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Title Screen


Developer: Sierra On-Line
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: September 30, 1995

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Shivers is a game where four of your "friends" lock you in an abandoned and supposedly haunted museum for the night as part of a dare. Unbeknownst to any of you, a pair of teenagers fifteen years ago had snuck in and released the Ixupi, ancient Mayan spirits, who promptly killed the two. And now you must capture them all to survive the night.

Oh, and did we mention this museum was built by a professor who filled the place with puzzles so hard they were too difficult for him to solve when he tried to recapture the Ixupi?

Unused Graphics

To do:
Rest of the stuff from the cited page by akril15. Mostly the mockups of MS Paint-style puzzles

Unused Cursors

Early Unused Final
Let's give 'em a hand!!! Close, but no cigar Seriously, is that thing a sword?

Two early versions of the player's cursor. The first cursor uses a hand, rather than the "sword" used in later revisions. This version also lacks a "get up" variation. The second cursor is closer to the final, though it lacks some coloring and is overall less refined.

Alternate Shots

Unused Used
We had some extra wallpaper, you see... New! Improved! Catches the marbles!

The third slot from the right originally had the same pattern as the walls of the room (visible behind the puzzle itself). This was later replaced with a more place light-purple color. The top row of holes change from indents to actual holes, and a catcher was placed at the bottom of the device.

Unused Used
NEED SHOT, this one has grafitti Thank you.

This picture has a duplicate with NEED SHOT crudely written over it. It's unknown what shot was needed, exactly.

Unused Used
What a wonderful museum we are visiting! Mommy, can we go home now?

There are many early renders of the second floor that are well-lit and less disorderly than they end up being, resembling a museum before it gets run over by Mayan spirits.

Unused Used
At least I can transcribe the contents of this tape. No! Now how will I keep a somewhat permanent form of this tape's message!?

While there is a pencil on this desk, it's normally not visible in the closeup of the tape recorder.

Beth and Merrick's Note

Early Unused Final
I'm pretty sure Merrick's already there. You _think_? Everywhere ≠ Basement Power Plant, apparently

There are a total of 3 versions of Beth and Merrick's note on the podium (not counting the view of it with the theater behind it). The first is a very early rendition, with all the writing in black and the handwriting of the two switched. The difference between the other two is the color of Merrick's pen. The one in blue-purple ink is assumed to be the one that shows up in-game.

Inaccessible Clocktower View

Good news, monitors work. Bad news, cameras don't.

This view of the surveillance cameras in the clocktower is never accessible, so the monitors show their number instead of an actual image. Most likely said numbers were used as reference in development.

Merrick's Pocketknife

This accomplishes nothing, Merrick.

This is the pocketknife that holds the note to the lectern in the final game. It appears that the pocketknife was initially going to be stuck in the front of the stage. This view can't be accessed through normal gameplay, however...

Gee, I hope that suspicious light isn't a careless mistake.

The knife can be seen, when viewed from either side of the seating from a distance. It's more obvious when the curtains are open and a spotlight shines on the knife, as seen to the left in this picture.

You've still somehow managed to accomplish nothing with your knife, Merrick.

The knife also has been in two positions on the lectern. In the final it's stuck in the top of the note (which can be see as a near-vertical line in the final note above, to the right of "Beth—"). Pictures with the knife in the bottom of the paper, such as this one, seem to be unused. This one in particular shows a blank note, and according to the shadows, a floating lamp and knife.

Marcia Bales Insult

Where there's a spark, there's a flame (war)

Someone apparently didn't like Marcia Bales, the game's designer.

Unused Ixupi

Off to kill more Windlenots, it seems.

This appears to be an animation of the Stone Ixupi in the tower stairs. This Ixupi never appears in game, only serving as the Ixupi that killed Windlenot in the backstory.

Demo Leftovers

What appear to be a screens leftover from a demo version of the game. Note that the game was released in September instead of November. It's unknown if there's a way to trigger these in the current game.

(Source: akril15 for much of these graphics)

Unused Music

An unused version of the music that plays in the halls. This version is much slower and darker. It's unknown where this would've been used.

Unused Dialogue

To do:
See if these can be triggered in game.


Audio Subtitle Comments
I saw some girl walk by here, and I swear she was 15 feet tall. Purpose unknown. Possibly part of an undiscovered easter egg.
Shiver me timbers...Get it? Purpose unknown. Again, may be part of an easter egg.
Shivers. Available at your local retailer, November '95. Demo Leftover. Again, the game was released in September, not November.
You can only unlock the secrets of this room by purchasing Shivers. Do you dare? Demo Leftover. you dare enter the museum of the strange and unusual? You might never make it out alive. Demo Leftover.

Placeholder Dialogue

Audio Comments
Placeholder for the "Sliding Stone" sound effect.

Unused Preferences Dialog

Shivers (Mac OS Classic) - Preferences.png

DLOG 1000 in the Mac version is inaccessible to end users.

Invisible Document

On the Mac CD, there's an invisible Read Me for Phantasmagoria called PDoco.txt.