole.
5	0	1	4	99	Blah blah blah yackity schmackity.
3	0	1	1	99	Venimen.DOC
3	0	1	2	99	Documentation for product Venimen.
3	0	1	3	99	Draft 3, by Curtis Craig
3	0	1	4	99	1


1	0	0	1	99	Employee_Database/
1	0	0	2	99	Curtis_C/
1	0	0	3	99	Therese_B/
1	0	0	4	99	Bob_A/
1	0	0	5	99	Archives/
4	0	1	1	99	ThrVen.DOC
4	0	1	2	99	Product Venimen legal stuff.
4	0	1	3	99	By Therese "yes MA'AM!" Banning.
4	0	1	4	99	Jay is great -- better than chocolate cake -- I just can't wait -- do whap - o - wah, do- whap - o - whamalama ding dong...