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Pick'n Pile (Mac OS Classic)

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Title Screen

Pick'n Pile

Also known as: Pick'n'Pile
Developer: Atreid Concept
Publisher: Ubi Soft
Platform: Mac OS Classic
Released in EU: 1991

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.

Pick'n Pile is a column-stacking puzzle game played with balls that act like Boulder Dash boulders.

Copy Protection Decoy

It wasn't unheard of for Mac games to store their copy protection passwords as plaintext strings in the resource fork, where even the most novice of hackers could find them. In this game, they'd find only two lines of interest among the STR#s: "dCOY" and "512". This clue points to dCOY resource 512, "Code wheel comp.", which consists of some backwards text with "†Nu" where the spaces should go.

Decoded, the text reads:

You've been HAD buster ! These are not the codes...If you wanna be a pirate you'll have to try harder than this.

Hidden Credits

Hold down Option when choosing About from the Apple menu to read some scrolling credits in French.

Pick'n Pile (Mac OS Classic) - Scrolling.png

Original Translated

Macintosh                 v1.0

De L.N. Bossavit pour Atreid
Concept & UBI Soft Entertainment
Software. D'après Pick'n'Pile de
N. Choukroun et M. Ancel.

Ce logiciel est dédicacé à :

-- Douglas Adams --
-- Douglas Hofstadter --

Et plus généralement à tous les
écrivains qui ont adopté le Mac
comme outil de travail...

Pick'n'Pile Mac n'aurait pas vu
le jour sans les conseils et les
encouragements de: Nicolas,
Philippe, Sophie, Michel, Gérard,
Steph' et tous les habitués du
3614 HG2...

Certaines parties de ce logiciel
sont © Symantec Corp.
puisqu'il a été réalisé grâce à
l'excellent THINK C 4.0 .

Merci enfin à Apple de nous avoir
donné le Mac... Même à ce prix !


Macintosh                 v1.0

By L.N. Bossavit for Atreid
Concept & UBI Soft Entertainment
Software. Based on Pick'n'Pile by
N. Choukroun and M. Ancel.

This software is dedicated to:

-- Douglas Adams --
-- Douglas Hofstadter --

And more generally to all writers
who have adopted the Mac as a
working tool...

Pick'n'Pile Mac wouldn't have
seen the light of day without the
advice and encouragement of:
Nicolas, Philippe, Sophie,
Michel, Gérard, Steph' and all
the regulars of 3614 HG2...

Portions of this software are
© Symantec Corp. since it was
developed with the excellent
THINK C 4.0.

Finally, thanks to Apple for
giving us the Mac... even at
this price!

3614 HG2 was a Minitel server for Mac users in France.

Unrecoverable Errors